Weekly Horoscope 13/10/19 – 19/10/19

Aries: Self Transformation

You might be trying to reach out to your boss or seniors for a project you are dedicatedly working towards but going unnoticed may make this a difficult week at work. A piece of advice here is to change the way you are approaching people. Remember, more than hard work, smart work matters. Good news is that new opportunities are coming your way this week.

If you are still single, then be ready to meet someone new. If already committed but are experiencing conflict with your loved one then rest assured, this won’t last long. Be ready for the renewal of old relationship. Someone may help and guide you to come out of any difficult situation. A family member might need your help financially.

Taurus: Long Term Planning

You are feeling tied and restricted and unable to move forward. It seems that you have lost all hopes of coming out of a situation. Why not take this opportunity to come up with ideas of setting up something of your own? May be this situation is been forced upon you by the universe so that you can think something different for yourself. Be positive and start something new, something that from long time you wanted to do and now is the time to start planning and working on it. Only you will be able to take yourself out of this situation, as right now you have given up, so you are unable to see that there is a way out. Yes, things are difficult but giving up and not trying will make them worse. Make peace with yourself first and you will find a way out.

Gemini: Self Control

You know exactly what you want, don’t you? You are always clear about the things you need in life, but when things don’t work the way you want them to, frustration, irritation and depression starts creeping in. Right now, the situation is the same. You are feeling frustrated as things are not turning as planned. You need to calm down and tackle situations in a balanced way. Do not be rude to people around you as it may backfire. Be calm and balanced while dealing with difficult people, be diplomatic if you need to. Your plans are taking little longer time and situations are difficult; but things are working out in your favour. Your clear thoughts and working on your plans with same positivity and hopes are going to bring new opportunities and new beginnings.

Cancer:  Decision Making week.

Your hard work and dedication is going to bring you financial success this week. This week also calls for decision-making, be it on the work front or in a relationship. You might be thinking of changing the job or thinking of moving out of a current relationship. Takin g a firm decision is suggested as you cannot keep hanging things or leaving them half way. This will bring more problems for you. So, take your time and think what is good for you and for the people who will be affected with your decisions. If you are planning to change your job or start any new project or business, this is a good time for you to start something new. You will enjoy financial success. But do keep upgrading yourself, keep honing your skills so that you take your new project/business to the finish line smoothly. You might face inner conflicts while making decisions, but be practical and reliable.

Leo:  Self-Healing and Awakening

Have you ever thought about healing, awakening, or following your gut instinct? Stop thinking what is right and what is wrong or what others think of you. Stop, pause and take some ‘ME’ time. Use this time to reflect upon exactly you want from life – what is good for you and what is going to make your future better. You are holding to your past experiences too tightly and not letting them go. You are afraid of moving ahead and making any decisions.

Beware: This behavior might take you to self-destruction.

Whatever you are planning is not working out – then may it be a project, job, business or relationship. So, stop and start working on yourself and stop seeking answers outside when the answer is hidden inside you. Listen to your inner voice and follow your heart rather than thinking logically and making things worse. Good things are waiting for you. They are just around the corner, waiting for you to realise and find the way that leads you to them.

Virgo: Focus and take wise decision.

Strength and getting hold of the situation is the theme of the week. At work, people might not listen to you and things may go a little out of control. But you need to take leadership, be authoritative to get work done.

Do not be rude, be polite but authoritative.

You may be worried about your finances, but this can be dealt with if you keep a check on your expenses.  Later you might regret of taking a loan or spending too much. You need to stop becoming target of the old attitude and belief systems. You are not able to take any decision or try new things in life as you are stuck with the routine. There will be confused thoughts like ‘should I listen to my inner feelings and follow my heart or should I listen to what others want?’ and this confusion is creating delays in the new start of your life’s journey.

