Weekly Guidance – 08.03.20 – 14.03.20


This week, cards advice you to give time to your hobbies and creative work like writing, reading, painting, and music. Indulge in activities that give you a lot of joy and happiness. Indulgence in creative activities will help you get rid of mental blockages and teach you to appreciate this beautiful side of yours. This will help you to regain your strength and confidence.


You are on the right path. You are heading towards your spiritual journey. Whatever you are going through right now is the process for you to grow and learn some important life lessons. There are angels, spirit guides, and all the loving souls around you to help you whenever and wherever you feel stuck in your journey. Be in touch with yourself. Listen to your inner voice which will lead you to the right path.


You were facing a lot of insecurity and instability in your life. This might be with regards to your job. But now slowly situations are improving and turning in your favour. You will start sensing the good time which is coming your way. Someone new might enter your life to guide you and take you on the right path.


Do remember, whatever happens in life, happens just to teach you something. So, keep learning and take the lessons beneficial for your growth ahead with you. Do not waste time draining yourself with any negativity. Do not keep holding on to the situations, you need to let go things at the right time. Angels are taking care of you, be open to receive this loving energy surrounding you.


It seems that you are now ready to pour your heart and express your true emotions & feelings. May be in the past you were confused about your feelings. But now you are ready to take steps towards it with a very clear and balanced approach. You will experience emotional intimacy, this week.


You might be disheartened due to delay in an outcome you were waiting for. But things will start getting better, once you start listening to your inner voice. You keep ignoring it as you feel that intuitions are too unrealistic to believe in. You want to enjoy life to the fullest but that is not happening.


A time for celebration, party, reunion. You will be reunited with a long-lost family member, leaving all the grudges and pain behind. This will be the best time of your life. You will also be reuniting with yourself, finding the old you, and your hobbies – reliving the good times with your loved ones.


It’s time for you to focus on yourself, making yourself and inner peace a priority. The door leading to your loved ones seems to be closed right now but looking within for the answers might help you to find the right solution, whether to move ahead or to resolve the issue.


You are on the right path. you know where your heart finds peace. But still you are confused as to which path to go and how to approach it. You know your heart is leading you to the purest connection giving you a feeling you have never felt before. So, listen to your inner guide carefully and take a decision before it is too late.


You will be getting new business partnership offers. You might  associate with the start-up, mostly with the people you know well. This alliance will boost your confidence and bring security and stability in your life and career. Do not keep worrying as you have the capability to take new challenges and make it successful.


You might get a chance to travel to another country or a worldwide tour. This is the golden chance you have been waiting for and working hard to achieve. The Universe is appreciating and blessing you for your hard-work and commitment.


You are missing something in life. Unfortunately, you don’t know exactly what this is. Maybe you are missing love, a companion with whom you can share your life with. The key to the door of love and romance is with you, you have to be ready to step out of your comfort zone to find one. Your soulmate is waiting for you.

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