Weekly Guidance : 26.01.2020 to 01.02.2020


You are worthy of love that gives you confidence and respect. Despite being separated, you are still connected to the person from the heart, as love still exists. Move on and give another chance to yourself and to love. Someone who is more deserving of your love might be waiting for you.


You are either running out of ideas/plans or do not feel the need to put efforts in planning or coming up with ideas. You need to buck up and keep yourself updated to reach and achieve your goals. Remember that only planning and proper execution will help you reach your goals, not simply thinking about them.


Don’t give up on your dreams. Do not lose hope. Keep yourself open to the new and unexpected opportunities. Right now, you might not be able to see these opportunities clearly but keep working on your dreams. Do not stop taking initiatives. Keep renewing your strategies.


Quiet your mind and listen to what your intuitions are trying to tell you. There are a lot of possibilities/ solutions/opportunities around you which needs to be chosen carefully as your decision will open a new door to your future.


A new or an old friend might come into your life. He/She will give a new direction to your life or change your perspective towards life. This person will guide you and teach you to look within and may also bring out your true, hidden emotional self.


You are trying to get through a difficult situation, but delays are leading to frustration. Ask yourself if you are truly trying hard or putting any efforts to do so. You might need to leave your old patterns behind and move ahead with a different approach.


This is a good time for creative and artistic people. If you want to launch a book or publish any article or do any kind of creative work, this week is going to be great. Put your energy into your passion and you will find the sun shining upon you.


You need to add some alone time in your daily routine to meditate and relax, as you tend to stress a lot about the happenings in the future. If you give yourself some time to relax and analyze situations, you will be able to deal with things easily.


Angel of love wants you to learn to value and respect the love/relationships you already have. When you start appreciating the love you have, you will notice the loving energy flowing in.


Spirit guides wants you to wake up and look around with a new vision as there are lots of new opportunities waiting for you. You need to think more widely or may be globally, expanding your social network. Be careful who you share your plans with.


Think logically before committing to any project/ business/ new job. If you need to sign any new contract, there might be delays but remember things will happen when the time is right. Do not panic or take any hasty decisions.


 A broken heart is healing. The loving and kind energy of yours brings more love to you. People are always there to help you. They also respect you for the person you are. This week, you will be surrounded with these loving energies.

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