Tarot Reading 2018

Hello and a Very Happy New Year to all of you…

Apologies to all my Tejomay Tarot followers, I was not able to continue to guide you with the help of tarot cards.

Before you go through the 2018 yearly tarot guidance, I would like you to keep one thing in mind:

‘Look at the readings as Guidance and not predictions’

As the New Year begins, the first thing we Google is ‘2018 predictions’ for our respective zodiac signs. Our mind somewhere absorbs the positive and negative things mentioned in the prediction. No matter what your tarot guidance says, always remember that these cards are here to guide you.

So, before we start, here’s just one tip from me to all my readers:

Take out some me time. Meditate. Get in touch with your inner self and seek answers within.

And remember, whenever you need light to help you pass through a tunnel, Tejomay Tarot is just an email away 🙂

Aries: (March 21 – April 19)

Your year will start with good luck and fortune. Suddenly things will change for good, things you were waiting for but had given up hope on. Be ready to accept and receive good opportunities that are coming your way. Don’t let the ‘too good to be true’ feeling hold you back. Yes, the Wheel of Fortune is turning in your favour. And as they say, ‘As you sow so shall you reap.’ You are now going to reap the rewards of your hard work and perseverance. You will now be entering a new phase of life. Trust your intuition and do not hesitate while making decisions that might initially look different and weird as they may be out of the box and not fit into the normal way of thinking. But go ahead and trust your inner self. You will enjoy this new journey with open arms and full of energy. Nothing is going to stop you from achieving what you really dreamt of. But as mentioned earlier, be cautious. Do not blindly trust anyone. Always be alert while going ahead with the plans, with whom you are sharing them and whether you are handing over the responsibilities to the right person. Make sure you do not ignore your loved ones while enjoying this new phase of life. After April, things might slow down and you may feel the things are not moving forward. You might lose hope and enthusiasm as the things may not move at the speed they started with. But do not get disheartened. Be patient and trust that things will fall into place. Things might seem to be very tough but they are not. Do not get involved in unnecessary arguments or conflicts in the workplace or with loved ones. This phase you have to handle very patiently as things might go out of hand if you do not think and analyse situations or relationships with balanced thoughts. You will need to put in extra efforts to maintain harmony and balance your relationship with loved ones as well as at work place. Do not degrade yourself with negative thinking. Trust that everything will work out well as you put in dedicated efforts with good intention. You will make a comeback again in the month of September. This time the foundation will be solid as you worked on things cautiously and carefully. The lessons have been learned from past mistakes. You will have total command on your life with complete discipline and confidence. You might find a person who will help you get through the tougher phase and help you to take right decisions. Emotional support from this person will help you to get back on the right track in life. You will be more open to receiving good things coming your way, may these be good opportunities career wise or a new love life or the old one which will be renewed with your efforts. You will finally lead a balanced and happy life as by the end of 2018, you will have learned the importance of balancing every aspect of life.

Message: Do not forget to keep in touch with your inner self; this will definitely help you to overcome problems and obstacles with ease. Your inner self will guide you through your the phase.

Taurus: (April 20 – May 20)

2018 seems to be a balancing act for you. Make sure you balance your emotions and work well. Also, listen to your gut feeling while making decisions. The guidance that comes from within will be accurate for you. If you are already in a relationship then this is a good time to take your relationship to the next level. If you are single then there are chances of meeting your soul mate in whom you will find a deeper, spiritual connection. But do not take things lightly or for granted. Things might get delayed due to some obstacles but handle them tactfully and the result will be the way you wanted it to be. Financially too, this year seems to be on your side. At the workplace, you need to be authoritative and take decisions wisely. You will achieve success with practical planning and efforts. Promotion and increment seem to be on the cards this year. Be open to learning new things as you will get chances to study further. Also, don’t stop learning the lessons life has been trying to teach you while you take a step forward towards achieving your goals. Stay grounded. Only then you will be able to reach the peak. Be open to receiving the messages from your inner self. Do not ignore your intuitions. If you find yourself confused in any situation, stop and seek the answers within. What are your intuitions trying to tell you? Ask and try to follow. Be free and open to give as well as receive love and guidance to the people you meet. If you are not sure of the people’s intention, do not jump to conclusions. Take a break; analyze the situation carefully before drawing a conclusion. Or you might lose a good relationship. Hard work, commitment, focus, using your skills at the right time and at the right place should always be on your checklist. It looks like promotion and increment can make you a little lazy which may result in you losing the passion and commitment towards work. And this will lead to problems.

