Yearly Predictions 2013

Hello and a Very Happy New Year to all…

Life is a continuous journey of ups and downs. Below predictions for the year 2013 can be positive or negative but do not get disheartened. This is just one phase of life and not life itself. Remember POSITIVE THINKING CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING, EVEN FUTURE. So in difficult times be Positive and in good times be Humble and life will offer only the best to you. All the Best!

Take this as guidance, and not predictions.



 Aries: (March 21 – April 19)

This year seems to be very fruitful as you will receive rewards for all your past efforts. You will be sitting back and enjoying the success you were longing for from a long time. Financial success and fame is going to be there for you this year. Emotionally you are a very strong person, but you fail to express your emotions to your loved ones. You need to express yourself more openly, so that others can know that you too have a heart. You have a kind heart which is always ready to help others and you will continue to do so. People will come to you for advice as they know you are the right person to talk to. With all the experiences you will become more mature, understanding and a calm person. Your financial base will be very strong now, as your hard work is paying you back. But cards suggest continuing with your work the way you are without stopping. If you feel that now you can relax, sit back and enjoy the results then do not do so. You need to work hard then only you can keep your success stable. You will be revisiting childhood memories and enjoying those moments like a child in mid of the year. You will be getting the safety and security you were longing for since childhood. You will be enjoying a well settled, comfortable, luxurious and peaceful life till mid of this year. During this good time of yours do not lose touch with your spiritual side which has helped you to come forward and face all the odd situations till now. Enjoy your life as you deserve to, but spirituality is your stronger side. You will be independent and will enjoy it completely. You will continue to work hard to maintain your financial status. Due to the past experience in your relationships you might behave in a cold way with others. Do not let that happen as people respect you for the love and warmth you share with others. Do not lose your temper as it may harm your image forever. Ultimately your life will come to the point where everything will be at its best, the way it should be. Long distance travelling is on the cards. Still learn to balance the professional and personal sides of life or it might create problems for you. Especially married women should be careful. But you will be handling things very maturely and you will find a proper way to come out of any tough situations. Your past life experiences have taught you a lot and with that lesson you will deal and handle the situations with great courage and calmness.

Message: Cards suggest you to spend money very carefully and try to invest more.

Taurus: (April 20 – May 20)

First quarter of the year, you are still stuck with the past life situations and are not trying to move ahead. Yes, whatever happened was a major change in your life but still you have to try hard and continue with life to make it better. Life is offering you many opportunities to live in a good way. Only when you look at those opportunities, you will be able to grab them. You are trying to rely on outer things like addictions, over partying, etc but keeping yourself busy or spending more time in public won’t help you get out of this. This will also lead to over spending of money without thinking about the future. Due to such behaviour, you will be misunderstood by people and they will start taking you for granted. After a while you will realize what you have done all this while was a mistake and then you will start thinking about saving money and improving your image. You will also start taking work seriously and will do whatever you can to make money. You will now start keeping yourself busy in a job that will bring you money and work constantly to make atleast others feel that you are now getting out of the bad situations. But you have lost touch with your own self and need to make peace with yourself. Only inner peace will help you to move forward with fewer difficulties. You will be facing spiritual and emotional emptiness in your life as you have lost complete faith in positivity. You feel as if no positive things can happen to you anymore. These negative thoughts will be blocking your way to a good future. You have to change your attitude and start thinking positively as a good fortune and time is waiting for you. And you can enjoy this time only when you gain inner peace. With positive thinking you will see new rays of hopes in life. You will notice all the positive things are getting attracted towards you and your life. Happiness, success and joy will be around you always. Cards are warning you to not be suspicious and hold yourself from moving ahead in life. You are losing faith and confidence in yourself which will make things more difficult for you. Trust yourself! You have the ability and strength to face any bad situation and turn it into a good one. You also have the ability to attain the success you really deserve in your career.

Message: Work on your spiritual side to gain inner peace which will help you trust yourself and regain the lost confidence.

