Tarot Reading 2020

This is the time when everyone should look deep within to find the answers, let go of the old belief systems and move ahead with positivity, carrying lots of love and peace within. Do meditate regularly. Meditation does not mean that you need to sit silently in one place with closed eyes. But meditation means to start looking for answers within. You can find those while travelling and thinking about some issue or while painting or while taking a walk in the park. It’s just your consciousness should be aware about the situations in order for you to be able to analyze them with a peaceful mind and neutral approach.


Difficult times have been passed away. You are about to begin a new and fresh journey. Many lessons have been learnt. Now you are ready with the solid foundation to move ahead in life and pursue your dreams. Self-awakening and self-love were the important lessons that life wanted to teach you. Do take care of your finances with proper planning, to avoid any losses or set-backs. As this year will give you a lot of reasons to enjoy and celebrate life, you might indulge in unnecessary expenses. Keep reminding yourself how far you have travelled to reach where you are in life. Do not get careless about the life’s offerings. You might be hesitant about grabbing any new opportunities coming your way. Move ahead towards them with confidence. In the month of April & May, you might start feeling low and start thinking of the old memories. But do not get stuck. Don’t waste the hard work and efforts you have put to get here. You are nearing the finish line, you cannot afford to give up. Creating and having positive thoughts all the time is going to create a beautiful and positive energy around you which will keep attracting more positivity in life. This new and joyous happening in your life will lead you to help others and make others around you happy too. Do not push yourself too hard while running behind your goals; rest and relax your mind whenever you need to. It’s okay to take a break and spend some ME time. If you keep pushing yourself too hard this might affect your health. You need to take care of your health. You tend to take your body for granted. Keep check on your diet and eat right. Make connection with your body and it will let you know what lifestyle changes you need to make to stay healthy. 

From July, other people’s opinions and suggestions might confuse you. You will be hesitant to do things in your own way as listening and following others way of doing things will feel like a safer option. But remember new ideas and new ways are always criticized first. But when these new ideas work out and get success, people do accept and appreciate them. At work, you need to keep yourself at the top, so keep exploring new ideas and different ways of doing things. Otherwise you won’t get noticed. 

Love: Those who are single might find someone special on a new journey of yours. The new path you will be taking this year will lead you to success as well as new love. Those already in a relationship will find themselves travelling with their life partners, experiencing and exploring this new, magical bond.

Message: A bright new path, a new future awaits you. Do not forget the lessons learnt from the past, the ones that difficult times has taught you, which are self-love and self-assessment. These are the lessons that have led you to this new and bright future.


Year starts with making a choice between two options. This may be with regards to a job or a relationship. You need to be very careful while taking decisions, what exactly you want from life? You need to analyze situations and indulge in self-assessment before reaching to any kind of decision. This is the time to make necessary and important changes in your life. You cannot keep holding onto things, postponing the decision further just because you are too scared to make a choice. Decide so that you will feel lighter and happier. Just remember that you won’t be able to make everybody happy at the same time. Some people might get hurt but you need to make the right choice by thinking about what is good for everyone. You might feel that a certain relationship is falling apart, but remember whatever happens, happens for good. Difficult situations arise to help you to know yourself better, to change your perspective, to change your working pattern, your behavioral pattern, your old beliefs, so that you can renew yourself for a better future. Free yourself from the old patterns and take steps towards the brighter future. You have tied up yourself with others’ opinions so much that you are scared to make even the necessary changes. You are either unable to see or are intentionally ignoring the opportunities coming your way. If you take the chances with lot of study and deep understanding about it, you will be able to move towards a shining future. Do not stress yourself too much as it will be affecting your health badly. Do not indulge into any kind of addiction to get rid of the stress. These things won’t help you to get a permanent solution. You need to find the solution with complete awareness and consciousness. Take a break. Do whatever feels good, in order to, relax and calm your mind, then go back with a positive energy and confidence. After June, you will find yourself getting clear in your thoughts about where exactly you want to head to. You will start feeling confident and secure. You will start fulfilling your wishes. This will boost your confidence as you will see how swiftly you are moving ahead with your own firm decisions and thoughts. Sad and negative thoughts might pop up in between while moving ahead due to the tough decisions you have made, but still things will move smoothly. And you will learn to balance and control your emotions very well, by end of the year. 

Love: There is difficult time in your current relationship as you feel disconnect with your loved one. You are not at all satisfied with the way things are turning out in this relationship. A clear communication and transparency are the keys to any successful relationship. Communicate and sort out the issues, it might happen that you might get to know that the other person too feels the same about you. Your partner might too be going through some rough time and haven’t told you about it. So, talk and get to know each other better. 

