Guidance for November 2019


What next? You have reached the point in life where you are asking yourself, ‘what next?’ You have everything that is needed but still, you want to know what is it that is making you feel empty inside. Tired of the routine? If yes, then upgrade yourself. Go for further studies or start something of your own. This is the time when you will start thinking about your long-term plans and future. Do not get impatient to quickly get to the things you need. Be patient and work hard towards your goal. You will have to rethink your priorities. Proper management, patience, and focus is the key to success. It seems that you will have clashes with the elders at home regarding your finances and decisions. They will feel that you are taking hasty and impractical decisions. You need to be very calm while handling such situations. Communication must be very clear. While investing money you should be careful, there are chances of loses. Taking expert advice regarding finance will be much better and safe, but do not blindly trust anyone when it comes to finance.

You might also be feeling lonely and alone as your love relationship is not going that well. Be open and communicate with your partner about the problems and issues you are facing. Try to resolve the issues. Open communication is the best thing that you can gift to any relationship. There are chances that your partner is unaware of these issues and also has no idea that you are unhappy with them. They might be busy building a good future for you both and you might feel that they are avoiding you or not giving you enough attention and time. If you are not on talking terms or already going through a break-up, you had done all that you can and still, he/she is not responding – Let it go! Let them take their time. They might come back, and you will be surprised to know the reason behind their silence for so long.

Message: Devote time to self-growth. You will be more drawn towards spiritual growth and that will help you to take better decisions.


You feel stuck and are trying very hard to move from the current situation towards a better life. But things are not falling in place the way you want them to be. But do not forget to count your blessings. Many people do not have what you have. Keep counting the blessings and you will attract more positivity into your life. If you are looking for a job change, keep yourself updated about the employer’s requirements, prepare yourself accordingly. Do not try to juggle a lot of things simultaneously. This might worsen the situation or lead to further delays. You might also end up having nothing on your plate. Set your priorities so that you can manage everything well. Handle your finances carefully. There is no need to show relatives or society about your standard and how you too can afford expensive things or events or functions just because others are doing it. You need to be very clear and focus on what exactly you want and not what others want to see. Living up to other people’s expectations will make you feel tied up and restricted which is opposite to your nature and this will make you more uncomfortable. Life is offering you more and you have kept your eyes fixed on what others have and you don’t. Stop complaining and comparing your life with others. Everyone has their share of happiness according to their karma and efforts put to achieve them. Focus on your achievements, your goals, and your family.

Focus on your family and love life. Your love life may suffer as you are continuously making mistakes and avoiding your personal life. Also, stop focusing on past relationships, past is to be kept behind. SO, look forward and move ahead. Someone special and more deserving who will value your love and respect your feelings is waiting for you to come to the present and notice them. If you are already in a relationship, give more time to your partner. Take it one step ahead. Commit! Do not hesitate or fear to ask that special person out or propose them which would make things more beautiful for both of you.

Message: Keep going and keep counting your blessings instead of comparing your life to others.


New opportunities are on the way. Someone you know since a long time but are not in touch with currently will get in touch with you and might offer you a new job or a new venture. Or it can be a senior female at your workplace who will offer you a good position in the company. It’s also a good time to start something of your own. You will be getting a lot of options this month and it will be difficult for you to choose one. Finally, things are falling into place as you wanted them to be. But do not get confused between options.  Think wisely and choose the correct one. This is the time to focus and give your best shot as you will be getting the success that you were waiting for, since a long time. But be aware that someone might be jealous of you and the recognition you are getting at your workplace. Do not take things at face value. This might be a trick to get you out of their way. That person might always show you his kind side and try to manipulate you as if whatever he/she is doing is for your good. Always cross-check the facts and then believe in them. Abundance is on its way and no one can stop you now from achieving the success you deserve. Promotion is seen on the cards and you will very gracefully play your role and make people think that this chance should have been given to you earlier. Patience and balanced thoughts are a must while moving forward with this success. A headstrong personality and balanced approach are going to take you to a higher level of success. With success, your prosperity too is going to blossom. Enjoy your wealth but always remember to save money for rainy days.

A love relationship will be seeing some ups and downs at the beginning of the month. If you are in a relationship, then you might find things are getting difficult. There might also be petty arguments. If you are thinking of getting into a deeper commitment and this is just the beginning of a relationship, then you must rethink it,s or you should give some more time to this relationship. Those who are single will find new love blossoming at the end of the month. This new relationship is going to bring a lot of positivity and good energy in your life.