Gemini: (May 21 – June 21)

With the beginning of this year, you are trying to give a fresh start to your life, but still feel that things are not moving forward the way you want them to. But don’t stop trying or lose hopes as your hard work will pay off very soon. There will be a good beginning of a new job or business very soon. Financial stability will soon be seen. Be very careful while dealing with new ideas. Make sure no one knows those ideas before you execute them as people can steal your ideas and use as their own. Be aware of the people around you and do not trust anyone completely. Yes, this must not be a very good time for you but cards suggest you to trust yourself and do not lose hopes. Be positive as things will be fine very soon. Due to the bitter experiences you are facing from a long time you might start believing that things are not in you favour and will never be so. But remember after every night there is a bright sunny day. Do not dwell on the bad memories of the past and lose vision of the good things life is offering you. Look for the good things that are making way towards you from the losses you are facing right now. Do not feel insecure and try to imitate someone or become like someone else just because you are not getting success the way you want it. Instead, concentrate on your work and try to make it better; continue with your hard work and your will notice positive results from the mid of this year. But patience is all you need during this tough phase of your life. If you keep patience and deal with the situations calmly, you will come out of it very smoothly and success will start making its way towards you. Also remember, success doesn’t mean you will stop working towards your goal and rest. You have to keep working hard so that you do not face same situations again. Your carelessness and ignorance might create problems for you in your professional as well as personal life. Always keep a check on your temper as this might harm your relationships. Give time and love to your relationships or you may end up with a break up. Do not remain in your own world as your loved ones also need you. Do not forget that your loved ones are those who stood by you during the bad phase of your life. Be clear in your thoughts as many of your problems start with your confused nature. Be at peace and analyse things practically and then take a decision.

Message: Change your attitude and make yourself flexible according to the situations. Negative thinking is blocking your way towards a successful and peaceful life, so be positive.

Cancer: (June 22 – July 22)

This Year brings a new and a fresh start to life. But it seems that you are hesitant to move ahead. You ego is not letting you accept other’s ideas or plans. Be careful while planning any event as your negligence may cost you. New relationships seem to have not yet got a strong foundation and misunderstandings may lead to a problematic relationship. Before moving ahead in such relationship you should make sure that the foundation of this relationship becomes strong. It seems that working on the relationship will sort out all the misunderstandings. This relationship needs a positive and fresh start. While spending money be careful and give importance to the things which are more needed at that time. Do not be self absorbed, you are on the new journey, so be aware of others also. You need to take care of your health as it seems to be a concern during the mid of the year. Some of your fears may over power you and this may lead to irritation and frustration. Staying calm and focusing on finding the solution to your problem will help you to get out of it. In the second half of the year, you can expect the news you were expecting from a long time. You will feel inspired and will be excited to work on new things and ventures. But it seems that your frustration and irritation has still continued making things difficult for yourself. Be calm and patient about the changes and everything will fall in its proper place. And then finally you will be able to see the results of your hard work and feel satisfied about it. But still it’s not the right time to relax and be carefree. Now is the right time when you need to put more efforts and creativity into your work only then you will be able to keep your success stable. If any difficult situation arises, do not lose confidence. You are a self made person. You have started from scratch and this time too you can do so. A new member can be expected in your family. For people who are single be ready as love in its way and will come to you by the end of this year. New person will enter your life with lots of love and intimacy to offer.

Message: Keep your thoughts clear which will lead you to success in every path of life.

Leo: (July 23 – Aug 23)

Your hard work and creativity will be recognized. You will also develop your skills and use it to earn money this year. Money making is on your mind as the year begins. There may be delays in getting the expected result but you have to be calm and continue with the work with complete dedication. Losing your patience and temper will make things worse. Being calm will help you to achieve your goal very soon. You will get the expected result till April – you may get more than what you expected but not less than that and then you will achieve peace and joy. But on the financial front, you will be a bit unsatisfied. But do not get disheartened and do not take any hasty decision regarding earning more money. Be calm and think wisely as you will find out the way again and see a positive message coming your way making things alright again. You will be enjoying this phase; partying for your achievements till the mid of this year. Do not let this success go to your head. This achievement will make you crazily run after money all the time. Rather than your personal life and loved ones, you can make money your priority. Remember, family is more important than anything else. They need your love and attention too. If you don’t give them what they need now you may have to feel sorry for yourself later. Be careful in whatever you do whether on professional and personal front. Do not take any hasty decision regarding any of these; this might lead you to legal hassles. You will have a great hold on money till the last quarter of this year. New opportunities to make money will be coming your way. You might start a new venture or get a new job which will bring financial security in your life. Do not choose a wrong path to achieve any kind of success you want, as this may remain behind the shut doors now but the fear of it getting exposed will always keep you worried. At the end of the year, you will be enjoying a well settled life.

