Guidance for December 2019


December is a good time to start a business, may it be a firm or an independent business, like consultancy. If you have been thinking or planning something similar, then this is the right time to start. This is also a good time for professionals like life coaches, counselors or NGO owners.

Initially, you may not find adequate number of people to setup your firm or start a new project but still you will manage everything well. Thanks to your strong will power, you will achieve the set goal. You might also get a partnership offer which may also bring along investment. This is the time to start doing what you are meant to do. If you are considering job change then this month will bring good opportunities. The god news is that it will bring along the pay hike you deserve.

Finance might be a concern right now, but you need to be careful and change the way you look towards money matters. Don’t hesitate to ask for your own money if you have lent to someone, or to ask for money for the services provided. You must value your service, your work and only then you can accept the same from others. Do ask for help if you need to, with regards to finances. But things will soon turn better, maybe by the end of the month.

Regarding love relationships, you need to be careful if you are still single, you might fall for someone that is not good enough for you. Just out of getting bored of a single status and want to be in a relationship it may not get you to the right person. You might find out later that you have got yourself into a third-party situation, so be careful. No commitment will be given. So, do not be in a hurry to get into a relationship. If you are already in a relationship and find yourself trapped in a situation then better talk to your partner regarding what’s bothering you instead of assuming things. You might find out that your partner is going through some tough time and he/she is stuck in a very difficult situation. 

Message: You will bounce back to being your best. You will enjoy your success and celebrate achievements this month with family and friends. 


If you have been feeling stuck at work, here is good news for you: Things will now start moving forward. You will also get appreciation and recognition at work. If you were facing any kind of disharmony with your colleagues, then that issue will also be resolved. If you are waiting for a call or any decision related to work, you will soon get good news. You will also get new job opportunities or may be offered an excellent opportunity to grow at your current work place. Move ahead confidently. Do not let bad experiences from the past hold you back. Things happen to teach you something, so learn from the mistakes and move forward more confidently as these experiences have help you lay a strong foundation for yourself. Your finances will be good. If investment options seem confusing, do not hesitate to ask for help. Do not depend on the old ways. Check other investment options that can bring good returns. Advice: Do not invest without proper research or study. So, pay attention and then take actions regarding money and money will start flowing in.

If you are in a relationship, then it’s time for a new beginning in an old relationship. If there are any arguments or misunderstandings has already taken place, then you should be ready to sort out things. Maybe you need to work upon yourself and things might fall in place automatically. Talk to your loved ones and get to know what is wrong. Understanding yourself while considering what the relationship needs from you will help you renew and enjoy the old relationship in a new way. Your loved ones are waiting for you. All you need to do is, take a step towards them and the cards say that in return, they will take 10 steps towards you to make things better. Go ahead and try to resolve things. Do not ruin it all by getting involved in another relationship just to get rid of the current situation. For those who are in search of love will find someone special soon. But do not chase someone who is out of reach just because you feel it’s challenging to get that person. If you keep chasing people for ego satisfaction, it will not help you find true love.

Message: Be open to new ideas, new ways of thinking and looking at life.


If you have decided to give your work only as much as the returns you are getting, do not do that. At workplace, you are being watched. Your work and efforts are being noticed. Efforts will start paying off soon and things will start changing at the workplace. Do not forget that you gave it your all when times were not good and managed to change things. Do not give up now. Keep working hard as well as smart. There are chances that misleading information is given to you out of jealousy but trust your instinct and follow what your heart says.

Finances will be average as a lot of expenses are on the cards this month. Do not bring any emotional angle while dealing with money, if you do not want to get into financial crisis. But also, money should not be your complete focus. Right now, your focus should be your work and how things will work out and bring more work opportunities for you. Pay attention to your work plan and money will start flowing in.

It seems that you are confused when it comes to your existing relationship. You are not able to decide whether things are working or not, whether to stay or move out. It seems that you are either jealous of your partner or doubt him/her and are planning to catch them red-handed. A piece of advice: Be a little more balanced; broaden your thinking. You may meet a lady who will be mature, calm and balanced. She will guide you through this tough situation. Do not hesitate to trust them and ask them for help. You need to understand the situation and then take a decision. Relationships are important. The efforts to resolve issues are worth it.  This will lead you to a happy life with your loved one.

Message: Advice will be given to you but the decision will be yours. Be careful. Don’t blindly follow things. Listen only to what you feel is right. Take care of yourself.


