Readings for January 2013


Love is in the air for Aries this month. Message of love, new relationship or a marriage proposal is on the way. You will be living in a dream world enjoying every bit of romantic moments that are coming your way. What will be different is – your way of showing love and affection to your loved ones. You will show them your love in a very creative as well as an emotional way. This month, you will want to follow your heart and let the romantic side of yours which was hidden inside you since a long time come out and take over. You will express your love in a poetic and a romantic way. A good opportunity to make money is also on the way. You will feel financially secure and be freed from monetary issues. This will allow you to enjoy a life that is well set and materialistically abundant. But it seems that you are a bit afraid of the good changes happening to you and not allowing the changes happen. Be cool, calm and let life take over now. Change is bringing good fortune your way, so do not be stubborn about accepting this change. Live your life with open heart without isolating yourself. Be happy and enjoy this positive phase of life with loved ones. Accept the love you have in your heart for the person you are in love with. Fill yourself with spirituality and your heart will lead you to the appropriate path in life.


You are living a fulfilled, satisfied and an abundant life. Enjoy what you have right now and do not run after any kind of change in life, as it is risky. Any change this month might lead you to failure. Discipline and proper management is very important for you to complete any kind of work you are planning to do. Do not go against your family customs and traditions as at this point your family and their values are more important than anything else. If you are into family business, then it is advisable to continue with it. Do not even think of stepping out of it and opting for a job or any other such option, as it will not prove to be a good decision. Take your family’s help to solve the matters you are dealing with all alone; they will definitely help you as they are the strongest support you have right now. Showing them how much you trust and love them will make you bond strongly with your family. This will help you make strong emotional connections with your loved ones. This will be the type of connection people usually only dream to have with each other. Because of your deep understanding about relationships, not only with your family, but your relationship with your friends and neighbors will also improve.


You will face financial problems this month, so be careful while spending money. Self management and discipline is lacking from your side which is leading to blockages. You have to be more alert and active while dealing with any new project or a venture. Your family will be supportive and helpful in this phase of life which will keep you going and you will never lose hopes. You will feel secure due to your family support. You will be satisfied as far as your relationships are concerned. Relax and do not worry much. Use this time to spend with your family and friends as it is going to give you the best memories of your life and a chance to bond more strongly with them. Your negative thinking is creating more and more blockages for you and you are unable to find out what is wrong. Do not search for the cause of failures outside or around you. Trying to find a reason to blame the situations or people for your failure is not going to work. Change your thoughts, behavior and keep that arrogance aside, this is not the real you. Your negative thinking is holding you back and not allowing you to be a star in the field of your choice that you deserve to be.


You are struggling with life to move ahead, you are neither able to stop nor go forward. Still confused and afraid to move and go with the flow due to past experiences, you may also be struggling with the current situations but trust your decision. Open yourself to the new things life is offering you. Express your emotions and feelings to your loved ones. They might be expecting and needing your love and support. Keeping yourself shut might create issues in your relationships. You can sit and rest and think that things will be alright automatically. You have to get up and start working hard to maintain love and harmony in your relationships. Sit back, relax and think about the situations that really make you struggle and think about the reasons. You are the person who when once decides to make things straight will definitely go for it. You will get success only when your thoughts are clear. Clear your mind about your feelings and emotions and have a clear perspective of your desires. Your past relationship experiences may have been bad but that doesn’t mean every time you are going to face the same thing. Trust and be positive.


Wrong investment, carelessness in handling money may create financial complications in your life this month. So, be careful and alert while spending money. See what went wrong, analyse the situation, try to find out the solution for it and also save money as much as possible. Do not get stuck with the situation or blame yourself and others for the situation. Also don’t isolate yourself just because you are afraid to face the situation. Instead, move ahead and find out the solution trying to make things right again. Let go off the things that are gone, holding to the past is going to make things worse. There may be delays in legal matters. Some legal matters might not be in your favour. Success will be delayed and blockages might occur this month. Do not lose your temper just because things are not working as per your way. But keeping yourself calm will help you to take appropriate and right decisions, which may lead you to the path of success once again. Trusting yourself and positive thinking will help you to come out of all the tough situations, as you are the only hope you have and the only one you can trust. So do not lose confidence and keep going.


Keep yourself ready to face all kinds of situations coming your way. Adaptability to the changes makes a human strong and prepares him to face any type of situation. But remember just the way good things don’t last, the same way bad situations too don’t last long. Trust the saying, ‘Whatever Happens, Happens for the Good’. Expectant mothers should take very good care of themselves. Businessmen should be careful while dealing with business matters. You might also face the lack of material resources, but do not lose hopes. As said above, everything is going to be very well set and alright again. During this difficult phase, you are advised to be careful while dealing with situations as well as with people. Do not hurt anyone. Your life partner or a friend will always be there with you in this tough phase of your life. This time will make your relationship very strong with this person. Some of you might fall in love and will start experiencing new romance and intimacy. People who are already in a relationship might get into a committed one. The relationships which might have gone wrong in the past will get healed.


