Reading for February 2013


This is the month when your hard work will be rewarded. Do the things you are an expert in as these will help you achieve success. If you are planning to start a new project this is a good time to do so. You will get recognition in your field and the reward will be satisfying. Continue doing what you are doing with complete trust as you are on the right track. Agreed you have faced a lot of hurdles in the recent past, but now opportunities are coming to you so go for it. You will regain the lost confidence. Be positive and the magic you believe in will start happening to you. On the work front, give 100% to the task/s at hand and also be careful as competitors may try to trap you in one or the other problem. In a relationship, you need to be patient and let things grow in their own way. Do not worry this will bring positive results. You and your partner might look for a third person’s helping hand to strengthen your relationship. To keep your relationship harmonious, you will have to co-operate with loved ones. You will finally decide to open up to receive love and realize that the magic of love is happening due to which you will start receiving more love from the person you are in love with. While getting involved in any new relationship be careful and try to understand that person’s intention first.


You might be facing tough competition at work place but play your cards right and the game will be yours. Be cool and calm while dealing with the situations. This is not the time to get frustrated and deal with things angrily. Hot head will make things worse. Keep complete focus only on your work and not of others’. Be accurate and clear in your work. You are all ready for new challenges and opportunities coming your way. Work related travel seems to be on the cards. People who are in search of a job will also get good opportunities to hop on. Do not be over excited and let things go to your head as this might make you cold and arrogant. This change in your nature may create hurdles in your way. Do not take pressure of any work or project you are handling – trust your skills and go with the flow. Do not try to take others’ burdens on your shoulder as you have a tendency to do so. This may worsen things for you. So keep balance in your work and while giving a helping hand to others. If you keep the balance and work; you will not be too far from your goals. You might face a little tough time in your relationship due to your workaholic nature. Do take out time for your loved ones or your relationships might suffer a lot. They may need your support as someone close to you might be going through a tough phase in his/her life.


It seems that you are spending too much time in partying and socializing. You are very relaxed and have lost the focus in life. You are least interested in and care about the things happening around you. It seems that selfishness is taking over; you are thinking only for yourself and not for others. This will lead to sour relationships, as people trust you and count on you. You are also losing focus from your goal. Come out of your self indulging nature and make your mind clear and focused. This is the time when you need to think clearly and take correct decisions with a clear mind. If you bring back your attention and prioritize your needs then there will be a new beginning in your life. People who are in search of job will get good opportunities. With clear thoughts you will achieve success in work. But you have to be very careful while dealing with loved ones as your cold behavior towards them will cause conflict and disharmony. Your family life may get disturbed. You have to let go your old belief systems as till now you must have experienced that they are not doing any good to you. Stop complaining about life, situations and people; instead be grateful for whatever good you have in life. This complaining nature is creating negative energy around you which is blocking your own path and you are not being able to move ahead in life.


You are near to completing a short term journey that you had started but it seems that you are losing focus and concentration from that work. Chances are you may leave the work half way without taking it to the destination. It is advisable not to leave the work half way. Complete it or else it will affect your image negatively. Your lack of concentration is creating blockages in every aspect of your life. Be confident and value yourself. Understand your self-worth. Things can easily be resolved but due to lack of concentration you feel it is difficult. You need to be very careful while dealing with money. Money might be concern for you this month as you feel that money is slipping from your hands. Delays and hurdles are seen in your way but be confident and face the situation. It may happen that someone else takes the credit of your hard work. Or the situation can also be that everyone appreciates your hard work but still there is someone who likes to let you down. But you continue with your work with honesty just the way you always do and this phase too shall pass.


You are in search of emotional support, a person who can understand you and your situations well; and also in search of a deep, long lasting and committed relationship. Love is making way in your life right now so your search will be ending very soon. You might also travel far to meet your loved ones. But you are still not allowing yourself to come out of the sad things happened in your life. Because of which you are unable to see the good things life is offering to you. Be happy as things are going very well for you. Past is past which cannot be changed ever but yes you can definitely change your present and future too. Do not keep weeping over the things that have passed and keep blaming your luck. But look ahead and thank god for bringing good changes in life. Career and a relationship is going to give you inner satisfaction. The magic of love is going to heal every pain in your life. Meditation will give you more strength and energy and will open your heart to receive all the magic your love life is offering you right now.


You are carrying a lot of responsibilities and burden on your shoulders but all this hard work will pay off soon. You are very close to your goal. Your tendency to take everything on yourself will overload you. People will try to take advantage of this nature of yours and will load you with more work. Ask for some help and try to reduce the work. This will not make you small. Because of your workaholic nature you might overlook the facts and things which are more important than you work. This month, your mother or a motherly figure will help you in your work and financial matters. This person might also interfere in your relationship – knowingly or unknowingly, try not to hurt her as she just wants you to see the things you are ignoring right now as you are completely engrossed in yourself. You are concerned only about your own needs and ignoring others’ needs and their expectations from you. Try to keep a balance in your relationships. You are so self absorbed that you are ignoring the new things and opportunities life is offering to you. You even feel like quitting your job but not for the appropriate reasons, just because you are no more interested in doing it. Remember this work has given you many things that you have dreamt about. Respect the things that are in your life right now and value them, remember gratitude is the best return gift you can give to life.


