Weekly Guidance – 02.02.2020 – 08.02.2020


You need to look within for the answers you are seeking outside. Spend some time with yourself instead of distracting yourself from the real problems. There are a lot of things that you haven’t explored about yourself yet – you need to do it now.


A helping hand will be there for you – to hold as well as help you come out of any tough situation. That person could be a new friend, new lover or a well-wisher. This person will help you to see more adjacent possibilities in your life.


Too much stress or negative thinking is either taking all the gifts away from you or are getting delayed. You need to keep working hard towards your goal rather than stressing results. Mainly your stress is more about finances which will be taken care of, but right now focus on your goals.


It’s time for you to walk away from the toxic relationships or any toxicity in your life and move towards a new, better life. It’s time for you to decide which way, which path or which journey you want to explore.


A distance or a separation in a love relationship has taught you a lot. You are ready to change yourself for better and learning to set your happiness as your priority. This change will open the path that will lead you to your new love or reunite with your old love.


Storm has been passed and now the path is getting clear. You were too worried about the situations, but difficult time has passed. Now is the time for you to relax and do not keep thinking about the tough times. Just remember the lesson you learnt and move on.


You need to maintain balance between your relationships, work and self-love. You are too engrossed in taking care of others and completely neglecting yourself and your needs. You will be having a gala time with your loved ones.


Your clarity of thought will bring you a lot of new and right opportunities. You will be able to achieve your financial goals that you have set for yourself. But do not rest, you need to keep working as there is more to explore when it comes to your own abilities.


 You have tied yourself in your own comfort zone and you feel that others or situations are tying you down. It may be a mental, physical or emotional blockage or an any kind of addiction. It’s time to cut those ties and free yourself as you are your own jailor. It’s time for a serious self-change.


Time for celebration. You are about to reap the fruits of the seeds you have sown in the past. Your past efforts are going to repay you. But do not take a break. Enjoy the moment but keep working on your goals. There are a lot of things that you still need to explore. Keep exploring and you will find the path that you have been searching for.


You might have been away from love from a long time due a separation or a break up. You might have given up on hopes of finding a new one. But you might make a new friend in whom you may find a loving partner. This person will be your emotional support and a missing part of your life.


Restricting yourself in finding a new love? Or getting scared of getting hurt again? Not every time is going to give you the same experience. Break your barriers and open the gate to the new garden with blossoming flowers. Someone out there is waiting, holding a lot of love and care for you.

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