Weekly Guidance : 05.01.2020 – 11.01.2020


A Heartbreak! Not able to move on and detach yourself from the relationship you have been into for a long time and was too valuable to you. Angel of Love asks you to leave behind those who do not value you or your love, move ahead as you deserve more respect and love. Universe is waiting for you to clear and open your heart to new beginnings.


Imbalance! Something is going seriously wrong and you have gone out of balance emotionally while getting control over the situation. Stop! Take care of yourself first. You are worrying too much about personal or professional matters. Remember you have the power to bring things back on track. Do Meditate daily.


Healing! You might have started sensing that difficult situations are getting better. And so, now is the time to shift your focus, back on yourself and start self-healing. Release those stuck energies and revive your life by getting back to positivity.


Hesitant! Not able to decide or make a choice about which way to go or which path to choose. Focus and if required, make a list of your priorities and dreams that you always wanted to pursue. See if things match, then go ahead and make a choice. Follow your heart.


Spiritual Awakening! Doors to new beginnings are opening for you. Be ready and open to receiving the guidance that your own intuitive powers are giving you. You are about to find your true self and your life purpose.


Cluttered Thoughts! Pay attention to your intuitions. They are trying to guide you. Focus on your third eye chakra for it to open. This will allow you to receive the inner power that is trying to show you the right path. Take off the blind fold and focus on the life that you want to live.


Sweet Smell of Success! This week you are going to smell the golden success. You will be proud of your accomplishments and will feel content and peaceful. This success will be found in the outer world as well as inside you. Thanks to your inner self change. Relax and rest for some time but do not stop working.


Self-Expression! It’s time to stand up for yourself and speak your heart out. If you find expressing your emotions to others difficult, start writing a diary / journal so that you pour out your emotions and feel light.


Regaining! You are fighting to come out of the pain of loss that you have gone through. Whatever happens in life, it is to teach you some lessons. Learn and move forward. You will be able to re-shift your focus on yourself and start enjoying your new journey.


Knock knock! Open the door of your heart to the new love who is about to enter. If you are already in a relationship, then be ready to experience the old love blooming in a new way. Romance is in the air. 


New Beginning! You are about to experience a new you. You will be surprised to see your new approach towards life. Your positive thinking and a free-spirited energy will lead you to unlimited new potential of your being.


Sunshine! Your life is going to shine. Thanks to the blessings of new beginnings. May it be a new job, a new relationship or having a baby or publishing a book or articles. This is a good time specially for creative pisceans.

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