Message: Patience! You need to be very patient and tackle situations with a calm mind, only then you will be able to see clearly. Options are many for you, but you are unable to see, so change your thinking pattern and make a broader vision and you will be able to see opportunities & potential solutions coming your way.


It looks like you are going to rock this year, as it is completely yours. You have realized the ability and the skills to tackle the toughest situation with utmost ease and communicate your concerns to others with lot of compassion. Now you know how to take control of your emotions in any situation, may it be good or bad. You have even learned to treat yourself with lot of love and compassion and you have created a positive energy around you which will attract more positivity in your life. So now is the time where you will head to a better future, be it in your career or love life. Your confidence will get a boost, and you will move towards your goal fast. You will get success more then you expected in your career. You can expect a good job offer or a new project to lead, also a good pay hike is on the cards. Remember to have control over your team as well. Maintain a proper balance of head and heart while dealing with them. By June, you might start something of your own that you were planning from long time. This new venture of yours will bring lot of good luck and wealth. You still need to keep yourself open to learning new things as it will help you to upgrade yourself. Be specific while working on your new project or any work as you might start feeling lazy and keep postponing your work as you will get too comfortable with the success and will be too busy enjoying it. Do not lose focus or it might lead you to get down a few steps. Some old memories might start haunting you back in second half of the year and you will start getting sleepless nights. Focus on your life the way you started your year with a lot of positivity and self-confidence. You do not have the patience to wait for the success to come to you, you are the person who will go and get the success with your intelligence and abilities. So, remember that and keep going.

Love: New love is entering your life. It will bring a lot of peace and harmony. And those who are already in a relationship will get into a deeper commitment. Marriage is on the cards this year. But remember before entering a committed relationship, take time to understand each other better. Before understanding each other and getting to know about compatibility, do not hurriedly get into a relationship, as this might lead to disappointment. 

Message: You will be getting a lot of choices and options this year, still do not hastily take any decision. You will be getting irresistible offers, but you need to be very clear about your goals and what exactly is good for you. 


Time for transformation! It’s time to take matters in your own hand for a better future. Yes, there are confusions which are blocking your mind with a lot of thoughts like, what exactly to do. Get your mind clear and listen to your intuitions. They are trying to guide you. You need to do the right thing, and you must. Do not be afraid of what others might think of you. You know what is right for you, not others. Others are not walking into your shoes to judge you. No matter how difficult the situation is, don’t quit. If you ever feel like quitting, ask yourself whether you have given enough time to think and weigh the pros and cons of the situation and also the consequences of your decisions. If yes, go ahead as you need to free yourself and bring a positive change in your life. Be true to yourself. Gather your inner strength and move towards a better future. You are fearing the change life is about to bring to you with your decision. You cannot resist change as sometimes change is necessary to renew your life and live a healthy life. By end of the year, you will enroll for further studies or if you have appeared for any exam then you will be getting favorable results. Someone younger to you will help you to achieve your goals. You might also get a promotion with the assistance of this younger person in your life. You need to keep a balanced approach at work. You will get a chance to travel for work and you will be completely in action and excited for the new project or venture. You will learn to maintain a balance between heart and mind. It won’t be difficult anymore to take hard decisions and you will do that with lot of poise. You will be in lot of action and busy, by the end of year.

Love: You will meet your soulmate this year and things will move fast as you will feel an instant connect with the person. Without wasting time, you will introduce them to your parents. Those who are already in a relationship might feel disconnect with your partner due to the ups and downs going on in your life. You need to spend more time with your partner and share your problems with them and you will be happy to see the way they will stand by you and support you during this tough phase. You will definitely see the bond getting stronger between the two of you.

Message: This is the time for you to rest and renew yourself and find a new version of you. You should often give yourself ME time as this always works like magic for you. You will find yourself getting connected to your higher self. 


With start of the year you might experience a fallout with your near ones, it may be in the personal or professional arena. You might find a disconnect with your acquaintances and arguments may pop up continuously due to which you might feel left out. Someone is trying to dominate you, take all your power to themselves and belittle you. You have to be very strong, keep your mind very clear and balanced to take actions regarding the same. There are a lot of things that you wanted to do but were not able to do because of other people’s interference. You, yourself was not much sure about how to begin that journey and so was holding on tight to the current situation and people around you. Now is the time to pursue your dreams. Be confident and go ahead. If any confusion arises, stop! Take some time, make proper planning and then execute the plan. If you need help, do not shy away and ask for help. You will get help from the person who will be very much mature and expert in his own field. He/she will be a spiritual person who will guide you to the right path. He may or may not be involved or attached with you in any way either personally or professionally but still will guide you. The progress towards new path might be a little slow but you need to keep walking into the right direction and you will get success. Keep counting your blessings rather than thinking of the past, feeling sad about the wrong happenings. 

