Reading for March 2013


Everything seems to be going very well in your life. Life is taking off & taking you to the newer heights of success. Cards suggest that you have to keep balance in your emotions and practicality while dealing with any tough situations. You are unbiased while judging people, but a word of advice: do not let emotions interfere while doing so or else you might be unfair. Be clear in your thoughts and graceful while dealing with tough situations. Do not overreact at workplace, as you will get the space and a chance to show your talent at the right time. You are a good problem solver and you prove it again and again. Work related travelling seems to be on the cards. Travel is on the cards for loved ones too. Love has started taking steps towards you. People who are waiting to hear the magical love message will get one. Someone might take you to the new world of love. Be open to explore your own new feelings. People who are already in a relationship might get into a deeper commitment. If you are going through any health issues you will recover from it. Your health will be good but that doesn’t mean you stop taking care of it. You do not have to make any extra efforts to stay healthy, just a five minute walk can do loads of good. Keep on following the spiritual path with complete faith but still do not follow anyone blindly on this path.


Money management has not been done properly and the current situation is the result of the same. This situation has led to loss of self confidence and the feeling of emptiness and sadness has taken over. Keep faith as only faith will lead you to the good circumstances again in life. The way you had gained your status and money with all the hard work; you can build all those things again in the same way. Don’t forget you are the same person with lots of confidence and strength who can build the castle again. This is the time where you really need to follow the spiritual path which will help you understand the situations and find the real you. Because you are not the one who will drop the sword and stop fighting. You will get back into the battlefield, fight and win the lost battle once you regain your confidence. People look upto you as a great leader and follow you. This is why you will start working on getting your confidence back so that you can prove to others that yes you are the true leader.


All your efforts are going to pay you this month. You are almost near to the end of a journey you had started and about to reach your destination. But you have to be very clear in your thoughts while taking any decision. This is not a time to be in confusion, as fortune is waiting for you with open arms. Don’t back out at the last moment as you are very close to the finishing line. There are chances of you meeting someone special in this journey of yours. But it seems that there are still some emotional blockages. You are still not able to express your emotions and feelings and this creates more problems for you on the emotional front. Long distance travelling seems to be on the cards, this month. You might find someone who will play the role of a father for you. He will guide you and help you take a correct decision. He will be emotionally detached and hence will show you the way of how you need to think and take correct decisions in life. He will set an example in front of you which you will follow. Keep a proper emotional balance while taking any decision. Follow your own spiritual path and ideas. Do not follow any spiritual path just because someone is telling you to. Listen to your heart, trust yourself and find the true You.


You probably have realized that the time has come where you have to get up and do something about the unwanted situations happening around you. You are now very clear about what you exactly you want in your life for yourself, may it be at your workplace or love life. You have decided to make things very clear for yourself as well as for others now. Trust your guts, if you feel something or someone is wrong then yes they are. Don’t hesitate to take any action against it. It seems that people who are already in a relationship are not ready to be engaged or get into the institution of marriage yet. It seems that your relationship is not built upon a strong foundation. It is still very weak. You need to work upon it with your partner, if you really want this relationship to work. The trust and love is missing from the relationship. Continuing with the relationship just for the sake of having it in life doesn’t make any sense as you both will suffer later. It seems that you are not taking time out for yourself. Meditation is one thing that will help you to clear your mind about all the confusion. You do not have to seek answers outside, as you will find all the answers are hidden within you. Meditation doesn’t mean sitting at one place, closing your eyes and trying to find the answers. NO!! Do the things you like and see how the magic happens. Love and respect yourself first and then expect love and respect from others.


This is not the time to be sad or upset, feel disheartened and be discontent about the situations. But this is the time where you have to get up and start working on the things to make them better. Think about what exactly you want from life and yourself. Be ready to move ahead and leave your past behind. If you are in a relationship and find yourself stuck into it, think over it again with peaceful mind and then take a decision. At work place, things will be showing good signs but do not work keeping money in mind all the time. Work for your own inner satisfaction and then see how that work rewards you. It may return you more than what you expected it to. Be very clear in your thoughts, confusion might lead to disappointment. There are chances of new opportunities coming your way. Keep yourself balanced while taking any decision.


Insecurity, confusion, lack of creativity and lack of zest to go ahead in life is seen in you, this month. You are a person who believes in moving ahead on your own and not at other’s expense. But this time this motto of yours seems to have been twisted. You do not want to do anything of your own and still want to take the credit. Stop and watch your attitude now only before it gets too late and things become worse for you. Tap yourself and wake up your inner strength and energy to work for you. You are the person who will never stop fighting come what may. And continue to be such person – a ‘Self Made Person’. If you are involved into any legal issues and if you are true and fair, the justice will be on your side. But if you have been unfair in any situation, then the justice will be on the fairer side. Remember, cases are not only settled in the courts of law, but the universe has the ultimate power to do justice. So be careful and be true.


