Weekly Guidance – 15.03.20 – 21.03.20


It’s time for you to take your life and dreams seriously. You need to broaden your vision as the world has a lot more to offer than you can imagine. Unlimited resources are available. You just need to give yourself a chance to explore it. Step out of your comfort zone and stop giving excuses that are hindering your way to success. There might have been few issues in the past that were not in your control, but now the stability is on its way. Focus on your life purpose and the Universe will take care of other things.


Patience is the key to success. Everything comes at the right time. Respect and trust the process of the Universe. It has its own way of working things out. You might not be able to see the result clearly right now but trust that everything is working for your higher good. Do not let the fear of the unknown future tie you down. Be open to the opportunities and options available to you. You have the choice, so choose wisely. Explore the world, it has many good things to offer you.


This is the time to expect the unexpected. Abundance in the form of wealth, joy and happiness is on its way. You will be surprised to see the way opportunities open for you. It can be a job opportunity or a business partnership or something that you dreamt of to start from a long time. It seems that due to situations that you were in, you have put restrictions on your creativity. Free yourself as you are not meant to be tied up but making this world more beautiful with your creative work. Your talent and skills are your strength which makes you stand out from others.


You need to open yourself to your creative side, your hobbies, and your passion. Now is the time for you to live for yourself, for your happiness. New opportunities and new phase of life is about to begin. Look within and listen to your inner voice carefully. What is that your soul is asking you to do? what is it that you want the most? The changes you are working on are ready to blossom. This is the time for you to work on your personal growth. The divine light of growth is entering your life and is ready to nurture you. Accept and embrace the blessings that the Universe wants to shower upon you.


New phase, new beginnings are waiting for you – waiting for you to change, waiting for you to heal yourself. There is no alternative to self-healing for you now. You must look within for answers. The discomfort you are facing right now is due to the way you have ignored your own feelings and emotions. When stress builds, you tend to change your path in order to ignore the problems, rather than facing them and resolve the issues. As soon as you heal your inner self, you will find the door opening to the new you, new opportunities, romance, love, and wealth. The Universe is ready to fulfil all your wishes as soon as you resolve the pending issues, external as well as internal.


This is the time when you take stand for yourself and take control of your life and situations. Do not allow others to take control over your life and make decisions. You are not ready to accept your inner power and strength to make decisions and face life challenges all alone. Make meditation your daily and regular activity to unblock the stuck energies. Let the divine light and loving energy flow within you. Healing will start taking place once you are ready to do so. Trust yourself as you have the power to direct your destiny and achieve what you want.


Constantly thinking and worrying about situations is not going to help you resolve the issues. Few things are not in our control, so the best way is to let the Universe take care of them. Sometimes things are meant to happen in a certain way. Keep patience as everything will be fine when the time is right. Worrying will only lead to anxiety in you as well as the people around you. Focus on the divine guidance that you are getting and follow it. May be angels are trying to communicate with you through some signs, symbols, numbers or dreams. Write down your dreams in a journal or the signs that you are getting so later you can link them to decode the messages the Universe is sending your way.


You have very strong communication skills and you use it very wisely at workplace. This is what makes you different from the rest. Thanks to your communication skills, you have a big circle of friends. You might get a chance to enhance this skill as there are chances of a big communication related project coming your way. While leading a project or giving any presentation try to give it your unique touch.

Though good at communication, expressing your feelings or emotions is a difficult task for you. Lot of things have been stuck or relationships have been damaged due to lack of communication from your side. If you can’t say it, try writing down your feelings. Try to communicate the feeling with yourself first. You should start facing your fears. You should be clear about your feelings, only then you will be able to communicate with others.


You need to rest and relax your mind. There is a need to take a break from all the chaos in your mind. A calm mind can find proper solutions. It will also help you set your priorities right. Right now, you are too confused and not able to find or choose what is right or what is more important for you. Life is asking you to take a wider look, there are many options and possibilities available which you are unable to see due to over stress. Take a break from your routine, if needed, isolate and surrender yourself to the nature. Spend some time with yourself and nature, you might be surprised to find the answers you were looking for since a long time.


Angel of love is about to bring the love and light in your life. Angel of love asks you to love yourself first, and the loving energy around you will attract more love in your life. Waiting for new love? If yes, then there are chances of a new person entering your life. If you are already in a relationship, then the bond will strengthen. A marriage proposal is on the cards. You might also sign a new business deal or a new project which deals with legalities. If you are waiting for any legal resolution, then the judgement will be in your favour.


The sun is shining upon you with its warm and loving light for you to shine. Do not stop and keep working towards your goals and dreams. Now is the time to put your thoughts into action. There is a lot of scope and possibilities where you can make things work as per your vision. Your actions need to be more aggressive as you are very close to your goal. Start looking at the things in a new way, broaden your options, try new things, be flexible. There might be few options or connection you have missed out before which are important. You will be enjoying this journey of yours to the fullest and keep you motivated to keep working.


Love is about to enter your life or you may reunite with the one you have been separated. This person will be caring and loving. You might find your new love at workplace. This person will bring a lot of hopes and positivity in your life. Even for those for whom reunion is on the cards, your person is a changed person now. He/She might have become more caring and more sensitive towards this relationship. This separation has taught both of you a lot of things and the importance of each other. You still might be a little upset, but your partner will make sure that he/she take all your worries away with all the loving gestures. You might also get business partnership offer or a new project.

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