Weekly Guidance – 09.02.2020 – 15.02.2020


You are about to receive an unexpected gift directly from the Universe and your loved ones. Abundance of wealth, health, and happiness is heading towards you. It seems that all your worries are fading away and your hard work is paying you back. Be ready to walk in a garden full of flowers.


Be ready for an emotional intimacy that is coming your way. Life is offering you love and abundance of joy and happiness. A blissful start and wish fulfillment are on the way. You will be exploring more of your emotional side this week.


A person with greater clarity about his/her feelings for you is about to express the same to you. This person will bring security and safety in your life. This person will hold your hand, bring you back on the right track and lead you to the purpose of your life.


Your broken heart is healed now and is asking you to look out for the new love possibilities. A bad experience should not stop you to find new, true love. You deserve to be loved. You might be currently connected to that person but have not realized it yet.


Stuck financial matters are about to resolve. Money will start flowing in. On emotional front, you are ready to move on, but some situations are creating major drama around you. This is tying you down but remember that the rope of this situation is very weak. You will be able to break free from it the moment you decide to free yourself.


Feeling stuck in some situation and unable to find a right path. But trust yourself, self-discipline and self-healing is the need of the hour. And then you will see how the universe opens the door to a beautiful life path and blessings for you.


Self-care and self-healing are important too. Nourish your body which is the temple of the soul. Your loved ones, angels, and spirit guides are there to assist you on your spiritual journey, which will lead you to personal growth and life lessons.


You need to shift your attention from money and focus on self-improvement and healing. Money is important but not more than your health. There might be someone in your life who tries to demean you and make you feel insecure. Free yourself from any toxic relationship and value yourself.


You need to think and take decisions after analyzing the situation keenly. You hold the key to the gate of the situation that you feel you are stuck in. You want to go out and explore but the comfort of the current situation is holding you back.


Before setting your feet outside your own world, you need to prepare and upgrade yourself for the outer world. A specific strategy needs to be made to achieve your set goal. You need to broaden your vision and options. Right use of modern technology might be useful to attain your goals. 


Having gratitude and knowing the value of anything that you want will present itself to you. New beginnings are on the way. Your soul knows the journey and so it is advised to listen to your inner self, which will guide you to the right path.


Success is on its way and you will be proud of yourself and the achievements. The hard work and efforts you have put in to get here is commendable. You can also put in the same efforts into reconnecting and expanding your social circle. Stop isolating yourself all the time. Enjoy the success with your loved ones.

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