Weekly Guidance : 19.01.2020 to 25.01.2020


 It’s time to heal your heart and keep moving ahead in life. You are unable to release the past pain which is making it difficult for you to trust in love again. Trust the universe. Let things work out on their own. In the meanwhile, learn to love yourself first then you will be able to attract love back in your life.


You are lacking confidence right now because of which you are unable to see the opportunities that are knocking your door. You have forgotten the power you have within to bring the desired change in your life, be it in your professional or personal life. Take the control of your life back in your hands.


Your energy is completely drained due to the continuous ups and downs going on in life. You are unable to decide, whether to stay or move on or which way to go? Ask spirit guides to guide you and listen to your heart. If there is fear along with the confusion, then that choice might truly not be right.


Have you once again taken a few steps back and feeling demotivated again? While walking on any path you need to plan few things and research about the destination you want to reach. If you do not do that then you will have to face some difficulties.


Preparing yourself to tread on a new path. This time you will be taking one step at a time and prepare yourself to start walking towards your goal. You have given a lot of time to think about what exactly you want out of life and now you are ready to start a new journey.


Be careful while spending. This week you need to take care of your finances. Do not indulge into something that is not important or else you might later find yourself feeling guilty about your actions.


It’s time to enjoy the fruits of the seeds that you have sown in the past. Your wishes might be granted this week. Keep counting your blessings and open more paths for the blessings to come in.


Just be cautious about who you trust. Someone might not have good intentions towards you but might seem too good to distrust. Be careful with whom you share your personal details or even professional details with.


You have decided to free yourself from the old patterns and attachments. You want to explore more new ways in life. You have decided to break the chain of limited attachments and move towards the free and bright future.  


Changes are going on internally as well as externally. You will be enjoying peace and harmony in life. This time is a gift you have given to yourself by not giving up and continuously working towards making life better.


New legal commitment is on your way. You might be signing a new contract, may be for a new home, new business or some new commitment. If you have any legal issues pending, then the justice will be in your favor.


A world full of opportunities is calling you. Do not keep limiting yourself to your current situations. Be open to receiving the blessings the universe is trying to shower upon you. Widen your social circle and make new friends.

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