It seems that the universe is showering its blessings on you. At workplace, things are getting better and better, day by day. You will be given a better opportunity at your current workplace. You may also receive an unexpected new job offer. Choosing between the existing job and the new offer is going to b a difficult task for you. One of the reasons behind this might be a romantic relationship flourishing at the current job.

A piece of advice: Analyze and compare things wisely. Take a decision keeping long term benefit in mind.

Businessmen are advised to stop mixing relationships with business. Be practical and keep your personal and professional life separate. You might get a new project with hefty money. But be careful of a person around you who claims to be your well-wisher. He might get jealous of your progress and create a lot of hurdles in your new project. You will have a stable financial position, but it seems you are too tired and exhausted running behind money and work. If you need help and want to rest, take some time out for yourself.  If there are people around who can you trust with financial matters, ask them for help. Also, do not forget to help others when you have enough. These things will help you to prosper.

Work has been exhausting? It’s time to spend some time with your loved ones. Take care of them too. They are the one who stand with you when the going gets tough. Talk to them, check if they are facing any difficulties and if they need you too. Just by spending some time with them, communicating with them will bring a new level of understanding and love in your relationships.  If you are single and travelling, you might find someone special. Keep your eyes open, without hoking them to the laptop or mobile, to look around and find the love of your life. 

Message: Stop running behind your work and start spending some quality time with yourself, so that you can analyze and make things better.


December may leave you feeling tied up and restricted when it comes to work. But remember, you need to focus on your work or it might spell losses for you. You are capable of changing things, making them better. Agreed that things are not completely in your hand, in order to, change them, but still you have ideas and opportunities to turn things in a new way that would put under the spotlight. Do not lose confidence and indulge into negative thinking. Be confident about your skills and abilities then only others will be able to trust you. If you flaunt these abilities and skills through work, people will start noticing and appreciating your work. By end of the month, you will start feeling good at work as things will start falling into place. You will get some new project to lead or a new venture which will bring a lot of prosperity in your life. You will celebrate this new phase of your life with friends and family. Those who have family business will find themselves gaining a lot of financial success. Also, the relationship with family will improve, becoming harmonious. There will also be a new source of income opportunities coming your way other than your current work.

It seems that you are holding too tight to your emotions, trying to suppress them. You are scared to move ahead. The card also suggest that you are running in opposite direction where you do not have to face life’s realities. You are running away from commitment due to bad experiences of the past. You are avoiding social life, events, functions just to stay away from the topics that people might bring up. It’s high time, Leo: wake up and think for yourself. This is the right time go deep within, ask yourself what exactly you want out of life, and seek answers. The chances are your heart and soul already know the answers, but you are simply ignoring them.

Those who are looking for love, there is a good chance that you will find one at any functions or events so go out and enjoy every moment. If you are in a relationship and going through some tough time then be patient and deal with the situations gently, not harshly. Be open to listening to your partner’s point of view as well.

Message: Do not keep holding on too tight to something that doesn’t serve you anymore and then keep waiting for something good to happen. Explore yourself emotionally as well as spiritually.


You have become very comfortable in your current workplace. Hence, you are not ready for a change. It’s alright to not change the job but make sure you put in efforts, in order to, make things positive for yourself. New responsibilities are coming your way and you are not ready to put your 100% in it. Your seniors are watching. If you don’t want a warning from them or demotion or being fired from your job, don’t shy away from hard work. So, buck up, focus and put all your efforts and ideas to make things work for yourself. Working with compassion and love will bring you a good result. A senior person, could be a lady, will help and guide you to do things in a better way. You might look at her as your mentor and will follow her footsteps to reach your goals. By end of the month, you are likely to receive a good news at workplace. It seems that there are some payments to be received which are pending from long time and giving you nightmares will finally be received.

This is a good time for financial consultants. The cards suggest you help others financially or with kind gestures. Remember, what goes around, comes around.

When it comes to relationships, it looks like things are falling apart. Separation is on the cards for some of you. Things are not working out. Lot of imbalance can be seen here. Relationships work when both partners are ready to put in same efforts to make things work out. If you really want this relationship to work, then put in the efforts. Find out what and where things are going wrong.

The chances are that one of the partners did justice to the relationship. Even if it is you, you are advised to not always consider yourself right and the other person, wrong. Things always happen for a reason. Analyze things and start working on making things better. For some of you who are waiting for marriage to happen, you need to wait a little more.

Message: It is time for you to fulfill yourself with love and gratitude. Meditate and connect with yourself. You will find a new you.