Message: This is a year of gratitude towards all the aspects in your life, be it a relationship, work, or finance. As said, do not lose focus, stay committed towards work. Maintain balance and make decisions rationally. Analyze situations before making any commitment or before jumping to conclusions.

Gemini: (May 21 – June 21)

It seems that you have decided to start afresh in 2018. It looks like you are tired of negativity and obstacles and have decided to head towards positivity in life. You have decided not to allow any obstacle to come in your way anymore, not even the negative experiences of the past. Pay attention to your instinct and dreams as they are conveying a message. Be a little cautious with whatever you initiate and accept this year. Do not take things to face value. People might deceive you by taking your ‘trust’ for granted. Trust your abilities and capabilities and opt for the opportunities coming your way. Do not keep fantasizing or be in your dream world and believe that life is as good as or continue to be as good in reality as it is in your mind. For dreams to manifest, you need to take action as well as step out of your comfort zone. Your talent is what makes you stand out in the crowd. So go ahead and think a little out of the box to achieve your goals. Your generosity and hard work are going to pay you. But you need to learn from your past experiences. Do not repeat the mistakes. This is the time when your efforts to come out of a difficult situation are going to reward you so do not rush into the things or repeat the mistakes. You need to be calm and balanced while handling any situation in life; may it be at workplace or relationships. Tackle situations carefully. Decisions should not be taken hastily. Be diplomatic wherever needed. Harsh or straight talks might get you into problems. Tarot cards are repeatedly warning you to keep past experiences and the lessons learnt at the top of your mind before taking any kind of decision. It looks like in 2018 you will achieve success and reach closer to the goals set by you. But remember one thing, ‘only change is constant,’ and getting comfortable with the way life is and not accepting the changes that are coming your way will only hinder your progress. Accept the changes and grow with them. The world keeps changing and you have to change accordingly… but with positivity, only then you will be able to grow. These changes might give you tough time but try to find out solutions and settle things down. A person in authority like your boss might give you a tough time because of his dominating and bossy nature. Try to find out the reason, speak to him as this might help you to resolve the issue.

Message: Self Control. Trusting your abilities, letting go, learning from the past.

Cancer: (June 22 – July 22)

It seems that the long wait is over; you will find peace and harmony. You are going to get the things you have been waiting for from a long time. May it be a new project, new job, marriage or having a baby. Whatever you start in 2018, make sure you start with absolute clarity in mind. Clear and logical thinking, proper planning will lead to success. If you are into consultancy business then you need to be very careful while giving advice. Before giving any consultation, have facts in place before moving ahead. The bad phase is ending and you are moving towards a good phase in your life. But remember to not courage and keep the fire burning inside you during the difficult time to keep things moving in the right direction. Keep the faith and have confidence in your capability to achieve what you want to achieve. Communication is a must as you may find it difficult to communicate well with loved ones or with co-workers and colleagues. It is only clear communication that will help you resolve issues. This will also help you get proper advice from an experienced person which will further help you gain clarity of thought. In relationship also communicating with one another will help you sort things out. You might feel burdened with the responsibilities coming your way, but have patience and undertake them with complete determination. You will eventually achieve success. So keep counting your blessings and do not get into self-pity mode. If you are too tired then take a break, spend some time with yourself, with your loved ones and get the energy back in order to get back to things enthusiastically. Life is offering you new opportunities. Be open to receive them. Do not get stuck in the past and stop yourself from moving on towards a new life. A little delay might happen but do not lose hope. Success is going to be yours.

Message: Stay Positive. You may find yourself getting out of balance sometimes due to some situations but stay focused as you are going to get what you have dreamt of.

