Readings for December 2012


This month you are going to help others and spread love as much as you can. Travelling to new places and journey towards new hope is on cards. If you were going through a dark phase in life then now be sure of moving towards new light and hope. But as to your nature – you won’t travel alone to this new phase of life; you will be taking your loved ones with you on this new journey. You will also help others gain new hopes in life, if they are experiencing a dark phase or a low time. You will keep complete faith in this new phase of life, handle it with care and work towards maintaining it with complete focus. This time you don’t want to take a chance of anything going wrong anywhere. And this focus, discipline and handling things with maturity will definitely bring success to you. Your self-control will be your strength while achieving your goals. But at the same time, you will want to be a child again and enjoy life like a kid. Lots of love and goodness will surround you. You might feel nostalgic about your childhood and past. Enjoy your life to the fullest.


This month you will need a person who can guide you through and show you the right way. You seem to be very confused and chances are you can go on the wrong track. If anyone tries to guide you, do listen to them and do not overlook their advice. Do not doubt the person who is trying to help you genuinely. Do not hurt or misbehave them. They have only the best of intentions for you at heart. Be disciplined & focus on whatever you do. While working, do not hurry. Think and plan properly while beginning or doing any task. Organize your thoughts before undertaking any task. Keep a watch on your behavior. Be good to others and trust yourself and others as well. Do not worry whether things will go right or not just do your work with complete honesty. If you keep on hurting people at this point of time you may slip into depression and have to deal with guilt afterwards. These situations might turn into nightmares for you. Another nightmare can be some unpleasant past events that could keep haunting you all the time. Do not be so hard on yourself. Let past be past and let it go. Forgive yourself and start off with new hopes. Be clear in your thoughts and do not choose any wrong path in frustration. Spend some time with yourself and sort out things and then start moving ahead in your life.


Be still, calm and watch what is happening around you and your life. Be patient and let things flow the way they have been decided to. Happily accept the things the way they are — do not hurry. Right things will come to you at the right time. Explore the hidden talents in you. Try to look beyond your limited perception of possibilities. Trust yourself and your instinct while taking decisions. You have always been secretive with your emotional side. You block new emotions and relationships due to the heavy baggage you are already carrying of your past emotions/ relationships. Open yourself to receive the beautiful things/ emotions/ relationships that life is offering you. Follow your heart (which you always feel like doing, but you hold yourself back). Take the guidance – be calm, trust yourself, open to receive good things and you will find what all surprises life has in store for you. Life is about changes, accepting those changes and going with the flow which makes life easy. Be calm, watch the changes and be open to every change. Use those changes as opportunities, explore them and see how the doors of luck open for you. Turn these changes into positive ones. They are coming your way to change your attitude towards life. Meditate as much as possible and you will be able to hear your inner voice clearly.


It seems you have cleared all the blockages of your mind and started accepting the things as they come. You have now started believing in living life by going with the flow. You will be enjoying life like a child, with full faith and open arms. This is the time when you will be meeting your real self. You will be enjoying the positive changes happening in your life. You are experiencing joy and freedom. Now you will be experiencing the real and pure love and peace. The centre of attraction is going to be YOU. No doubt that life is bringing positive changes but still some testing times may come. But be positive and do not lose hopes. All the good things you have done will be repaid. Life is speeding up for the good – be ready! In career, your hard work will be rewarded. The name, fame & money you were waiting for from such a long time is just round the corner. You and your family may face financial problems or find it difficult to meet all your needs. Be careful while handling money. There are chances of you losing money while travelling. There are chances of arguments and fights between family, relatives or close people due to issues related to money. Be careful and tactful while handling such situations.


Fill yourself with love, peace and spirituality. When it comes to relationships and love, the time is really good. Love in all your relationships is blossoming. Beginning of new romance is on the cards. It seems that you have let go all the negativity that you were carrying from some time now. All this positivity is taking over your life, enjoy the love and care that’s coming your way. You are willing to follow the spiritual path and you should follow it, as you will find more peace and pure happiness there, of which you were in search from a long time. Your financial position will improve. Invest your money and do not stagnant it. Do not invest all your money at one place. Help others as much as you can. Also help those who have helped you in your bad times. You can also do some charity if possible. Your goodwill will bring lots of good luck and more love to you. There might be some issues at your work place with your working team. Do not hurry or get frustrated with your colleagues. This might lead to more conflicts and tensions. Be patient and try to find a solution to your problems, compromise if possible and try to speak to them calmly.


Wedding, Parties and Ceremonies are on the cards this month. You will be enjoying a lot, as always. You will be involved in one or the other celebrations. These celebrations can be of others and can be yours too. In short, this December you will be celebrating and enjoying your life. People who looking to get married, chances are your marriage will be fixed. For people who are in search of life partners will find their dream partners. A person who is waiting to fall in love – the wait will end here. There is the beginning of new love and romance in your life. You will get whatever you wish for in your love life. This new relationship or romance of your life will be a stable one. Every aspect of your life is going to bring satisfaction and contentment – may it be career, business, money or relationships. You will feel fulfilled and content. Prosperity will bloom in your life. You will be experiencing so much love and happiness that you would forgive people who caused you pain in the past and forget all the bad times you have been through. All your wishes are going to be fulfilled and all your dreams are going to turn into reality. This is the time where you will sit back, relax and enjoy the gift of life. Enjoy your good Fortune.


