Reading for October 2012


You are waiting and hoping for some kind of opportunity to come your way from a long time. And this is the time when the opportunity you were waiting for is going to come to you. You may get a job opportunity or some sort of proposal. But you might have already started feeling insecure and doubting your own abilities, due to delay in getting the offer/ opportunity you are waiting for.  You have to trust yourself completely; do not doubt your abilities; as the situation is going to change now.  Be Ready


You are going to receive a message related to money or property. Students awaiting their results will receive favorable results. People who are planning for further studies can opt for it with proper planning and commitments. You may feel insecure due to delay in your progress which may lead you to misuse your power. You need to trust yourself and work on your deep inner understandings & intuitions. You need to listen carefully, think & rationalize the situations before taking any decision.


You need to use your abilities to the fullest which you will be doing this month forcing success to come to you. Be calm and patient with whatever tasks you do. Your work will be successfully completed only by being humble and patient. You need to use money with proper planning and not use it for wrong purpose. Be good at your job and work hard without thinking about the material outcome. Your dedication must be completely towards your work and tasks and not towards money.


You will use your will to break all the psychological negativity and anxieties that bind you. You will start looking at life positively and will be ready for a positive change to come. You will work towards satisfying your desires. You will need a lot of courage and confidence to make these changes. Spiritual awakening will help you to make this effort easier. There seems to be a new beginning of your journey which will bring positive results. You and your family will be financially secure. You might help a relative financially.


You might come across someone who has cruel intentions for you. That person might create a lot of hassles in your life. You are a strong person, who does not like to show your emotional side to others, but this betrayal might break you emotionally. You may face financial problems this month. Be clear in your thoughts and try to have a deep understanding of the happenings around you. With clear thoughts and vision, you will be able to plan your line of action and this will bring success in future.


You want to live your life in a carefree and your own way. You will have complete faith in whatever you do and in your life. You will start a journey of self-discovery with joy and love. You will get success in whatever you choose to do. But you might face difficulties while choosing this path. Be careful and do not hurt anyone in the process of your new journey. Handle situations and people maturely and carefully. Then only you will be able to enjoy your success completely.


You may get lot of happiness from a child or someone related from your own childhood. You will share your happiness with everyone around you. Even a small gesture (from anyone) will make you feel important. In some aspects of life you may face delays. Someone might try to deceive your trust and take advantage of your innocence. That person might try to hide important things from you. But your balanced nature will not allow you to lose control. You will handle situations tactfully and maturely. You will enjoy comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. You will seek enjoyment in finest things of life which you always do.


Scorpions – always full of self confidence, appealing & popular. You always lead a busy and active life and you will continue to do the same. You are busy trying to have a successful and luxurious life. You are always willing to sacrifice for the goal you want to achieve. But be careful you are damaging relationships in order to achieve your goal. The relationships can also be with your loved ones or your colleagues or business partners. Do not sacrifice relationships to achieve the success you want. These bitter relationships may create problems for you in future. Be careful.


You seem to be ignoring and missing out the good things and opportunities life is offering you. You are more focused on the things from the past which emotionally disturbed you. You have emptied out all your hopes and spirituality. But trust in life, as life is offering you more good things and opportunities. Start meditating it will help you to fill yourself again with hopes and belief in life. Remember you have the potential to fight with the worst things and turn it into the good ones. So do not lose hope.


This is the time of – beginning of new business, opportunities coming your way, prosperity, security, and trust. You have enough sources to start planning for the new ventures. Be careful while planning and starting a new journey, do not hurt anyone or do any kind of injustice with anyone. This may lead to legal hassles or emotional trauma. Be cool and calm while taking decisions. Balance all the aspects while planning and committing to anyone.


You are ready to free yourself from all the negative aspects of life. You are ready to walk away from all the negative and psychological thoughts that are binding you to go ahead. But still you are scared of new thoughts and to walk on a new path, do not be. Free yourself and move ahead, if you get stuck into this you will not be able to take important decisions. You have to keep balance in all aspects of life.


You are putting all your hard work and dedication in your work to gain material life and success. But the delays in achieving the success and the goals you decided is making you lose hopes in life. You might feel like leaving all the things permanently and go away. But you just need a break to revive yourself to work with new hopes to reach your goals.

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  1. thanks for your hard work, i love seeing someone helping others find their way and i appreciate it because there are only a few of us doing so gratis


    1. tejomaytarot says:

      Thanks for the encouragement & your kind words Jane. Looking forward for your support in future, as well.


  2. count on me, i will try to let people know about your page and i will add you to my favourite list, this work is not supposed to be unnoticed , good luck


    1. tejomaytarot says:

      Thanks Jane 🙂


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