Weekly Guidance : 29.12.2019 to 04.01.2019


A person who has great thinking and guiding abilities is about to enter your life. He will guide you to the right direction on your chosen path. Pay attention and be open to learning, as this may lay down stepping stones towards great success.


Thankfully, there won’t be any financial constraint anymore, especially when it comes to money flowing in.  Though there will be smooth flow of money, the cards suggest you to still be careful while spending money. Always be cautious and take necessary precautions, not just when it comes to money, but also in every aspect of your life.


Worrying about something too much is not going to help. You need to keep your mind and vision clear to resolve the issues. The scenario might also be that the issues are just moving away without bothering you. So, stop worrying.


You are on the way to your new beginning as you have started analyzing and looking into the situations more deeply. Now is the time to focus on your personal vision.


Important healing is taking place right now within you. You are feeling deeply to make some necessary changes within you for your higher good. This amazing, loving energy has started flowing within you.


Imbalance in life is about to end. You are about to enter a harmonious and peaceful period in life. Remember to keep yourself calm and steady in any stressful situation as that is a foundation of a peaceful life.


The journey you have started with a great excitement is getting delayed due to some miscommunication. Do not let this stop you. If needed, you can change your path.


Not able to make a choice is making you more anxious and frustrated. You are feeling stuck and paralyzed. Make a list of the things that is going to be for your higher good and make a choice. Or ask your spirit guides to guide you through.


You are getting emotionally distant from your family and friends. May be someone close to you is standing between your family. Do communicate with them and resolve the issues instead of listening to others and making things worse.


You will need guidance to sort out your money matters. Thankfully, you will find the person who will guide you. Be open to receiving the guidance but also listen to your instinct before taking any action.


The difficult and aggressive situations are coming to an end. These situations may be external or something that was going on within you. There are still few things that are yet to be resolved but trust yourself, this too will be resolved soon.


Expressing yourself and giving opinions has been a little bit difficult for you since some time now. Open up and start speaking for yourself and your rights. If you can’t do it for yourself, do not expect others to stand up for you.

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