You are experiencing setbacks due to which you are feeling weak and tired. You have started doubting your own abilities and strength now. Do not doubt yourself as you are on the right path. Even people of higher authority are aware of your abilities. Keep going the way you are but if you still feel the need to improve yourself take one step at a time towards improving yourself. Right now the time suggests that you need a break from your hectic schedule to spend time in peace with yourself. This stress and overload of work might start affecting your health. A break will help you to regain your confidence and rejuvenate yourself. In relationship, you might doubt your partner’s feelings for you. Or the person you are in love with whether he/she also has the same strong feeling as yours for them. To make things clear you have to take the initiative and you might get a pleasant surprise. But doubting and stretching things too much might lead to an unpleasant relationship. Do not always expect others to take the initiative and take the relationship to a next level. Speak your heart out to your loved ones. Do not expect them to understand things by their own. Sometimes it’s important to let your loved ones know how you feel for them. Your financial condition will be good and stable. You might financially help a family member who is in need.


It seems that you are not at all in a mood to work and concerned about working in a systematic way. Your impulsiveness and selfish nature will make you fall on your face. You might also lose your position that gives you power due to the lack of a disciplined mind. Your immature behaviour will lead to blockages towards the path of success. You might also face a set back or loss in business. Make yourself aware of the situations and handle things with more maturity. If you prefer to take your ego and pride with you then the circumstances will worsen in life. Instead, concentrate on the skills which you are master in and work on them. No doubt whatever position you are at present, is all because of your hard work, intelligence and skills. If you continue to do so this time too your work will be appreciated and more good opportunities will open for you. You might have to face a lot of tough competition from the people who are not of your caliber, but still you have to keep yourself calm and keep working the way you do. Do not lose hopes and trust yourself and your intelligence and you will win the battle soon. Everything will soon change for the good. Take care of your diet. Carelessness towards it might damage your health. Be disciplined with your eating habits, eat on time.


This month you will be seeing rapid positive developments in every aspect of life. You will be surrounded with many opportunities. Think about each and every opportunity carefully and then take a decision. It seems that you are struggling for a powerful position at work or in the family. Remember ‘with great power comes great responsibilities’. Are you ready for those responsibilities? Do you think you really have that capacity to take on or handle those responsibilities right now? You are blocking your ways towards a happy and satisfied life by going into such complications without any need. Right now you are very confused about your job. You are feeling insecure about your job and a relationship too. But the confusion is more in your head than the situation. Sit back and think about the issue that is making you insecure, try to sort it out with a calm mind. You need to be very careful while taking any decision. Analyze the situation/s first – if needed take someone’s help whom you can trust or try to analyse the situation/s as a third person. Hasty decisions might lead you towards a dangerous path. Love, relationship and deeper commitments should be avoided this month. You have to work hard on yourself, your understandings about the situations and towards making your mind calm and clear.


The time of celebration is near but your ego is blocking the way. Your efforts are falling short. Also, your inflexible nature is making things worse for you. Make a fresh start with 100 percent of hard work, honesty and better plans. This will help you to achieve your desired goal. Do meditate, take some time to think and come back with lots of positive energy which is most needed at this time. You also need to work on a broken relationship or which is on the verge of breaking down. You also need to take care of your health as you have done a lot of damage to your health by taking it for granted. You do not accept criticism and your weaknesses which is the reason you are not able to make better changes in yourself. Do lots of meditation and follow the spiritual path which will help you to open your mind to receive positive thoughts. After this you will see positive changes in yourself and you yourself will try to break free from all the negative thoughts and the boundaries you have drawn for yourself. You will try to work towards all the negative things that you have not yet worked upon. This is not a good time to search for a new relationship. People who are already in a relationship will find it difficult to keep harmony. Keep your ego and attitude away while dealing with loved ones. Your harsh behaviour might lead to break up.


Start of a new relationship, emotions, feelings and commitment if on the cards, this month. Some people might also start walking on a spiritual path which will give them a sense of fulfillment. But you are afraid of the new and good changes happening to you. Do not hold yourself back as the change is happening for the good. Think about the future and plan accordingly. You will enjoy a good time with your family. Some Aquarians may tie a knot this month. Couples expecting good news or birth of a child can get the positive news regarding the same, this month. Aquarians, you can expect positive things to happen as much as you want in a relationship. But if you are thinking of breaking up with your partner at this time, then stop for a while and rethink your decision. Give it a try and try to work out things between you and your partner. This will definitely help you make your relationship strong. Be aware of the situations and people around you. Be careful on the professional front as well. Misunderstandings and ego clashes may happen at work place, but keep yourself balanced while dealing with such situations. Be ready for any tough situations that come your way and do not worry much as things turn out to be fine very soon. You will be feeling good and energetic but still need to follow a proper diet and exercise to keep your health in good condition. Be careful while working with machineries, especially if you are in the construction line.


This month, you will want to be in the company of nature, make yourself free and enjoy each and every moment with the nature. You will be at your best while welcoming guests and helping others. You will be there for people who really need you. You will be enjoying a luxurious life and plan to earn more to keep this enjoyment stable in your life. Women who are planning to start some small home based business can begin the business as the time is good to do so. They will enjoy success and material life owned by their own hard work. But you need to be disciplined and make things work with only hard work and intelligence. After getting success you still need to be down to earth and no ego should come to you. This is just a start and you have to go a long way in your career. With discipline in life, you will experience all positive energies around you are working in your favour. You will see rapid developments in life.

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