Message: Helping others is what you love to do, but do not forget yourself. You too need your help. Focus on yourself and personal growth.


You have started heading towards a better life, a better job, better opportunities. A woman might play an important role at your workplace. You will be little bit hesitant about the new responsibilities given to you, due to past bad experiences, but do not fear. Grab the opportunity. Your work will be recognized and appreciated. Your success is going to be slow and steady, but it will bring a relief to you. You might get promotion and more responsibilities at workplace, but the package might come with the jealous competitors. They might try to bring you down and insult you, but you need to be strong and keep going as only then can you reach your destination. Regarding finances, you must be very careful while taking any decision about investment. This is not the right time to gamble. Your financial situation right now may be great but that does not mean this situation will remain the same in the future. You will get a lot of irresistible offers that will tempt you to invest but get the facts checked and consult an expert before taking any major decision.

With so many things going on in life, do keep your eyes and heart open, so that you find someone you can share all your burdens with. Someone who will love you and bring you out of this tough situation. But also, don’t forget to work on yourself, in order to find love.

Love, marriage, engagement is on the cards at the end of this month. Do remember to express your love to your loved ones whenever you feel like. Your partner will be happy to know how you truly feeling for them. Your love life is going to bring you a lot of love, peace, harmony and support in your life.

Message: Lot of things you are trying to work out at same time. If you feel too much pressure take a break or else take someone’s help whom you can talk to.


Be careful at your workplace as someone is trying to backstab while trying to dominate and control you. It seems that you are trusting someone too much. Your complete dependency on the person for any major decision making might get you into problems. Be careful and alert. Make it a point to actively participate in every decision. Do not blindly trust anyone, especially if you are starting a new business or project. Let them know that you are looking into the facts. Understand the sensitivity of the situation and then take a decision. Your complete involvement in the projects and keeping a watch on the happenings around will bring you the success you need and deserve, after a long time. Finance needs to be taken care of, be careful while spending. If not required, do not take loan as it might be difficult later to pay off the debts. And if you need to then do consult an expert who can guide you through your finances and will help you to look in the right direction. Do not panic. Have a calm head on your shoulders. Take one step at a time. Avoid getting involved in multiple tasks at the same time.

It seems that life is offering you new love that you deserve but you are stuck in the past and are not able to move ahead with the new life. You too deserve a better life. The love of your life is waiting on the new journey, on this new path for you. This love will lead you to the new you. It will bring out the newer version of you, that you too might not have known about. If you are already in a relationship, then you will start thinking seriously about your relationship. You might even introduce your partner to your parents. But if you are separated from your partner then this is the right time to talk to him/her. You will hesitate to discuss about how serious you are about this relationship and how much you want him/her back into your life. Do not worry as celebration is on the cards and he/she might say yes which will lead to an enjoyable reunion.

Message: You will learn new things and have a better understanding of people around you. Do not keep holding on to the safer side all the time. Give yourself a chance to explore new ways.


Come out of your fears and look, justice is on its way for you. You will get what you deserve. Your work will be recognized and appreciated. If you are battling any legal issues, then the result will be in your favour. But you need to maintain a balanced approach, no illegal or unethical work should be done from your side to get what you think is right for you. If you need advice or help, please ask the person who has been in a similar situation or an expert so that you can find a better way to come out of this situation. At workplace, you need to think out of the box and come up with new ideas so that your talent can be identified if it is still not been noticed by the seniors. Financially, you will be stable and are seen enjoying a good time. If you want to start your own business, then do proper research work and plan your finances accordingly.

Be open to receiving the love of your life. You will be surprised to see when you are open to love how love enters your life and changes your life magically. If you are already in a relationship, then be open and ready for transparency about your feelings to each other or it will lead to misunderstandings. The misunderstandings may even lead to a breakup. But open communication will help resolve issues, if any. Be patient and understanding with your partner. Understand that every person is different. They too need time and space as an individual.

Message: Pay attention to your present and future. Life is offering you a lot of good things. Wait, pause and take time to understand and then move ahead.


A lot of transformation is about to happen this month. As you were not willing to make necessary changes, especially at the workplace, things have started shifting on their own, for your betterment. You have been loaded with the unnecessary workload and your work was not being appreciated. Things are getting unbearable for you. Try to fix things at your current workplace as you must save yourself. Try to talk to someone who will not just listen to you but also help you. It is likely very much possible that your issues will be understood and resolved. Do not lose hope or stop trying. But if you have already tried out every possible option then think about what has gone wrong and try again. If you are thinking of changing the job, it is a good time to do so. There are chances of promotion or getting a better position with a good hike on the new job. You can also think of starting a business without quitting your job, as your extra source of income to improve your financial condition. You can take financial advice and do some small investments. Librans who are into transportation business are going to have a good flow of income, this month. More investment in the transportation business is also something you can think positively about.

