Weekly Guidance : 12.01.2020 to 18.01.2020


New Path! Start thinking of and walking into a new direction. Start looking at life with a new perspective as new path is waiting for you. You must start thinking for yourself now and start a new journey which will lead you to a magical and beautiful life. Universe is ready to guide you through.


 Stand up for yourself! It’s time for you to stand up for yourself and deny the dishonoring treatment from others. Speak for yourself and for the right. Be confident and value yourself. When you start respecting yourself then you can expect the same from others.


Special Connection! A Special bond, a special connection, a special friendship and celebration is on the cards, this week. You will start realizing the special bond that you have failed to notice till now. A few of you are going to enjoy romantic surprises, this week.


  Renewal & Hopes! Whatever difficult time you have been through has taught you a lot. Now is the time to let go and move on. Meditate and connect with your higher self to remain stable and choose a right direction for yourself. Universe has better things in store for you.


Mirror! Life is showing you the mirror for you to see what you have been doing to yourself. Take a deep look within and start rebuilding yourself. You have the power of self-healing. It’s only about the moment you decide to take the power in your hands. Once you do that, no one in the world can stop you.


Self-discipline! It is high time now. Start taking matters seriously and give a correct direction to your life. Prioritize to find out what is more important. Look within and ask a few questions to yourself and see if your intuition guides you to the correct path.


Shine! You tend to keep complete and deep knowledge about things that interest you. Now is the time to spread this knowledge and guide others with the right direction. You will lead others to higher understanding.


Appreciation! Appreciate what you have instead of cribbing about what others have. By counting their blessings, you are attracting more good into their lives. With all that you have achieved in life, trust that you will be able to reach wherever you desire to.


Key to the Door! You have the key to the door, but you are feeling so safe in your surroundings that you are scared to move out. Open the gate and give yourself freedom to roam around to experience better and beautiful things.


Cherishing! You are engrossed in enjoying your achievements and feeling grateful for the blessings that have been showered upon you. This gratitude will be attracting more blessings in your life, so be ready.


Separation! You might experience a heart break as you may part ways with your partner. This is the time to think logically as well as emotionally, in order to take a balanced and practical decision. A door closes so that the other can open, and you can lead a better life.


Balance! You must maintain a calm and balanced approach towards life. Angels are surrounding and helping you to take a right decision and maintain a balance of emotions.

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