You will be experiencing a well settled life with material abundance. You will be happy with your present financial status. This month you may inherit a family business, house or property. This will bring a sense of stability and security within you and your family. Coming to the emotions, you are still unaware of your own feelings. You will have to choose and take an appropriate decision regarding a relationship. Do not keep dreaming and fantasizing. It’s time to take a decision maturely and calmly, and not hastily. You might go through lots of mixed emotions which may disturb you. You might think of ignoring these feelings and get rid of it by isolating yourself. But this won’t give you the solution for a long time. You won’t become free unless and until you accept your own feelings and emotions as they are. This is the time when you really have to think about what you really want. Life is offering you many choices but you have to think about what is good for you and then take the decision. Do not be afraid of the changes. You have to open your heart to receive the things life is offering you. Trust that positive things can happen in your life too. Fill yourself with spirituality and your heart will help you to take correct decisions.


Till now you have been through a lot of ups and downs but finally it seems that all your hard work is paying off. Passing through the dark phase of life, you will see the bright sun shining for you and welcoming you to a new and happy life you deserve now. Success, happiness & peace will be yours. You will be experiencing and enjoying inner peace after a long time. You will enjoy success and fame you were longing for. Your health and relationships will also be healed. This will allow you to enjoy this new phase of life like a child. Expect good news related to your children and also more growth and success in your career. You might also take up new projects which will also give you success in future. Important message for you is that whatever success and happiness you are getting right now should not make you arrogant or egoistic. You should be firm on your feet and do not become stranger for yourself. Do not lose touch with your emotional side. Do not forget that spirituality and knowing your inner self well has given you this opportunity. So be calm and down to earth in your good time as this attitude only will help you to keep you success and happiness going on.


Life is offering you many options and choices this month. Be aware of the opportunities that life is offering you, so that you do not miss any opportunity. You will have to analyze each and every opportunity and choose the one which is appropriate for you. Use all your creativity and sources to grab the opportunity. Events in your life are moving very fast. Rapid and positive developments will be seen on the career as well as relationship front. You might go through some emotional ups and downs. You might be finding it difficult to take a decision regarding any relationship or anything with which you are emotionally connected to. But do not worry time and positive energy is with you and will work in your favour. You might have to face some tough competition in your career. Or you also might have to face some opposition from family and friends. May the tough situation be on the career or emotional front; being cool and calm with the matters will bring you out of it smoothly. For any problems your mind should be calm then only you will find out a proper and appropriate way to deal with the situations. Handle the situations with lots of care and love.


You are going through a bad phase in your life right now – may it be on the emotional, professional or financial front. You are facing lots of problems related to finance and you have to be careful while dealing with them. This is the time when you will get to know who are your friends and who are foes. You have been back stabbed by the people you have trusted. And many of the bad situations have been arisen due to the back stabbing of your friends. You have to be alert and active while dealing with the situations and beware of the people around you. Take it as a wakeup call and do not isolate yourself. Take it positively as a lesson from life. You too are at fault for putting yourself in such a situation. Your negative thinking and inability to think beyond the boundaries is also the reason for your current situations. This is the time where you have to handle things patiently. Sometimes you have to adjust with the situations, till the time takes a positive turn in your favour. You have the capacity and ability to move ahead on your own without begging for anyone’s help. The message for you is to keep yourself full with spirituality. Meditation, positive thinking, gratitude towards all the good things you still have will help you to come out of any tough situations.


You might be facing lots of financial problems within your family – it can be about inheritance of money, property or dispute over a will. You have to be very careful while dealing with money and legal matters. Be careful while trusting anyone in such matters even a person/people from your family can be harmful. Take legal advice from a third person who would be neutral while helping you out. Also be careful with your own money, someone close to you might cheat you. Money will be on your mind all the time. You will be thinking only and only about money and worrying about the bills. You might become greedy and run after money all the time. These things are making your vision unclear and negative. Negative thinking is blocking your way to the success. There will be delays in travelling plans, if any. Be positive or the negative thinking will not let you finish any of your work the way you expect it to be. You have to be very careful while spending money. Message for you is not to lose hopes and do not give up in the middle of the situation. Yes success is delayed and blockages are there but keep on working hard and success will be yours.


This is the time where you are feeling stable and secure in your life. It’s a good time to think and plan your future actions like further studies, job change, going abroad or planning to do something of your own. Plan carefully as this plan will be for long term. You are on the way of steady journey to success. You will be rewarded for your hard work in the past. Be careful while taking decisions and choosing the opportunity. Right now your inner self is demanding time for your own self. You need to take out time for yourself, stop running after material life and success that matters to the outer world. ‘Self’ is more important than anything else in life. Not always a social life is needed, sometimes you need solitude and peace for self. It seems that you have lost touch with your own self while running after your goal. Spending time with oneself will help you gain peace and recharge yourself to run faster in this competitive world. This will also help you to achieve the goal you want to with more focus and energy. After getting in touch with your inner self you will be not only be able to help yourself but also help others to show and throw light on the proper path.

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