You are getting too much disciplined or robot-like in a relationship due to bad experiences in the past. Love relationships do not work like that. Emotions and feelings are important and if they do not exist then you will ruin your current relationship. And do not compare your current partner with your ex and keep blaming them for the issues that are popping up. Ask yourself whether you are giving your 100% to your current relationship. Are you taking the responsibility that needs to be taken? Singles who are looking for partners – go out and socialize, meet interesting people, talk to them and you might find the one you are looking for.

Message: Stop swimming against the current. Change according to the situations if needed for your own good.


You will get a chance to travel for work, to head or supervise important project/s for your company. Someone might be jealous of your achievements and might do something that is not good for you. So be aware and alert at your workplace. But do not give much importance and attention to such issues, keep doing your work and everything will be fine. You might feel that instead of your pay, your work responsibilities are getting hike, but you need to be positive. Always give your best at whatever you do and trust the work and efforts you are putting that will give you returns. If you keep worrying, then it will affect your work and the trust company is showing on you will not be the same anymore.  If you find yourself too stressed out, take a break, go out and do something that you love to do. Recharge yourself and come back with a fresh mind and a new approach. Someone from your family might approach you for financial help as your financial condition is stable and good. But do check if that person really needs what he is demanding with you. Be cautious about the way you handle your finances, as carelessness while handling finances might lead you to the crisis. Learn from your past mistakes and do not repeat. If you will be careful while planning and making financial investments, then it will bring you a lot of success and more abundance. Remember to always be grateful for whatever you have do not compare yourself with others and try to imitate the same in your life.

You need to maintain a balance between your work and your personal life. Mixing both bringing work tensions at home will affect your personal life. Always be patient and listen to what others have to say. You can’t expect everyone else to understand you and accept your commands. You need to listen to others and try to understand their point of view. Maybe your children need you to listen to them and need you to be their friend and not dominating parents, who feel that always they are right. They might need your help and support. For singles, it’s time to free yourself from the burden and responsibilities for some time at least and live life for yourself too. Go party and enjoy some time out with your friends and you might find someone special. And if you are already in a relationship then this is a very good time and the best phase to enjoy every moment of it.

Message: You are ready to move ahead and make a fresh start. Go out, make new friends and you might find that there are lot of options and opportunities that you were not yet aware of. These opportunities will start coming towards you.


There are conflicts seen in the workplace. Misunderstandings and arguments will lead to unnecessary stress and worry. Think wisely before reacting. Think before you speak. Your words can worsen things further. You should tackle the situation carefully and tactfully. If you are looking for a new job, while giving interviews communicate clearly. Make sure you flaunt your skills. You will be hired for a position higher than the current one considering your experience and skills. Even on the current job, you will get a good chance to show your skills and accomplish the desired result. You might find a new, good friend possibly a female friend who will guide you through your tough times in the right direction. Finances look stable. You can invest in smaller portions in different schemes as it is a good time for investment. But always be careful with who you are trusting with the money. Someone close to you might deceive you. Being emotional and getting too attached to someone and trusting them with your money might lead you to lose money as well as relationship. Break your circle and move out of it. Meet new people who might help you to think and look at life in a new way.

Love is coming towards you with a helping hand with a lot of love to give. If not, then do not hesitate to ask for the help and support from this person. This person will stand with you through your thick and thin and become your strong support system. This person is going to share and lighten your burden. Your relationship has been through a lot of hurdles and difficulties, but this has helped it grow and become stronger and trustworthy. If you are going through a breakup and started feeling that everything is over then communicate with them with your honest feelings as there are chances of them getting back to you. Remember love comes with great responsibilities towards others’ feelings too. If you do not share your feelings, then misunderstandings will keep increasing. If you are looking for someone new, then as mentioned earlier, break the old pattern, go out and make new friends. You might find someone who is compatible and a great companion.

Message: You have tied yourself a lot to your old beliefs and old thoughts, as you fear moving into a new life or situation. You need to start thinking in a new way that will lead you to a better life.