Leo: (July 23 – Aug 22)

It seems that you are going through a tough time when it comes to dealing with near and dear ones. You are facing difficulties in a particular relationship where no amount efforts put by you are bringing harmony. Financial issues are further adding to the difficulties within the relationship. It seems that you will be putting all the extra efforts needed to make things right and make your loved ones happy. But sometimes you need to accept the truth of your relationship status and just go with the flow. You will have to start moving along with the flow of life and leave your past behind. A new phase of your life is waiting for you. This will also help you to heal from the past. It is a sign to go and grab the love that life is offering you. You need to get rid of the things that make you unhappy and depressed. As it seems that after moving ahead, you might still find yourself crying over the past which will affect your work. Don’t allow your personal issues affect your work life. Be cautious as someone is trying to take advantage of this. If you have a family business then there are chances of clashes between the family members. Be patient and tackle situations gracefully. Such incidents will make you lose hope making you feel depressed. In 2018, you will most of the time be fighting with yourself wondering what is it that is lacking from your side. Due to circumstances like these, you may not be able to give time and do justice to the good things waiting for you. But be positive. Do not get stuck in the old beliefs and attitude. Think logically. Try to find solutions in order to move towards a happy life. You might enter into a committed relationship with new love. It seems that this new relationship will change your life for good. This relationship will give you peace and contentment. You might also get a new job opportunity. Financial difficulties like loan will also burden you but be patient and choose your line of action with proper planning. Your patience, hard work and wait will be worth as you will achieve success and things will fall into place. You will also find a new project with financial support and you will be able to grow your business.

Message: If you feel like helping the less fortunate ones, go ahead. Do not think twice before helping the needy. Be positive and patient as things will certainly fall into place. Life will change for better.

Virgo: (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Success and Victory! This is going to be the beginning of 2018. Your intelligence and wise thinking will bring victory in whatever you undertake. Your new way of thinking and the courage to act upon it will bring you success along with appreciation. Your graceful acceptance of change and positive attitude towards it has brought you all the success. But remember that at this stage you cannot afford to sit back and relax or stop learning new things. As your position will require you to stay updated with the ongoing trends in the industry which will help you to take right decisions in order to maintain the position and success achieved. Undertake responsibilities as per your abilities and capabilities. In over-excitement, do not undertake responsibilities more than what you can handle as this is bound to make things difficult for you. Do not get let the insecurity about the success and position achieved overpower you. Trust and follow your intuition. Share your knowledge with others, as power and knowledge are multiplied when shared. As Bill Nye says “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” You will enjoy financial stability this year and your family will be happy and content with your success and achievements. You might also help the people in need financially as well as emotionally. As you jump into new projects, make sure you have properly planned them only then go ahead with the execution. Cards suggest that you may move in the direction of spirituality making it a part of your life. You will be making changes within and this will help you to understand yourself better. This spiritual path will lead you to more happiness and fulfilment. As you might start losing patience in between and will try to force things as per your wish. But the spiritual path will help you to be patient allowing things to flow and happen at their own time.

Message: The key to success is keeping in touch with your inner self while moving fast along with the outer world.

Libra: (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Buckle up and be ready for a fresh start in life. The things you were waiting for are on the way. New job opportunities, new relationship, welcoming a new family member and many more good things are about to unfold. You will be satisfied with life and will be enjoying all the happy moments with loved ones. Your kindness, compassion and wisdom will attract more people towards you. You will find people seeking advice from you all the time. You will start feeling good about yourself. But remember: Self-discipline is what you need while working towards manifesting your dreams. An authoritative person will be helping you and guiding you at work place or on a personal level. It can be your boss or a father figure who cares for you and wants you to be successful. He might be a little strict and at times very straightforward while pointing out the flaws in you. But respect his advice and try to analyze things neutrally. Hard work and dedication you put in to turn your dreams into reality will bring success and prosperity. As said earlier self-discipline and proper tackling of responsibilities at work are needed. People might start feeling jealous of your achievements. They may hence start talking ill about your intentions which will lead to arguments and fights. You might start feeling guilty and blame yourself in such situations. Do not take any decision hastily. Take a break if you need to, sit and analyze things carefully and then take necessary steps to clear these misunderstandings. Trust your skills and abilities. Do not let others judge you or bring you down. Whatever you have achieved, you have achieved with your own intelligence and hard work, so do not let others convince you otherwise. Yes, you will come out of this situation with your wise thinking and by handling difficult situations tactfully. You will again start thinking positive and start working towards building a better future. Do not allow the difficult situations or past experiences to hold you back from achieving your dreams. Remember your free will is your uniqueness which makes you stand out in the crowd. This is something that helps you to achieve new heights success. Break yourself from the restrictions and do not feel pressurized. Get going.