Travelling seems to be on the cards this month. If you are planning to travel somewhere, then it’s a good time to bring your plans into action. And if you have been waiting for an opportunity to travel abroad to be presented at work place, then you will be given the opportunity. This is your journey towards lasting success and fulfillment. Continue with your hard work to achieve the goal of your dreams and success will be yours. Now you will feel that your hard work and all the difficulties you have been through in life were not going unnoticed by god. This is the time where you will feel that your life has a purpose. You can expect major positive changes in your life. You will get success in business or any project that you are handling. Your financial position is going to be very strong. You will be enjoying luxurious material life and success this month. You are the kind of person who not even in the good times forgets that there are needy people around who needs very little help and money to satisfy their needs, hence helping the needy ones. Do invest money and try to multiply it and do not stagnant it.


If you are in search of a new job then you will find one, this month. Cards suggest that you have to be very clear in your thoughts while dealing with people or situations. If your mind is not clear about what you want then you might choose wrong directions. You are still running after your goals/money. You are still not able to give time to relationships. Try to bring peace and harmony in your relationships. You are losing control on the relationships close to you. Balance your goal and personal life also. Relationships are also as important as your goals are. But it seems that after a certain period you will realize the importance of relationships. Your true nature is loving, caring and helping others which you have lost somewhere in the competition of life and so all the harmony has disappeared from your life. It seems that slowly-slowly you have started realizing that many things are going wrong from your side. And from bottom of your heart you want to make all the things alright again. You are also taking your personal life seriously now. Be true to yourself and your loved ones and everything will be fine – the way you want it to be. You have a heart of gold. Do not lose it while running after name, fame and money.


Work harder towards your goals and dreams; it seems that you are falling short to turn your dreams into reality. You will be waiting for the good results but you won’t get it in the expected time. Being focused and completing your work with dedication is getting difficult for you. Because of such behavior people might not trust you with any important work. You might come across a lady who can make you repay all the things she has done for you.  She might disturb you emotionally. Or you might be stuck with some past issues which will be creating emotional imbalance in you. Do not go after any addictions just to come out of these tough situations. Sit with yourself and sort out the problems first. You are strong and have the ability to make things right with your clear understandings. Be realistic and think upon the things you want to do. You are planning all the things in air and not in reality. Do not hope for the best to come as your plannings are not the best ones. Your carelessness and laziness is your worst enemy at this time. Try to meditate as much as possible and bring your focus back or else you will keep on facing blockages in the road of success.


Your life is emotionless right now and you are in search of it. You are finding it difficult to deal with tough situations and to speak your heart out. Do not hesitate to share your feelings with others. And wait for the right time to come, everything will be fine. The space you are trying to fill now will be filled at the right time and with the right person, so do not be in a hurry. Instead, keep your focus on your job — the thing you are really good at. Be focused and carry on with your work honestly. Your hard work will be appreciated and rewarded. Teamwork is very important. Whatever tasks you do involve your team in it and you will get results… more than what you expected. You are a go getter and people love your company. You might be in a situation where you will have to prove your loyalty towards one of your friends. Your nature has both the sides – you are tough when situations demand you to be and soft when relationships need you to be. So according to your nature you will prove your loyalty towards your friend. You will be working harder this month to achieve your goals. You will be more creative this month and will also inspire others with your creativity. You are working towards your goal and success seems to be getting more and more close to you.


You are going to be in a celebration mood this month. Celebrations, parties, marriages to attend and many more fun things to do… You may have a wedding in your family itself so you will be busy taking care of the arrangements enthusiastically. You will be having a good time with family and friends. You might also contribute financially for the good times in family. You will also be enjoying a good material life with them. You and your family’s financial position will be very strong still you will spend money wisely. Your future is going to be more secure and very strong filled with unconditional love. You may also buy a beautiful house for yourself. You might also get some valuable things in inheritance. With so much of fun around, you still feel lonely and alone. You are in search of a person who can fill that lonely and blank space of your life. But do not hurry to fall in love or getting married just for the sake of getting rid of this loneliness. Be strong and trust that you fill find the right person at the right time. Till then fill yourself with spirituality and enjoy your own company, as it is more important to value your own company first.


You are so much engrossed in making money right now that you are unable to think of anything else. You are willing to sacrifice anything at this time just to make money. But yes, you are willing to make money with hard work and determination. And this hard work and determination is taking you towards the success of the goal you had decided for yourself. All you are doing is making your future more strong and secure. Victory seems to be yours this month and people are waiting with open arms to welcome you. You will continue to do the same in your future, as well, even after getting the desired success. You won’t rest until you get the self satisfaction and inner security. Your aims are too high and yes this achievement is the first step towards your goal. Success is all you will get this month in whatever you decide to do. You might also get a promotion and increment. Your work will be recognized by others. You will be rewarded for the hard work you have done uptil now. Do not be greedy and run after your higher goals right now. Enjoy the success you are getting right now, receive all the love and rewards with open arms. If you do not accept what life is offering to you right now, then next time the universe will think twice before offering you good things & then you might have to face blockages while receiving success.

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