Warning: Be cautious about who you trust. Rather than trusting others, trust yourself. Also, trust the Universe, it is there to help you. Trust your intuition. Listen to it. If you feel that something or someone is not right even if that person is being absolutely good to you, follow your intuition. This is the time for you to realize your inner strength and move confidently, all alone. Take care of your health. Do not over stress. Go for a walk, in nature early morning so that your mind is relaxed. This will allow you to think clearly and your health will be in good condition. If you are dealing with a health issue from a long time, do not ignore and get done a complete checkup. Otherwise health will be a concern this year.

Love: It’s time to move on rather than wait for the one who is not worth your love. This is the right time for you to go out and make new friends and socialize. You might find someone who becomes special with time and will also be worth spending your life with. Those in relationship, stop being the target. Be open and communicate with your partner. If things still don’t work out, respect yourself and move out of that relationship. 

Message: Be open for the new connections and enjoy the new company. Open up to the life and receive the blessings. This is the time for you to break the old patterns. Make new and healthy relationships that will benefit you and will also help you to remain positive and happy.


Due to past bad experiences, you are now getting too much aggressive and abusive with the people around you. Someone has been very mean to you and has taken disadvantage of your kindness while dominating you all the time. These suppressed emotions are about to erupt now. But be aware and cautioned about your temper. Do not take it out on the people who are not responsible for your emotional imbalance. The repercussion of this unnecessary anger on others might get very serious later. This is the time for you to take control of your life and emotions. Try to fix life along with the issues. The situation is part of your life and not your entire life. Take help, get advice or counselling if needed as it is not the sign of weakness. It needs strength to share your problems and get help if you are unable to find the solutions by yourself. If you think that ignoring the problems will help rather than solving them, then you are wrong as the cycle won’t stop. It will keep repeating unless and until you do not give it a solution or complete closure. This is a tough phase for you and you need to take care of your mental health more than your physical health. Do meditate. Go for counselling sessions if you do not want to discuss your personal issues with your dear ones. From mid-year, you will find yourself getting new opportunities or chances to change your life for betterment and you will still be a little hesitant in accepting the new opportunity. This hesitation will be because you might get the opportunity to change your working field completely, which will be completely different from what you have been doing till now. Or it will be completely different from what you have studied. You might feel lonely on this journey, but you need to understand that this is the time you need to give tp yourself. You need your time so that you can relax and renew yourself completely and find a new you. 

Love: Separation from the partner you are with from a long time is possible, as he/she is living in his/her own dream world, focusing on materialistic life more than the relationship. There is also a chance that your partner is taking you for granted, dominating you all the time as the person feels that his/her command should be your wish. Even for singles, it is suggested that this is the time for you to focus on yourself. Do things that will give you positive vibes and thoughts, so you will manifest more positive people around you.

Message: It’s time for you to release all the toxic relationships and clean your heart. The Angel of Love is waiting to present you the love you deserve and honor you with the love and affection from the right person.


Little bit of difficult time is going on right now, especially with money matters. Remember the bad times are not here to stay for long. You have come a long way and your inner strength is your plus point. Be confident, trust yourself and keep going. You will receive the reward for your efforts. But remember to be patient. Do not go into a wrong direction to bring a good time in your life, especially financial stability. Keep counting your blessings while being grateful for whatever good things you have in your life. Trust that such gratitude will attract more positivity and abundance in life. Abundance and joy are on their way as this phase is about to end and you will witness how magically life is going to change and bring you a lot of love, peace, comfort, and happiness. This year, you will be travelling a lot for work as well as for leisure. You will be having a good time with your family and friends, always surrounded with lot of love and respect. You will experience financial stability and will be at peace as this area of your life was your major concern. You will feel secured in all aspects of life, it could be hike in pay with a promotion, an inheritance of property or a business profit, it could be anything. As you tend to work with heart rather than mind, just remember to keep the balance of both so that things will be better for you or you might experience a heart-break, or someone might misuse your trust. Always remember to protect yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually from manipulation. Keep working towards protecting your energy. Healthwise, 2020 is a good year, but your habit of being stresses for tiniest of issues might emotionally drain you.

Love: Good times, as new love will enter and change your life drastically for good. Time to enjoy and experience a fairy tale kind of proposal, engagement, and even marriage. Those who are in search of a life partner will find one. Those who are planning to get married will see how things have started falling into place and in such a wonderful way that it will all be more than what you expected. Planning for a baby? Then this is a good time to bring one into your life.