If you are into business or planning to start a business in partnership or get into a family business, then this is a good time to begin. Partnership will be with someone very close to you and this partnership will bring success. You might start or join as a partner with your better half or a person you are romantically involved with. A piece of advice: Do not mix your personal relationship with business, you need to maintain the balance between personal and professional life. If you are in a job, then this is a good time for you to look for a change which may also bring along a good pay hike. You might also get an offer to join a friend’s or relative’s office with a good position and pay. You might find yourself stuck in a financial situation, but things will move on and the flow of money will be smooth. You just need to be careful with all the facts and figures. Double check before investing. Consulting an expert would also be a great option. You might also win a quiz contest or a lottery or inherit money. This is the time you will feel relaxed and at peace with your work life as well as enjoy financial stability.

If you are in love with someone secretly and have not yet confessed, then be ready as this love is going to blossom. It will start developing from the other side too. That person might be thinking of you as a partner they have been looking for. If you are still searching for love then this is a good time to find one, and that one might be at your work place. But you need to be patient. Give time to this new relationship to develop slowly. Don’t make any hasty moves. If you are already in a relationship, and you are going through any conflict or disagreements then do take some time out and talk to them, also do think and analyze what is going wrong. Take some time for your loved ones and make your partner feel special. Do not always expect your partner to make special things for you. Do not hesitate to show your true feelings to your love.

Message: Do not let bad experiences of the past hold you back. Everyone goes through heart breaks. But moving on with hope and positivity is what life is all about. Make your present and future a good experience.


At work, a long-awaited travelling opportunity will be presented to you. You will get a chance to go out for a project. You will enjoy this time a lot. You might stumble upon some hurdles created by a co-worker which might lead to delays. You need to be very sharp and clear in your thoughts about how the work you are doing or the ideas you are going to execute are beneficial for company. You need to handle these situations very patiently and calmly. Then only you will be able to prove your points to others. Do not take any decision out of frustration or take things personally. This might only be your loss. You may be struggling with finances due to conflicts with your partners. All of you are finding it difficult to take a decision with mutual understanding. This is leading to increased tension. But do not worry. It won’t last longer as resolution will soon be found.

Other than that, you will be having a stable financial condition but due to past bad experiences, you will find yourself always worrying about money, trying to keep a tight hold on finances. Keeping everything to yourself, thinking that you are saving and doing these things for better future of won’t help. You need to be open while spending money, holding on too tight might have negative effect.

This is a magical time for love. You are likely to find your twin flame or a soulmate with higher spiritual connection. This relationship is going to be very serious where a lifelong commitment will be made. If you are already in a relationship, then you will be having a good time. You might also be preparing for engagement or wedding ceremony. Things will move forward very fast and all for good. You might find some difficult situations coming in, but things will move on and you and your family will be very happy with this relationship. Those who are going through a difficult relationship might need to rethink and find out what exactly you want from this relationship. If you really care and want this relationship to work then talk to the person, go out and spend some time together to relive and create the magic of love again.

Message: This is the time to rethink about your actions and change your thinking for a better and new life.


It looks like justice will be done at your work place. If you were dealing with some legal issues at work, then justice will be on your side. At work, be disciplined and if required, take the tough decisions but make sure that later you inform others while giving them the reason for doing so. Maintain balance and harmony with your co-workers. It seems that a woman will be playing an important role in your career growth, may it be a job or a business. Be very clear in your thoughts as what exactly you are planning regarding your business or project you are leading. Your crisp and perfect planning will lead you to get a financial support or an investor who would be interested in your project/ business. On the job front, you might find a new job or some other source of extra income. Money will be flowing in very well. If you ever felt there are blockages in the flow of income, then these blockages too will be cleared now. Income will start flowing smoothly. You might also inherit money. Make sure you study your options well before investing in something new or before lending money to someone. Ask yourself if it is worth it.  

Things are about to get more difficult for people who are already in a problematic relationship. You are clinging to this relationship just because you are dependent on the other partner and you refuse to accept the fact. But it seems that you need to think about this relationship clearly and understand that not all things are fixable. There is nothing wrong in moving ahead. Think for yourself and for your partner, as an individual. You need to be strong to take the right decision without blaming yourself. Once you decide to move on, you are most likely going to find a person who will take care of your emotions and will also become a strong support. This is the time for endings and new beginnings so be ready for this huge change to happen. These changes are going to be happening for you at lightning speed. The fight, the struggle, the conflict is just inside you, with yourself and no one else. So, cut off yourself from others. Spend some time alone and make the right decision.

