Weekly Guidance – 01.03.2020 – 07.03.2020


You need to work on your throat chakra to open it. Be vocal about what you feel. Do not supress your emotions. Be true to yourself as well as others. You have a clear vision about your future and what exactly you want from life. Go ahead and take that chance.


Some exciting and inspiring events are ahead of you. Relocation (job or residence) or a vacation trip is on the cards, this week. Be careful before choosing or accepting any offer. If there are any documents that needs to be signed, read them first. You can also seek guidance before going ahead.


It seems that a new door to new opportunities is opening for you. These new opportunities are going to bless you with abundance. Be ready to walk through the door. You might find someone wealthy extending his hand in order to open this door for you.


It’s time for you to take care of yourself, relax and take a back seat for some time. You might have been too busy coping with life and achieving your goals. It is also important that you take care of yourself, every now and then. Do Meditate so your mind too can relax and show you new directions.


Time to act rather than just think about the situations. You had taken enough time to think, so act before it’s too late. Your determined efforts should increase. It’s time to wrap things up as the cycle is ready for completion. If you are still confused, take time out to listen to your inner self.


Confused thoughts are getting clear now and you are ready to enter the new phase of life. You are guided and loved by the divine spirits. Your higher, intuitive self is guiding you towards your new journey. Quiet your mind and keep listening to your inner self.


Once again, the cards are asking you to take care of yourself too. You are always busy taking care of others. It’s time to relax, heal yourself and embrace yourself with self-love and pampering. A door to new opportunities are opening for you.


You are feeling emotionally drained. You are disconnected and distracted from the goal of your life. You need to stop and resolve the issues going on in your life first. It’s your ego which is not letting you apologize for your mistakes. It would be better if you communicate clearly about the issues with the concerned people and resolve the matter as soon as possible.


Pain you have been holding on to from a long time and your broken heart are healing. It seems that you are ready to take the responsibility of the situations and start the healing process. This week, the cards also suggest you to be cautious as someone close might not have the best of interest at heart. Be honest and keep things secure, this person might manipulate you.


Step out of your comfort zone. There is a beautiful world out there waiting for you to explore. Do not restrict yourself, as you have a lot of talent and skills which are still unexplored. You have strayed away from your life purpose. You need to keep encouraging yourself and bring the enthusiasm back in your daily life which will help you to be return on the right track.


Change your focus from all that is missing in life to counting the blessings. This shift in the consciousness will bring more blessings in your life. The sun will shine on you soon and the flowers of blessings will blossom. Plan necessary steps to achieve the goal as you have the power to change the situation and turn the wheel of fortune in your favour.


You have left behind all the worries and are ready to move with the new perception in life. But you need to be careful and alert about missing out on any opportunity. You are too scared to commit in a relationship as you are not sure about taking the responsibilities that come with it.

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