Message: Meditation, spirituality will always help you stay grounded. It will help you to come out of the difficult situations wisely.

Scorpio: (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

It’s a time to stop dwelling on the past and look out for the opportunities waiting for you. It’s time to move on and grab the opportunities that life is offering you. If you keep sulking about the past, you will not be able to move on towards a better, happy life. If there were any issues with your family or loved ones, the cards suggest that there is no need to worry anymore as everything is now falling into place. Your efforts to make things better will now start showing results. Leave your past behind. Forget the negative experiences and start moving ahead in life as new things are on the way. You just have to be open and clear in your thoughts in order to receive what life is offering you. If you are planning to move on in your career it’s a good time as you will get new opportunities. Your financial, as well as family life, will be sparkling. But do not take any hasty decisions in excitement. Wait and analyze things carefully before going ahead. Till now you were looking out for changes outside and not within. This time you bring changes within. Understanding situations clearly, peacefully, finding out faults within is what is making your life more positive. Now you have got the key to success as well as to a peaceful life. You have to be careful while spending money, avoid spending on unnecessary things. Money can’t buy happiness. If you think people around you will stay only if you spend money on them, then let them leave. Happiness is found in simple living. If you are planning to start a new business then things might get a little delayed. Do not get negative. If you are not able to find a solution, try and consult an expert. Then go ahead. Things might not work as per your planning but be patient. Due to pressure and responsibilities, you might start losing the new avatar that you have taken at the start of the year. But a spiritual person might enter your life to guide you through your difficult times. That person will help you to understand situations on a spiritual level.

Message: Once you win over your fears you will be living a positive and successful life. Remember gratitude towards life makes life simple and beautiful.

Sagittarius: (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

It seems you are stuck somewhere and not ready to look into the matter. You fear to peep into your own heart as it is going against your practical thinking. You are keeping yourself busy to run away from the matters that are bothering you inside. Do not judge or draw conclusions without analyzing. Do not blame yourself for the situations or issues happening in your life. Give some time to yourself to clear things out. Think wisely and fairly while making decisions as your future will be based on the same. If there is any legal issue pending then it is likely to be in your favour. It seems that some things are coming to an end but the endings are bringing new beginnings along. May it be work or relationship, if you are holding something just because of the comfort zone, but you are not happy then the relationship or job is about to end whether you want it or no. You have to let go the things that do not serve you any good. You have to move on and start afresh. A new job or a new business or growth in business can happen. A new relationship will allow you to grow as a person and lead a happy life. Pay attention to your instincts they are trying to tell you something. They are trying to guide you. You are going through a highly emotional phase which will be the reason for you avoiding your inner voice. Listen and take decisions. You cannot keep on holding to the past for long. You need to face reality with strength and move on. Life is offering you better things, which are needed to be accepted gracefully. Do not try to control the situation as some things are not in our hands. Legal issues may pop up suddenly. Be kind to yourself, take a break, spend some time with your loved ones, socialize and meet new people. Lead a normal life if you cannot control whatever is happening around. Leave the problems alone and with time, everything will be back to normal. Life does not give another chance to everyone, but you have got one so be grateful. Accept and enjoy the change. By the end of 2018, you will be financially and emotionally stable. You will realize that you deserve to have a beautiful and loving life.

Message: Your dreams are ready to manifest as you have strong willpower to achieve whatever you dream of. Do not ignore your instincts.