Message: No doubt you are a good leader but be careful and humble while dealing with people.

Virgo: (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

It seems you are very much tired and don’t want to make any more efforts to move ahead. Due to the failures you might feel like quitting and this stress may affect your health. Do try to look at the situations in a different way. Different approach towards the situation will help you to gain confidence and to be back in action. Take care of your health. You will find a person who will guide you to the spiritual path and help you to grow spiritually. Or you might yourself choose this path to find the peace you are searching for from a long time. And you will be getting a proper guidance and you will fill yourself with love and positive energy. With this new energy, your relationships will be healed and you will have peace and harmony in every relationship. Marriage or deeper commitment may happen. Some situations might arise where you will find it difficult to take an appropriate decision. But trust your intuition power and analyse the situation well and then take a decision. Single are in search of emotional support as they are feeling lonely. Do not worry a marriage proposal or a deeper commitment is on the way. Soon things on an emotional level will change for the good. Some people might travel to the native place or to their relatives. Not only emotional side of yours will be good but also you will have a good hold on finance also. Financial prosperity is seen as you might start a new venture or may get a new job. You will be enjoying this phase of your life by celebrating it with your loved ones. But during this good phase of your life it seems you are losing touch with your spiritual side. Spirituality has brought a good time in your life, so do not forget to continue and follow the same path. Miscommunication can cause issues in your life. You might start losing your temper again and these things may start creating blockages in the path of success. Continuation of meditation and spirituality will show you how success too continues to be with you all the time. You will have a good hold on money too. Meditation will help you to attain inner strength and powers which you were not aware of till now. You will be able to gain all the answers you were in search of till now. But do not stop meditating. At the end of the year you might see some kind of huge changes in your life which might be seen as a setback but these changes will be a beginning of something good.

Message: Do not hide your feelings, this is the time where you have to express and show your feelings to others.

 Libra: (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

With the beginning of this year, it seems that you are experiencing some new emotions and feelings which are creating more confusion in you. You are unable to understand these feelings and are trying to find out what’s happening to you. Some of you might face mood swings due to the turmoil going inside you. Do no isolate yourself; try to go with the flow. Not always past experiences are repeated in future, so do not be afraid to accept your feelings. This new relationship will bring lots of love & joy in your life for which you have been waiting for from a long time. This new relationship will also bring success and peace in your life. It will teach you many things about life which you may still have been missing. Pregnancy, new venture, new romance will start to bloom at the start of this year. You have to be patient and give some time these new things to grow and bloom. There will be rapid developments in your life on the professional as well as personal level. There will be positive energy flowing all around you so all your worries will be reduced and you will enjoy this phase. Do not take any hasty decisions and beware of the people around you. Someone might try to pull you back and create problems for you. Be aware of the situations and people who might try to deceive you. But the ability  Librans have to solve problems with love and fairness will work out here too. You would demand attention from your loved ones all the time. You may be on the position of authority where you need to maintain inner balance and patience while dealing with the situations. From the mid of the year, you might be in a situation where you may need to take an honest and balanced decision in a relationship or at your work place. Remember that your present decision will make your future. Hasty decisions might lead you to an imbalanced financial situation and relationship with your partner. This may also lead to the breakup of a relationship. A person might try to deceit you as that person does not have the best of your interest at heart. Be logical and practical or this person might take disadvantage of your emotional side and make you do things that he/she thinks is the best but not in your best interest. With all these emotional ups downs you might start behaving rude and ruthless to the people who really care for you. Think about yourself also and do what is best for you and what you are best at.

Message: It is time to take appropriate decisions with patience.

