Weekly Horoscope – 20/10/2019 to 26/10/2019

Aries: Time for celebration

This week seems that your struggles are finally ending at work place and things are starting to fall into place. Your work is being noticed and you are getting the position you deserve. But do not let the success go into your head or you might lose focus and things may once again start going wrong. Remember, discipline and focus are the reasons behind your success.

By end of the week, you will be celebrating your success and enjoying it to the fullest; as you were waiting while working hard to achieve this position. You are ready for more work and challenges to come and complete the task with complete dedication. In personal life, you are still fighting for the happiness and inner peace. If conflicts between you and your loved ones are not getting resolved even after you put enough efforts to resolve it; then you should give that relationship time and space. Things will resolve automatically and if not then you need to understand, accept and move on in life.

Taurus: Shine like a star

Finally, you decided to take control of the difficult situations and win over them. With your balanced nature of being soft-hearted while being strict and disciplined has brought you to this win-win situation. For business, you might get financial support or new investors. You might invest in new projects and start a new venture. There are also chances of you meeting someone who can help you with his skills with the new venture filling the void you are experiencing while starting a new venture.

You will start achieving what you had expected and have always dreamt about. You will be enjoying inner peace and the new path you are embarking on. People will come to you with their problems for help. Thanks to your caring and sensitive nature towards other people’s problems. But always have clarity before you decide to dive in and helping them or else, you might lend yourself in trouble. This can even be legal trouble.

Gemini: Major Transition Period

You are feeling low due to sudden and unexpected changes that have occurred in your life. But hold on: there’s no need of getting negative or losing hope, at all. Life is taking a new turn, it’s a transition time. You might feel that everything is going against you which is why you are feeling left out, but that’s not the case. Whatever is happening, it’s happening for your good. Things will start falling in place, by the end of the week. You need to change the way you look at things. Simply go with the flow of life and stop holding on to things that have reached their expiry date. This might worsen the situation further.

Trust your gut feeling and follow your heart, as it will show you the right path. Be aware of getting manipulated.

Be careful with your family, you might get involved into fights and arguments with them. In relationship, you might face some difficulties. This can even be a heart break. If you feel that your partner is not at all interested or do not care about you or your situations, moving on is advised.

You might find a new friend who cares, loves and understands you. You will have to balance between work and personal life. Spend money carefully.

Cancer: Awaken and look within

It’s time to look within. It’s time for awakening.

Lately, things may not have worked the way you want them to be. But trust the process as bad times are not going to last long. Time will change but if you don’t put in efforts to change your time, nobody can help you. You must get up and do your best to make fortune and luck shine on you. Take a short break and visit nature, observe closely and you might find the answers you are seeking. You need to maintain balance and peace within yourself.

While approaching others, maintain balance between both: be diplomatic as well as practical, whenever needed. Be patient and accept the change as challenge and face it with courage. You are so absorbed in the difficult situations that you are not able to see what life is offering you. New opportunities are coming your way, new job, new venture, new projects. Be active and alert about the opportunities. Do not miss them by not believing in them. Think and take decision wisely. Handle money with care.

Leo: Listen to your intuitions

You are waiting for good news to arrive, but it is getting delayed due to which celebrations are also being postponed. But do not worry as the delays are short term and you will be getting the good news or the offer/opportunity you are waiting for soon. Be optimistic and keep your compassion when you started working on the same. Trust yourself as you have a lot of passion and dedication when it comes to achieve your dreams.

You have a very strong will power and when you decide to achieve something, no one can stop you. By mid-week, you will find everything moving faster than expected.  You get bored easily with your routine and always want new things to happen. You might plan travel with your friends. You will be enjoying and sharing good times with your loved ones. If you are going through a difficult relationship which is getting complicated day by day, the relationship might come to an end. You must decide soon, or things will worsen further. Listen to your intuitions. Do not ignore the signs the universe is trying to give you.

Virgo: Time will change

The week will start with a lot of pressure due to increased work load. You will feel tied up and restricted as you won’t be able to do any work or take any action, as required, by yourself. Someone will continuously boss around, at work. But you will prove your skills and ability to complete the tasks with perfection and dedication by ignoring the people who are trying to pull you down. If you own a business, you will feel burdened as there is no one to share the burden. But you must continue with your commitments with same dedication and efforts. By mid-week, you will find things falling into place. Positive changes will also start happening rapidly. You might hire people to help you at work to share your burden. Take care of the finances and spend money carefully. You will get a chance of increment or promotion, but things might get delayed. If you are thinking of changing job, then it’s a good time.