Capricorn: (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

It looks like you have given up completely. You feel there is no hope and hence have stopped trying. Whatever you are waiting for is getting delayed which is further upsetting you. Not liking the job or the projects you are handling does not mean you should stop giving your 100%. Your hard work, passion, and commitment are the key to success. This is what you too believe in. But things are a little bit harsh on you. This is why you have started thinking negatively. Do not get upset as your hard work will not go unnoticed. It will pay you soon. Think carefully and listen to your instinct before taking any decision. Your intuition is guiding you. You have been watched carefully, so be careful while making any changes at your workplace. Set priorities and work accordingly. You might need to make changes in your working style as well as your attitude. Try to calm down your chaotic mind. Think about things or situations will help your mind to relax and bring peace in life. If you have any legal issues pending then result seems to be more on your side. Things you have been waiting for will manifest; new beginnings are on the cards, may it be with regards to your job, love life, or simply a new approach towards life. You will enter this new phase with a lot of positive attitude. Situations or circumstances you were trying to get rid of or desperately wanting to end will finally end. You will enter a new phase of life with renewed energy and positivity. Your attitude towards life will change completely. New beginnings are on the way. You will be getting a chance to fulfill your dream. You may also be enjoying new relationship or an existing one with witness a deeper commitment. Make good use of the opportunities you will be getting. Do not get selfish or lazy about them. Your hard work, commitment and passion should not take a back seat. You need to work with the same attitude for the success to survive and financial position to remain stable. Plan your actions carefully and then take decisions.

Message: You are stuck up with your old beliefs and attitude. Wake up and change according to the situations and change your approach towards life.

Aquarius: (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Right now you are not able to see where you are heading because of which you are losing your confidence. Currently, you feel that no one is appreciating your effort which is making you lose confidence. If you stop believing in yourself, then how will you be able to make others believe in you? You have the abilities and skills to change the scenario of your current situation. Don’t give up as you are about to touch the finishing line. Soon you will be getting good resources and power at the workplace with more responsibilities. But increasing responsibilities will make you feel burdened and tired. If responsibilities or pressure increases without any valid reason, then try to sort out things with your boss directly by putting forth your concerns. Do not keep burdening yourself or do not choose any wrong path or use your power incorrectly to get things done your way. People might start misunderstanding you and your decisions, as this might lead to jealousy and disharmony with your colleagues. But do not allow such things to bother you as you need to focus on your goals to achieve them. The path to success is difficult but if you use your abilities and skills aptly it will definitely take you closer to success. There are good chances of you getting new job offers or business proposal with good financial support. You will be enjoying family time with complete satisfaction and peace. You will also enjoy your love life as someone new is entering to make life feel magical and full of love. You might find yourself re-living your childhood with your childhood buddies. You might also start working on a childhood dream to turn it into reality. Or you will re-live those memories through your own children.

Message: You have a lot of creativity and abilities in you which you do tend to avoid. Do start focusing and using those bright ideas and you will find yourself creating magic in your life.

Pisces: (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Finding it difficult to deal with emotions? Tired of being controlled by your own emotions? Scared of the consequences of an emotional outburst? Keep distance with your loved ones unless and until you are not clear about your emotions. You are unable to detach yourself from a situation which will affect your work. You have clouded your eyes with tears because of which you are unable to see things clearly. There are lots of good things kept for you which unfortunately you are missing out on because of your own mistakes. You are not able to concentrate on work as you feel you are not getting the appreciation and recognition which you deserve. But due to your personal emotional disturbance, you are not able to update yourself as per your job’s requirement in order to achieve success. Commitment, dedication and skilled efforts are required at this point in time. You have totally given up on hope as you feel nothing is going to work for you. A lot has been said about what you are going through but there has been no mention about how should you come out of it, isn’t it? So let’s see where we can make some changes and bring things back on the track. It’s like you are expecting people to understand your silence. You cannot expect that. You need to speak and open up about what you are exactly feeling to your loved ones. If you are confused, get advice from someone you trust. Remaining quiet is making things more difficult for you on an emotional level. This is the only thing which always makes you weak. Just socializing is not going to help you. Start communicating with your loved ones on a deeper level. You are going to find a trustworthy relationship. Finally, someone very special is about to enter your life to create magic and take away all your worries. You will start feeling light and free. You will be travelling more and enjoying life to the fullest. You will discover a new you. You will beat all your struggles but be careful and do not hold on to the emotions from your past. Let go and enjoy the new journey. While making any decision, think calmly and fairly. Be honest with yourself, as it might affect your future.

Message: At work place, be attentive and focused as someone is ready to trap you. Maintain balance within your personal and work life.

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