Weekly Guidance – 16.02.20 – 22.02.20


Your tough time is coming to an end. Cards suggest that you believe in it even though you do not see it yet. The tough time is going away from you. It’s time to celebrate with your closed ones. If you are single, you might find someone with whom you will want to spend your whole life with.


You are about to experience a beautiful connection – someone special is about to enter your life. You will experience a strong bond instantly within few moments of meeting them. They might be your twin-flame or a high-level soul connection.


It’s time to celebrate and have fun with close family and relatives. You need to focus on your present right now rather than overthink about your future. You are on the way to a gratifying life and having the realization about it will attract more blessings into your life.


It’s time for you to act and lead your life, rather than become a victim of the situations and people around you. Listen to your inner guide, be positive, and take actions accordingly. It’s time for a new beginning, the changes you have been working on are ready to blossom.


One day you feel positive and relaxed as you decide to let go off the past or difficult situations. And the other day you find yourself off track again. You seem to struggle a lot with what’s right and what’s wrong. Countless loving souls are around you, turn to them and you will find the right guidance.


You are so engrossed in your plans and happenings around you that you might miss the golden opportunities coming your way. Right now, you need to focus on your goals rather than keep worrying and doubting yourself. The stormy wind is passing without harming you.


Stop comparing your life to others and wish you could be them. You are unique and have abilities that they don’t have. Sometimes what looks good from a distance isn’t the reality. The situations or relationships you are stuck in are making you think that way. Walk away from the negativity and you will find yourself walking towards happiness.


You are a magician and self-made person, your passion towards whatever you do in life is what makes you successful. But most of you are unfortunate regarding relationships, the ups and downs keep distracting you from your goals. Be careful while signing any legal documents.


Be alert and careful as someone is trying to cheat on you. Proper planning and strategy need to be chalked out before executing the plans. Do not reveal details to anyone regarding your plans. It’s high time you come out of your comfort zone and explore the world full of opportunities.


You have freed yourself from the confusion and are ready to take an important decision which has been pending from a long time. Still you might find yourself experiencing fear while going ahead due to some past experiences and attachment towards your present situation. Fear will keep the difficult cycle repeating so let go and move ahead.


You are about to end a karmic relationship and move ahead without any fear or grudges. You will be vocal about your feelings now. This is the time for self-love. A door to romance is open and you will experience the pure magic of love.


You have all the power in your hands to mould your life the way you want it to be. Others might criticize your decisions but listen to your heart. Spend money carefully and think before you take any decision regarding it.

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