Message: A bucket full of blessings filled with joy, abundance and love is coming your way. The seeds that you have sowed through your good karma and positivity is going to be repaid.


2020 begins with a little bit of struggle at your workplace. You might start feeling insecure regarding your job or your business. But by March, you will get a good opportunity and a chance to start over again. New chance, new opportunities, new beginnings and a new life, not only professionally but also personally. You will be in command at your workplace. You will get a good position and pay hike. If you are running a business, then you will find yourself in a good position in market with financial stability. You will also invest in other small businesses and will keep growing. People will respect you and come to you for financial help and advice. Few things will be coming to an end but remember that they are making place for new beginnings. To enter a new phase of life, you first need to accept the change, accept the end of the old situation or get over the past mistakes. If possible, apologize for the mistakes and move forward. You need to forgive yourself otherwise those past mistakes will keep haunting you. As you are unable to rectify what has been done, you might fall prey to nightmares and sleepless nights. This stress and anxiety may eventually affect your mental health. Find immediate help if required but do not suffer. By quarter end of the year you will find new happenings and beginnings in your life. New love life, marriage or welcoming a baby in your family, starting a new business, getting promotion and increment, it will be a celebration time for you. You will be sharing and celebrating all your happiness with family, relatives, and friends. You will be achieving all your targets with very sharp and clear thoughts regarding your goals. 

Love: New love entering your life with new hopes and new beginnings. This person will teach you to maintain balance in life and to stay focused. 

Message: You need to detach from your past relationships and move ahead in life. Give life another chance. Remove the mask you are wearing just to show others that everything is fine. Accepting mistakes and taking someone’s help will help you to release the guilt and forgive yourself.


Disheartened by whatever happened in the past in your relationship, you are unable to forgive yourself and are constantly looking back at the failures and mistakes that you have made. You want to make things right and undo the mistakes, but it seems impossible. You are in search of some missing piece in your life, and in desperate need of finding what is exactly missing. You want to leave all the set life that you have right now and move towards a new life. At some point of time, we all go through such phases, but you need to understand that sometimes changing outer situations is not in our control but yes making changes within is what we can always do. Apologize for your mistakes, forgive yourself and move on. Getting bored and living same life or the same routine life is not your cup of your tea, you always need change. This is not the time to pity yourself. Get up and make the changes that you want to see in your life. You need to think outside the box and make things happen rather than wait for the situations to change by themselves. You have gone through a lot of difficult times, still you have never given up and achieved a lot in life. Remember that putting efforts to make positive changes in life is what makes life beautiful and appreciable. If you need a break, do withdraw yourself from everything and take some time out to analyze situations, ask yourself what exactly you want from life. And then start working on it. There is a need to make some major changes in the way you think as it seems you are too confused and unable to get things straight in your mind. Remember that you are not suffering alone, but you are also making the people around you suffer. You are disconnecting from the world, you are not aware of the happenings around you, as you are so engrossed in your own world. You are also getting disconnected emotionally from your family and making things worse for you as well as for others. Do not forget the power you have. Once you decide that you want to achieve something, there is no looking back. Go out, take a breath in fresh air and enjoy the nature. And you will find your answers, but only when you decide to get the answers.

Love: Need to put in efforts and be there for your loved ones as they need you. In current relationship, you might be facing a lot of conflicts and arguments. Be honest to yourself and with your partner. Situations like break-up may arise, so deal with the issues gently. Clear your heart from the blockages of fear and connect with your loved ones.

Message: It is a time for you to make conscious efforts and make decision as what is right for you and allow yourself to be free from the stress that has tied you up. 


You have been working too hard to achieve your goals. Nothing can disturb you or distract you from your goal. You are so engrossed making money that you do not want to lose any chance and make life secure and safe. But you have started losing inner peace while chasing a safe and secure future. Remember working on yourself. Take care of yourself and maintain a proper work-life balance.  Materialistic achievements are not more important than your life or yourself. If you lose peace, then nothing in this world will make you feel secure in life. This might also affect your health. If needed, take help of a spiritual person who can guide you on your spiritual path. 

Spiritual path doesn’t mean you have to leave everything behind and move into isolation, but it means to be fully present in current situation and dealing with life with peace in mind and love in the heart. Spirituality will also help you to remain calm and stable while dealing with tough situations. You will be getting unexpected new opportunities and offers relating to your career. But for that you need to keep yourself open to receive the blessings coming towards you. Keep generating positive energy and vibes by meditating daily and you will see that the blockages around you are clearing. You will be getting a chance to choose from many options as many opportunities will be presented to you, this year. Also travelling is on the cards for career purpose. It might be travelling for the present company or relocating for the new job. Money will start flowing in, and your hard work and efforts will be paying you in double. You will be emotionally satisfied with life’s offerings. You might also plan to start a business or something of your own keeping your current job intact, to keep your creative and artistic side alive. You might also keep facing tough time at your work place, but you need to keep calm and approach the tough situations with balanced mind. You can expect some good news that you were waiting for long. 