Till now you were feeling trapped in your own feelings. You were going through some confusion and pain in a relationship as you were not able to decide which way to go. But this month you will finally take a decision on your relationship status. You will overcome all your fears and regain the confidence you had lost in faith. The time is good for a new job or to start a new venture. You might also expect a promotion and a good increment. You will be having a good hold on money. Money will be flowing in for you. Go ahead! This is really a good time for you as success will be yours. Your life is about to take a positive turn now. All the unwanted old things in your life are coming to an end and you will start living a new happy life with lots of positive changes. Don’t hold on to the things that were painful. Let go off the things that caused you pain and even those painful memories, and enjoy a new fresh beginning of life which is going to give you the best of all. Also, let go off your old belief systems and the unwanted part of the old you. If you were waiting for any relationship to grow stronger or are planning to take it one step ahead, then this is a good time for you to make a move.


Till now whatever responsibilities and burden you were carrying with you will be soon getting over. You will be free from all the burdens and will start living life for yourself. Do not think that the things you have done are wasted. You will be getting rewarded soon for the good karmas you have done till now. But in this excitement do not take any hasty decision. Do not make any prior commitment without thinking or this might lead to disappointments. Celebrating anything at the early stage may also lead to disappointments. Give some time and space for the things to settle on their own. You can expect good news regarding a new member joining your family. Singles can expect some love messages but do not forget to express your love too. There is lots of positive hope and love surrounding you, this month. Be positive and welcome these new changes with open arms.


Be thankful to whatever you have in life. Don’t keep sympathizing with yourself for the things you don’t have. Always remember, the life you are living now is also a dream of many people. So be happy for whatever you have right now and stop complaining about life. Focus on positive things then only you will be able to attract more positive things in your life. If you keep your approach positive towards life then all the new and good opportunities will come your way. If you are not happy with your current job still be thankful for atleast having a job. Do not lose hopes and keep trying for a good job. Only gratitude towards life will bring good changes in life. Love is on its way towards you. If you are single, you may find someone special. And if you are already in a relationship, you will take your relationship on a higher level of commitment. Be open to accept the positive things life is offering you. Watch out for some spiritual messages coming your way, do not ignore them.


This is the time of celebration. Love and harmony is taking place in your life. It seems that you are learning to put others before you now. Good opportunities are coming your way. But you need to be focused about what you really want. Don’t take things for granted – neither your job, nor your relationship. If you really value your job and relationship, then you have to be careful on both the fronts about your behavior. The time is good for you to show your skills at the work place. It seems that you may feel lonely at times. It is advised to spend some quality time with yourself. The time spent with yourself will give you answers to your questions. Follow spirituality. If you are already doing so and still not getting the answers, do not get disheartened. Continue walking on the path of spirituality. Try some new method which will help you find and understand yourself better. Due to emotional blockages the things you are expecting out of life are getting delayed. The focus to your goal has been shifted and that is delaying things. This delay is bringing more and more frustration to you. But as told before, take some time out, sit with yourself and try to find out what is wrong.


You are feeling empty inside — emotionally and spiritually. But you have to work on this. This is not something others can help you get back. You will have to work on it yourself. See what has gone wrong and why are you letting negative thoughts surround you. Don’t lose faith as only this faith will bring your good time back to you. You are dissatisfied with your current life situations. But do not be, instead try to find out a way to get yourself out of such situation. Look around and see people who are going through times worst than yours. So keep the attitude of gratitude and you will see new rays of hope. At this time you are so self absorbed that you are hurting your loved ones unknowingly. When things are out of your control, think that you are settling your karmic account which everyone has to. Have a positive approach towards life and see how things change for the good. You will be surprised to see that how positivity attracts more positive things in life.


Things are not going as you expected them to at work place but continue your hard work and efforts to make the situation better. Try to work out with other people in your team. A good team work will definitely benefit you. If and when there is a need, share the credit with others too. Do not force others to work at your speed and to meet the level of your high expectations. Try to use your team skills according to their abilities. You have to keep harmony and balance in your nature while dealing with others especially at work place. Be true to yourself only then you can expect others to be true to you. In legal issues, you will get the justice only if you have been fair. Do not ignore your health, try to maintain balance in your daily diet and do not forget to exercise.

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