Reading for November 2012


You may face some challenges this month. But you have the fighting spirit. You never accept bad circumstances, as they are. And struggle hard to turn them into good ones. This time, also you will be doing the same. Be honest and firm while resolving issues. New job opportunities are likely to come your way. This month you will find clarity in your relationship. Trust & accept your feelings. Allow your intuition and power of emotions to guide you. You can do all the tasks single handedly, as you have the capacity to do so. But allow others to help you, as well. Go for team work this month. It will help you accomplish your goals. Sometimes teamwork is more reliable, relaxing and fun.


You are a person who has created his own opportunities without anyone’s help. You have created a world out of zero, but if this achievement is being attached with ego and arrogance then there will be no one with you to celebrate your success. No one will value your hard work and achievements, as your ego and arrogance will overshadow your achievements. Be cool and calm while dealing with others. You might break yourself free from an unwanted relationship, which you may have been longing since a long time. You will enjoy this freedom and relish each and every moment of it. You will complete all the things which were pending on your ‘to-do’ list from a long time.


You are going to come across the feeling of emotionally connected, secure and loved. You will be celebrating these feelings with your loved ones and will feel on the top of the world. You are ethical, intelligent and have high morals. But you are a loner; you hide your feelings and do not believe in sharing them with others. This habit of yours will create emotional imbalance. You will carry emotional baggage all the time and might lose focus on the things which are important in your life. You will fight for justice for others but will not speak for yourself; this might put you in trouble. People will start taking advantage of this habit of yours. Be confident and stand up for yourself. Do not let others control you. An advice for creative people – no one will know how creative and intelligent you are unless you speak about your ideas.


Good things are stored for you but you are unable to see them, as emotional pains have blocked your vision. Yes your problems are genuine, but you can’t hold on to the situations and keep running behind it. The more you remain attached to the situation, the more you will suffer. Move ahead and see what all good things life has to offer. This month you will be handling important tasks on professional front. There are chances you get to lead the project. You will prove your leadership abilities. Involve people in the project to accomplish your goals. You might feel restricted and not be able to use your creativity completely… Take a break before accepting any responsibilities. Be with nature. Nature has unconditional love to offer, which will revive you to be back in action.


You are fighting with yourself as you have lost your inner peace and balance. You are not at all satisfied with the present situations. You are drained out and have dragged yourself to the extreme. You want to leave everything and go out seeking answers to your questions. But running from your current situation is not the solution. You have to face it and make things worth by balancing your own nature. Your unbalanced and disturbed behavior is making things more difficult for you right now. Take a break to regain your peace of mind, but do not run from the situation. You have the ability to make things right again. But you are trying to control the situations and want it to be the way you want it. Let things flow the way they are. Do not try to control them. Things do not remain as they are; change is constant in life. Go with the flow and do not lose hopes.


You might be over celebrating things and partying all the time. Do not forget to take care of your health and diet while partying. Put a halt on over partying. Things might go wrong in parties due to your negligence, which will spoil your party mood and lead you to a disturbed environment. Whatever you do, do it in a limit. Spend your money carefully. This may happen that after party is over you may realize that you have lost many important things in life. Be careful and be balanced in whatever you do this month. Do not overdo anything, which you may have to regret it later. Be careful while dealing with money with others. You may trust that person, but you may feel disappointed later.


This month money will top your list of concerns. You will feel very insecure and will be scared to spend money. Don’t be afraid to spend money, just spend it wisely. Your financial condition is stable but your over possessiveness about money will make you a little selfish. You will think twice while spending money on others. This is not your nature so do not behave in this manner. It will put you in a bad light. Your laziness will restrict you from accepting and doing any kind of physical work. Be careful from the people around you especially your team members. They might steal your ideas and present it to others as their own.


It’s a beginning of new emotions, spiritual journey, and relationships. You will feel very good about yourself and your life with these new beginnings. Your spiritual journey will develop your intuition powers. It will help you know yourself better. Trust your inner voice and go with your gut feelings, do not ignore them. Do not hesitate to express your feelings, open yourself to others. The most important thing you have to do before starting this new journey – forgive others and forget all the negative things happened till now. Your strongest quality is — you believe in yourself and walk on the same path you choose for yourself with confidence. And this quality of yours will bring success to you. This month is all about adventure, creativity and many more excitements.


Bringing out your inner strength will take you to the next level of your life. Do not ignore your health. Because neither your health issues, nor your negative thoughts should become a blockage in your new journey. You have already gone through a long, tiring and difficult journey. You are still ready for the same journey, if life demands. But you have lost all hopes of a new and fresh beginning. Yes the new journey of excitement and full of adventures is coming your way. Do not ignore new opportunities; accept those opportunities with complete faith. This new beginning will bring success only if you keep complete faith in it. Do not block yourself with negative emotions. This might lead you to depression and health problems. Leave all the negativity behind and start this new journey with complete faith. It is waiting for you with open arms.


New opportunities are coming your way — be ready. But it seems that you have started doubting your abilities and creativity. You are blocking your own different style of ideas because you are afraid people may not accept them. Do not doubt your abilities and do not hold yourself back. The opportunity is bringing success for you so be clear in your thoughts. Practice meditation and get your confidence and peace back. This is the time where you will be thinking of money more than anything else. Money will be your preference and other things will take a back seat. Do take care that you do not hurt anyone while running after money. Proper planning of your finances is important. Be grounded in whatever you do as a man is judged by his behavior when things get tough.


Harmony in relationships is on the cards this month. Sour relationships can be healed and peace and harmony will be restored. Marriage and deeper commitments, too are on the cards for some people. You might also find a partnership offer in business. But when it comes to finances your luck is not on your side, just like it is in your relationships. If you are waiting for some message regarding financial matters this month, it will be delayed. Teenagers should be more careful while spending money. Things of which you had laid the foundation long time back will start bringing success this month. Continue to pursue your passion and dreams with optimism. It will give you 100 percent success.


You are carrying a baggage of pain and emotions due to which you are feeling depressed. Forgive others and ask for forgiveness, if you feel like. This will make you feel much better about yourself. Following the path of spirituality and love is very important for you at this time, this will help you to gain confidence and face difficult situations in life. It seems that you are not ready to face any hard situations, if any comes your way. You would surrender yourself to the situations and this will not be a good solution. This depression will lead to delays in whatever you will do. Walk on a spiritual path and fill yourself with love and peace. Beginning of new emotions and feelings is on the cards.

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