Scorpio: (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

At the beginning of the year you will get a chance to travel overseas and you will be enjoying the success. You will forget all the ups and downs you have faced till now. You will go out of the way to help those in need, but you also need to help yourself first. Help others but do not get involved with them emotionally or else you will need to step back. Follow spirituality and  meditate regularly which will help you to stay calm and find out answers to your questions which you are looking for since a long time. You might face opposition and competition at your work place. You will be frustrated and irritated as the people with whom you are competing are not of your caliber. Still do your job with complete dedication and focus. Use money with great care and spend it wisely as it seems that you might face financial issues after March. Do not over spend money just because you have it right now. Some of your bitter past experiences or unwanted people from the past may pop up again in your life. You might feel you are going into the dark phase again as it seems you will be behaving very carelessly and lazily. You need to think and behave wisely to keep your money, success and happiness constant. Once you get this all you may become very careless as you can start thinking that this is it what you wanted and you have got it now. Now you do not need to work anymore towards it. Be careful while taking decisions or taking any kind of risk. Think properly and analyse things before taking any decision or you might imbalance the situations for you. Partnership in business seems to be good in the month of September. Single people may find their soul mates. Romance will top the priority list. People who are already in a relationship will have a strong bonding with their partners. You will experience a new and fresh start of your own nature and belief systems. You will be releasing all your old belief systems which were blocking your thoughts and you were finding it difficult to move ahead. You will enjoy this new positive change in yourself. You will learn to overcome the past and will start moving ahead in your life. You will finally start working on yourself and your personal growth.

Message: Many problems are created by yourself, so be aware of your own attitude and work on it which will definitely help you to solve your problems.

Sagittarius: (Nov 22 – Dec 21) 

This year has brought a healing heart for you. All the pains and negativity are making their way – out of your heart at the beginning of this year. You just have to stop struggling with the situations what you were doing till now, as you have seen that this is not helping you. Struggling with the situations might entangle you more into it. But do not lose hopes and confidence on yourself. You have to work hard towards your goal. People who do not have the best of interest for you at heart might take disadvantage of your situation and deceit you, so be aware and be confident in whatever you do. You will start getting lots of options and opportunities but you have to be careful while selecting one for yourself. You might face some financial issues due to your carelessness and laziness. Your lack of commitment and immature approach towards life may bring loss. You have to be active and committed towards your goal only then you will get the results you are expecting. Do not take any hasty decision or this might lead to further losses. Yes you will achieve the desired result only when you yourself will be motivated to do the work. Then only good luck and fortune will follow you. After mid of this year your good time and good fortune will begin but it will only start when you will work towards it. Do not try to control situations as per your convenience, as you cannot control the outer world but yes you have the capacity to control your inner world. Change your stubborn attitude and your old beliefs which are tying you down and not letting you move forward with others. Do not dwell on the past as it is not going to help you in future, may be brooding over the past experiences can ruin your or other people’s future who are dependent on you. Look up to the new opportunities and accept new things, emotions and feelings life is offering you. It seems that you are dissatisfied with your emotional side. Take a look inside yourself and try to find out what is that thing that is stopping you from accepting these new emotions or relationships. It seems that for your loved ones you will try to give up your old beliefs and try to make way for new things in life.

Message: Spend money carefully. Do not be stubborn or you will block your own happiness.