A senior or a head will notice your work and till date performance. There are high chances of this person being a female who will offer you a better position or a new job or new responsibilities based on your skills. You might have felt left out and unappreciated but now is the time your work will get recognition and you will lead to a better and brighter future. You might have to face a few hurdles at your workplace while moving ahead with these new responsibilities but focus on your work completely and keep doing your best. But do not get too carried away with the new position or responsibility and become too easy and carefree with your work. If you are waiting for a call from a company for a new job then this is a great month where you might finally get the call you are waiting for, from a long time. You might be worried about your finances and the way to manage your expenses and growing demands and needs. Also, be careful while dealing with outsourcing work or freelancing work with whom you are dealing with, check their records if the payments are made or not. This is a very good time for you to start something of your own, maybe something that you wanted to for a long time. This is the right time to start working on your dreams. This will also be a start of money flowing in. It is just that you need to do your research properly and then plan out things accordingly.

Those who are in a difficult relationship are thinking of getting out of this dominating relationship. You are feeling helpless as well as hopeless about this relationship and not understanding how and where to direct yourself in life. You tried your best to make it work with all the compromises and sacrifices you needed to be in this relationship. Still, you are hoping to get things better, but it won’t if it has not till now. It is the time to value yourself, your love and respect your identity as an individual which you have lost in this relationship. Take a break and give all your valuable time to yourself, pamper and love yourself. Free yourself from all the burden and you will see how beautiful life is. And do not stop believing in love. Love never hurts and you will find someone special and more deserving soon. Also, start taking time out for your family and loved ones, balance your life then only you can move ahead.

Message: A wish fulfillment month. Learn to love yourself and all the positivity will bring all the happiness that you wish for.


You are not ready to get degraded or demotivated by others at the workplace, but you are ready to face them and prove yourself right. You will surprise yourself by the way you handle the situations tactfully and come out smoothly from it. You will be coming with new ideas and a different way of implementing it and these efforts of yours will be appreciated. If you are in a business, you will be having new and different ideas to start a new business. There are chances of you getting a chance to go abroad for a job or expand the business. There are a lot of opportunities coming towards you for starting a fresh new journey of work. But the only concern will be money, it’s not that you will have financial issues but still your ideas and dreams are bigger so for that you have to work a little harder. Especially if you are in a business you need to be active and in action to collect your pending payments and not wait and pray to be get paid on time. And in partnership, you can’t wait for others to decide you have to make a decision that is appropriate and right for business.

Some of you are going through a rough time in a relationship, as in are about to break up or already has lost someone. You are now not ready to move on and enter into any other relationship. Take your time and give some time to your partner so that you both can think about what has been wrong and probably this time will help you to reunite later by accepting your mistakes. It seems that you are not ready to be in a committed relationship now and right now you want to focus on your own self and growth which is not at all wrong. But then do communicate the same thing to your partner. Hiding things will make things worse and misunderstandings will create bitterness in the relationship. Some of you those who are single are afraid to get into any relationship due to their past experiences which were heavy and not easy. But you need to understand that not every time you will get the same experience, you too deserve something better in life. Hiding and keeping things to yourself are making things more difficult for you. Talk with someone who can advise you guide you or just to feel better and relaxed. Sharing your innermost feelings with someone trustworthy is always a better way to heal yourself.

Message: You must start sharing your problems and communicating more with your loved ones. This will help you to get out of your problems.


You are tired and bored of the routine and the repetitive work. You are trying to find something new and innovative that will excite you. You have been heartbroken, and your feelings are hurt at the workplace, but remember that work is not your life. You need to keep yourself cool and calm as such things keep happening. Instead of cribbing about it, you should start finding better ways to rise back at job/business. Do not get scared or back out while giving your opinion even if it is your boss in front of you. In a very subtle and balanced way, you need to keep your points, if you are right. In financial matters, if you are getting someone’s advice still make sure you take other expert’s opinion before investing or spending money into something big. Not all people are clear about their intentions. Also, do not share all the information and related documents with others, share only what is needed. As there are chances of you getting some inherited money and people might try to misguide you with the process and financial management. If you get proper advice and manage things properly you will see a notable improvement in your financial status.

If you are going through some difficult time in a relationship, then it’s time for you to wake up and take some action. Your fears are holding you back and not allowing you to take necessary actions that are needed. You are deeply hurt as you were been cheated or betrayed but you are still trying to hold on to the relationship. You must let go of what is not meant for you. It’s time to change yourself and look to the situations in a new way. Singles are going to meet someone new in an event or ceremony. You might also get proposals for marriage.

Message: Be clear in your thoughts and be brave. Take decisions wisely, not emotionally.

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