Message: Remember things are going to happen for your betterment. Do not blame yourself for anything that is not in your control.


Be on your toes as your work is being watched. If you feel you have already done enough and still you are not getting the returns, then re-think about the way you present your work. You need to change your strategy and make the management notice your work. A piece of advice is to not give up as you are about to be rewarded for the past efforts. You are most likely to get a good position with a good increment. Things are going to change for better so keep putting your best foot forward. You might get a good opportunity which may tempt with the kind of pay it will offer you. Think before taking any step towards it. You might lose a comfortable and good job just for a pay hike which might not end well later. Try to maintain good relations with your co-workers but with a distance, as jealousy might take over and things may go against you. If you are planning to start something of your own and are ready to do so it’s a good time. But do a proper research before starting anything. Once you start the things that you are really good at, you will start discovering more skills which you were earlier unaware of. This new business and self-discoveries are going to bring success. Money will also start flowing in. Do remember to keep a check on your financial transactions. Keep a track of where and how money is spent. Having a clear mind regarding investments and savings will help you in future.

When it comes to relationships, you are tired of fighting but are still hoping that things will get better. Give yourself some space to breathe. Spend time alone and you will find the answers. But if you keep struggling like this, it can go on forever. For people who have started to follow their heart and have just fallen in love, then this is the time your relationship is going to lead you to a new, magical life. You are going to find yourself enjoying this new phase. And if you are still searching for love, then go out, travel. You never know your soulmate might also be looking for you and find you on a journey. But be clear about what you want so that you do not get confused when presented with multiple options.

Message: Your intuition might be trying to tell you something. Be ready to listen. Do spend some time with yourself to listen to your inner voice.


Work wise, it’s a good time. Your work and efforts will be appreciated. The work or plans which had taken a back seat due to other priorities will now be brought to the forefront. Even the seniors will start considering those neglected plans. A new job offer at a time like this may confuse you as at your current job, things have started working out well. Do think wisely and take decision accordingly. This is a good time for getting new opportunities that you were waiting for since long time. Financially, you will be doing fine. But do remember to maintain this financial state and try to work towards improving it. Try and find out new source of income that can add to the prosperity and balance in your life. Start thinking differently. You might surprise yourself by the ideas that come to your mind. This will lead you towards finding a new you. Do remember whatever little you have, keep the habit of sharing with the needy ones. This will keep the abundance flowing in for you.

It seems that some past bad experience of your relationship is still holding you back. You are afraid of getting involved in any new relationship. If something has gone wrong, why are you punishing yourself? Ask yourself was it your fault? Didn’t you do enough to make it work? If you find out that the answer to these questions don’t point a finger at you then stop blaming and punishing yourself. Move ahead and lead a better life. Agreed that moving on doesn’t always mean entering a new relationship but give yourself a second chance if you find yourself starting to develop feelings for someone. Those who are in a relationship already, do give a fair chance to your partner, for them to do something for you too. Those who are in search for new love, be open to receiving love, but do not force it just because you want it badly. Let love happen naturally. Give it some time and it will present itself to you.

Message: Stop blaming and punishing yourself for others’ wrong doing. It’s time to remove all the unnecessary burden and live life for yourself.


It’s time for you to wake up and do something different and something of your own. If you are planning to do so and are scared, then you should stop worrying. You do not have to leave a job before anything new is established. But you can always start something of your own alongside your current job. Stop judging others. Instead, start focusing on yourself and how you can better yourself at work. You need to be very active and alert and do your job with 100% dedication. Remember you are being watched and if you remain careless, you might have to face the repercussion. This dark phase of your life is going to end, and you will find the light coming in by the end of the month. You need to take care of your financial matters as it seems you are too carefree about your finances. You need to think for long term financial security and not only for current expenses. You need to be very careful while spending what you have and think about new ways to bring in more money. You can get an expert advice if you need to.

It seems that you are too detached with the person you are currently in relationship with. The detachment seems due to some misunderstandings going on with your partner from a long time. You are having sleepless nights due to the silence that exists between both of you. You need to talk to them and try and resolve things. Things might not be as bad as you are imagining them to be. It might be some other issues that your partner may be dealing with and not be able to give you time and attention that you desire. Communication is the key to a better and stable relationship. It’s time to celebrate love with your family and friends. Some of you will meet your partner’s parents and there will be a celebration time as things will move forward very fast. For those who are looking for love will find one through some friends or colleagues.

Message: You need to be very practical and committed towards your work then may it be business or job. Proper planning and dedication will bring success.

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