Capricorn: (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

It seems that you are not going deep into the situations and trying to find out the solutions for it. You are just looking on the outer side of things. Think deeper about the situations and then look for solutions. You are lacking the ability to understand the situations and the seriousness behind it. This attitude of yours is blocking your way and you are unable to move ahead in life. You are again trying to go into the shell of yourself and your past. You will be going again from the emotional turmoil and will create negative energy around you. This negative energy will help you to block your ways to move ahead further. Be positive towards life and meditate as much as possible. This will definitely help you to bring your life back to normal. From the month of April, you will find that your life has started getting better and you will find yourself at peace. Your main concern was inner peace and finance which will be at its best from this month. New emotions and relationships are on the cards. You will be surrounded with lots of love, spirituality and positive energy. But still you have to be careful while choosing your partner. Take time, think properly on it and then move ahead. As at this time you want and need a deeper commitment and not a temporary one. Very soon you will find a good proposal and love is going to be all around you from the mid of this year. Life is changing for good and you will have to believe it, because this is the time where all the positive energy is going to work for you. You will sense inner peace and harmony. Make a wish as stars are falling for you. You are going to get infinite opportunities and possibilities in life. Enjoy this phase, as it is healing all your past troubles and scars. To keep up with your financial status do invest your money in different schemes, do not stagnant money. If possible try to help the needy ones as much possible as the blessings will help you to settle your karmic accounts as much as possible. You will have a good hold on money. New opportunities to earn money will present themselves to you. You will completely engross yourself into work and the opportunities you are getting. You may find some difficulties in the work but as we all know nothing is easy, you have to work hard and it will give you the expected results.

Message: Positive and clear thinking is what you need to progress in your life.

Aquarius: (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You are going to face ups and downs in the matters of finance and relationships in the first half of the year. At the beginning of the year you may be find it difficult to manage your finances as well as legal matters related to your family. You may find yourself restricted and unable to do much about this. But this phase shall pass soon and you will find the doors of new opportunities opening for you to earn more money and make yourself financially secure. You are frustrated and irritated with the disputes going on in your family. You are unable to free yourself from this feeling and you might even think of leaving everything behind and isolate yourself. But this is not the solution. You have to face life as it comes and try to find a way out of it. From the month of April, you will feel as if you are healed and things will start getting better for you. You will find solutions for all your problems and positive thinking and energy will replace the negativities. Still some people around may not be working in your interest and might not be true to you. But you have to be aware and honest to yourself while dealing with such people and situations. Relationships still need to be attended with lots of love and care. Being careless with relationships or loved ones may make things worse. Let material things not be your priority rather focus on relationships. You might become selfish but remember this will make things worse for you only. Spend money carefully. It seems that you are going to go through emotional turmoil due to your greed for money. You might feel lonely and be upset. You might lose trust and confidence in yourself. But trust your abilities and strength then only you will be able to handle the situations carefully. As you have lost confidence in yourself this might bring blockages on the way of beginning of your new life. By the end of the year, people who are looking for love will find love and people who are looking for business partnership will find a good offer. Love and emotions will be all around you. You will be completely in love and this time you will give preference to love and relationships more than anything else as you have seen the difficult phase of life and also the consequences of being and left alone.

Message: Set your priorities right and work accordingly. Good communication is needed in relationships.

Pisces: (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

It seems that you have lost focus and dedication towards your goal. You are feeling lazy and do not want to run after your goals. But you are not the person who can sit idle and see things happening their own way. Your positive attitude towards achieving your goal will not allow you to sit idle for many days. You might get good job opportunities and money will start flowing in. Clear and positive thinking will help you to grab good opportunities. You might experience delays in getting the right opportunity. Trust in yourself and life, life has lots of good things in store for you. Be open to receive those good things. You might find it emotionally difficult to face the delays and blockages coming your way. But do not lose heart as this is a temporary phase of life. Good opportunities and money is on the way. But you may feel something is missing and will seek for more even after getting good opportunities. After the mid of the year you will be finding joy and happiness with your loved ones. You might spend time with a childhood friend and relive your childhood memories. You may also visit a place where your childhood memories are stored. You have to be careful while spending money. You need to follow spiritual path and do meditation everyday or atleast spend some time alone to look and anaylse your own self and your life. Spiritual growth is what you need at this time as this will help you gain confidence and deal with the tough situations. This will also help you to achieve your goal with ease. Or you may also find someone who will advice and guide you to your path of spiritual journey. You may feel lost unable to finding the right direction of life. This is not the time to carry fears and burdens with you. Trust yourself and your intuition as they are trying to guide you through this tough phase of life. Due to some past experiences you are scared to move ahead. Meditation will definitely help you to come out of all your fears. At the end of the year, you will be experiencing inner peace and harmony. You will also enjoy material abundance. You will enjoy your independence and success.

Message: You need to check your temper and try to keep calm and patience. Balance in your nature will help you to take appropriate decisions.

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