Love: You might find someone special while travelling, as you are not in the mood to remain single anymore. You are searching for someone who can be your support, someone you can lean on when you feel tired. Those in relationship will be enjoying a strong connection with their partners. You need to keep your emotional side open and also show your love to them.

Message: Do not simply keep chasing goals all the time. Take some time out to relax and revive yourself for more energy and fresh mind.  


Focus on one thing at a time rather than scattering your attention on various things. Enjoy simple things in life, you will find that life is not that complicated or bad. You are trying to work on many things at a time. Take it easy. Prioritize first and then work on it one by one. Or else you won’t be able to give your best to any of this work. May be at professional level you won’t be having control but on personal front you can sort out things according to your convenience. If you feel confused and are unable to decide then take guidance from your elders or someone you trust. You need to take life’s command in your hand. You can’t be clueless and wandering all the time with confused mind. Balancing emotions and mind is a must to get back on track. Holding on too tightly to the past will start affecting your present life, your relationships with your loved ones. Be open to receiving love and making yourself available for loved ones. Be positive as it is said that to see the moon and stars you need darkness. Life will keep testing and teaching you lessons. Change is evident, and you cannot help but accept it. This is the process of life. This is how it brings your soul into the light of spirituality, connecting you to your higher self. Do not keep judging people and jump to the conclusions without knowing the facts. If you feel something is wrong or someone’s behavior is not acceptable, do check the facts and background, then react. If there are any legal matters, be careful while dealing with them as someone might double cross you. Be careful while driving as there are chances of accidents. If by any chance you encounter any kind of physical pain and are not able to recollect where it is coming from, do not ignore it. Consult a doctor immediately. By the end of this year, you will be having reasons to celebrate life. This can be due to marriage, engagement, new business or a new job.

Love: If you are already in a relationship then give some time for it to blossom. Give time for the love and trust to grow between you two. Do not be in a hurry to commit. If you are going through some tough time in a relationship, then give some time to your partner and try to find out the reason behind the problems. Sort it out by communicating with them.

Message: Remember every relationship has its own place and respect. Do not ignore or disrespect any relationship for some other. Someone close to you might stand in between your closest relationship, like parents or siblings.


Unexpected good fortune is headed towards you, but do not sit back and wait for it. If you need to put in some efforts then go ahead. Just one step towards it and universe might grant the wish. New love, soulmate is about to enter your life, but it seems that due to the bad experiences in the past, in relationships, you are hesitating to trust anyone. Some of you who are already in a relationship might get married in the first half of the year. But it seems that you are too attached to your past or some old living patterns or old thinking patterns regarding relationships. For example, after marriage or in a relationship, things should progress in a certain way. And this thinking/habit of yours is complicating things. Be open to listening. Respect other people’ss opinions. Stubbornness is making your loved ones angry. This is also the reason behind growing disconnect between you and them. Pay attention to your behavior and try to find out what is it that is creating blockages for you. You are juggling a lot of things which is not needed. Try and sort this out. Take help if needed, we all go through tough days in life, but that should not stop you there. Move forward. Life is waiting for you and your loved ones are there with you on your journey, you are not alone. Once decided you will be able to move on and you will see the positive changes that are about to enter your life. Break free from the old habits and thinking patterns. Become a new you. Do not keep thinking of what others will think or how they will be reacting to this new you. You might find a lady who will be there to help you though your emotional journey as well as through your professional journey. She might not be attached to you emotionally, but she will be your guiding angel. She will help you to get through tough times. Give some time to yourself. Work on your emotional side and you will find a new you which will make you happy. A healthy eating, walking will allow you to have a healthy lifestyle physically. 


All you need is already in you. You are made of love and you are seeking it outside. Learn to love and respect yourself first and you will find yourself attracting more love in life. Remove the blockages that you have created around you and see the changes and loving energy will start flowing in your life. There might be someone, who is in love with you but is scared to approach you. A new relationship is about to enter your life soon. And if you are already in a relationship and having difficult time then now you know, where the issue lies.

Message: Break the unnecessary ties that you have kept yourself attached to. Remove the mask that you are wearing for others. It will take a lot of courage to do so but trust yourself as you are capable of doing it. If you do not dare now than this difficult pattern will keep repeating unless you don’t take a decision for yourself.

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