Libra: Don’t repeat your mistakes

Some disheartening events are going to occur at the beginning of the week. As expected, events are getting delayed. You might also be facing difficulties in relationship which can also lead to separation. You will rethink your future plans and chalk out things, accordingly. You will be very careful and work on your future with lot of patience as you don’t want to repeat any past mistakes. Now you are learning to maintain balance between emotions and practicality. You are ready to analyze the past events and accept the mistakes that you made and now you are ready to make changes that will lead you to success.

A piece of advice: Don’t repeat your mistakes.

Finance will not be an issue for you. You might also receive a pay hike. You will offer a helping hand to others as you are very sensitive towards their problems. You will also find someone who is older and mature or a very senior person who will offer you help or some new opportunity that you can’t resist.

Scorpio: Be Alert and careful

Be alert and take care of important documents, files, etc. Be careful while sharing any important news or information with people as they might deceive you by using it information against you. Also take care of your communication at work place, as people might wrongly judge you. It seems that a decision is pending from your side. You have been postponing the issue but now you have to take that important decision. Any further delay would lead to things unfolding their own way. This will make it more difficult for you to face the situation as you might not be ready for them.

A mature person will come to your rescue. He might not be the one who knows you personally but he will guide you through your difficult time. He will help you to free yourself from the burden by making you rethink about your decisions and the path you have chosen for yourself. You will have enough money to start a business or invest for future. Take your time to plan what exactly you want and work accordingly.

Sagittarius: Major decision-making week

This week foresees clear thinking and clear thoughts. You may also take decisions that were pending for a long time. You have decided that you are not going to be anyone’s target anymore. You will take the responsibility of your life completely. Due to the major decision you are about to take, people around you might not be happy and would ask you to rethink it, but this time you have taken the decision after understanding things on a deeper level, considering the consequences you might have to face.

You might get a financial support for your business or any new project you are planning to start. This help will come from the person whom you have helped in their time of need. But you might miss the opportunity as you will be more focused on your personal issues. Do not let the negativity surround you. You must count your blessings too. Also, be careful who you trust and take help from. You might trust the wrong person who will later deceive you by misusing the information shared with them.

Capricorn: a win-win situation

Waiting for justice to be done? Then this is the week you will get justice that you were waiting for. It’s a win-win situation. But it seems that you are still not happy and want more than what is being offered to you. You are comparing the things with others and trying to get to their level and standards. You need to think carefully and keep a balanced approach and accept the good things that are coming your way. Or the things that are offered to you might be taken back and you will be left alone, and no one will stand by your side. So, learn to count your blessings and stop pitying yourself. At work, your hard work and efforts will be noticed and appreciated. Keep doing the good work as you are on the right track, moving towards success and fame. You will get a higher position and more responsibilities. You will be enjoying the new phase of life with lot of attention. Do not get lost in this attention and success, remember the hard work and efforts you have put to reach here. You have made lot of changes within you to reach here so enjoy and keep doing the good work.

Aquarius: Get in touch with your spirituality

No! Please stop replaying the bad memories or the bad phase that has already passed. Whatever happened was not your fault. Sometimes things are destined to be the way they are. It also shows that you are not appreciating the good time that life has given you now or the good time that you have earned. You will be travelling and enjoying the vacation with your family. Your family adores you, you will be having a great time and will have the sense of satisfaction and contentment looking at their happiness. You will also help a family member financially who is in a financial trouble. But still something is bothering you making you feel insecure. You are afraid of losing everything. You have not been able to take the past experiences out of your mind which is affecting even the good times. You must get connected to your spiritual side which will help you to understand things and situations better. You must work on your spiritual and emotional side, on priority.

Pisces: The New you

You have started analyzing things and situations due to which you are learning from your past mistakes or rather experiences. You are ready to work upon it and carve a new way to move forward. You will start walking on this new path with lot of pride as you will achieve the goals you have set for yourself. But be careful and do not be arrogant or rude to people. Do not compare your achievements with others and feel jealous about it or you will not be able to enjoy what you have achieved through your hard work.

You will be visiting your native place for vacation and will reunite with your old or childhood friends and will be enjoying with them, reliving and cherishing those old memories. You will bring a smile on the faces of people around you. People will love to be around you. Your achievements will be celebrated by your family and friends. You will be experiencing new emotions and new beginning in life.

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