Libra:  Wish Fulfillment Week

Yes, you have struggled a lot to make your life better, to give all happiness to your family. Still working on it but it seems that you are getting little negative by replaying negative events again and again. If you keep looking back, you will not be able to look ahead to a lot of good news that are on their way towards you. If you are looking for job change or want to start any new project, it’s a good time to start focusing and working towards it with complete focus and dedication. If you are looking for a life partner, then this week you might find one. Marriage dates will be fixed. If you are waiting for any investment returns, then this week you may gain financial success. You will be enjoying and celebrating success this week. Stop thinking about too many things at a time, focus on one thing at a time and work on it and you will achieve success.

Scorpio: Working on your emotional side

Regarding finance you need to be very careful especially to whom you are lending money to. Do not hesitate to say no. Also, do not take any hasty decision while making financial investments. Think and study before investing. You have to be alert and careful while dealing with people as someone close to you might deceive you. You also have to work on your emotional side as you tend to hide your feelings and emotions as you feel if it you express yourself, you might come across as a weak person. Due to this behavior, you might lose genuine people and also, people who truly love you for who you are, not for what status you hold in the society or your financial status. Change yourself. Start respecting yours as well as other people’s feelings. As someone is trying to offer you emotional support and help. The person might be even be interests in you romantically but due to your restricted behavior that person is maintaining a distance from you. You will see a good fortune taking stepping towards you by the end of the week.

Sagittarius: Realisation

You have made yourself lonely and cut off from everyone. You don’t feel like socializing and you are losing all the passion and fire that you have within you. But do not give up, take a break if you need to, go out and spend some time alone with the nature. Try to understand and find out the true you and do not get lost in the tough competition of the life. Be it a job, business or relationship; ups and downs are part of life. You need to be focused and look within – what you feel is the right action to take on the situations you feel stuck at. You will find someone mature and spiritual person who might guide you through the difficult times. Do not get stuck in what you think is right or what others think is right. Go with what makes you happy and think of the future that you have dreamt of. By the end of the week, you might resolve the issues that are within you as well as outside you. You will be back with the fire and passion towards work, love and life. 

Capricorn: Do not Hurry

You are feeling detached and imbalanced regarding give and take aspect of life. The way you are choosing to achieve something might not be the right way and your loved ones are opposing your actions. You are feeling burdened and alone on this path. Right now, it seems you are focusing on what you want and not thinking about what is right and wrong. But on this journey if your loved ones are not with you then with whom are you going to celebrate your success with? Be patient and think before you take any decision. You might also face financial loss. Conflict between family members are to be seen. You will put all your efforts to bring harmony and peace with them. Lovers will have a beautiful dating time at the weekend. And things will move a little faster and you might take your relationship on next level. Those who are single might find someone new while socializing or traveling on the weekend.

Aquarius: Align Mind, Body and Soul

This week, it seems you are bored of routine and want to do something different in life. You are happy with your life as you have what you needed. But still you have started feeling that something is missing, and you want to search for that missing part of your life. Maybe you are in search of your life purpose. Or may be just a break free from the routine. People come to you for advice and guidance and you do keep helping people the best way you can. And that makes you really happy but now that is also not working for you. You are feeling trapped in the routine. Your loved ones might find this sudden behavior of yours weird and might not understand and support you. Don’t get upset but try and make them understand your point of view. If they still do not understand then take a break and try to find out what exactly you are searching for. But with this conflicts and confusion, do not make any commitments or you might lose the trust.

Pisces: Embrace Change

In Love relationship there are some problems going on. Where one is living in a dream world; the other is trying to be practical and logical. You both need to understand each other and communicate well. At work front you are unable to concentrate which is really important as you are facing tough competition. If you do not keep yourself on the toes, someone might replace you. Do not blame others or situation. Take the responsibility and start working on what is missing from your side. There may be some other interesting possibilities that you are missing out and need to work upon. Mid-week, good news can be expected. Some can expect a new project proposal at the business and some can expect a new member in their family. But few are going to be scared of the change that is coming their way. They might think that the change may become hurdle in their life, but that’s not the case. You will find out more ways to achieve your goals. So, do not worry and embrace change with lot of positivity.

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