Weekly Guidance – 22.03.20 – 28.03.20


It seems that finally you have started figuring out your life’s purpose and the journey. It seems that ‘I am lost’ days are ending for you. You might have already found or are about to find where you belong. You are about to come out of the dark place and enter the light of abundance, joy, and happiness. Your hardworking, determined and no stopping attitude is the reason behind it. There might be loose ends to tie, so focus on those issues and bring them to completion. Be ready to wrap yourself with the loving and warm light of the sun that is going to shine upon you.


Right now, you might be going through a great loss which is making it difficult for you to get on with your life. But while you are too busy brooding over the loss, you have forgotten the gifts life has showered upon you. This loss is not the end of the world. Remember you are the architect of your own life. You can rebuild, renovate, or redecorate your life as you want it to. There are chances of someone entering your life who will give you a new perspective which will change the way you look at your life and world. This new perspective will not just be different but also positive. This person will help you to find inner strength and discover hidden talent. He/She will lead you to a new and beautiful life.


You are surrounded by the Spirit guides and angels with their loving and caring energy. They are around to guide and protect you. Trust them and follow your heart and dreams. You are about to climb the ladder of success, a promotion or an authoritative position or a business with financial gain is on the cards. But try to keep yourself detached at your workplace as people do not seem to be what they look like. Someone who pretends to be your close friend might deceive you for their own gains, so try to keep yourself cool and calm and detached. Dirty politics might be going on to checkmate you.


Ready with the plan to conquer the world, you are waiting for the right time to execute your plans and start walking towards your goal. You have all the passion and determination to achieve the same. It might happen that you are not able to see any positive signs of achieving your goal. But do not let any negative thoughts pull you down. Make sure you have all the plans completely and perfectly ready for execution. Your continuous efforts will take you to the top. Chances of promotion or new job opportunity with a higher position and salary are predicted by the cards.


It seems that now you have decided to take time out for yourself. You have decided to enjoy your own company and you do not look for anyone else to make you happy. Right now, you are feeling content with your own company. You are enjoying life to the fullest, by doing what you love to do. You are least bothered by what others say or think about you. And yes, it’s not that you are not bothered about other things, but you want to live your life and enjoy your own time right now. You are tired of carrying the baggage of everyone’s expectation and living accordingly. But while enjoying, you are also thinking about your future. At the back of your mind, you have something planed that you will execute at the right time. But you will maintain silence about your future plans.


The time is a bit difficult right now as someone might be bossing around and dominating you. May it be in personal life or at workplace. This person is mostly a woman whose intentions are not right. He/She would do anything to pull you down. Reason? Jealousy. But remember you need to stand up for yourself, no matter who is standing against you. Speak for yourself and do not let anyone pull you down. When you start fighting for yourself, only then the universe will support you. It’s time for you to attract and get what you wish for. Open yourself to the light you want to enter your life and shine upon you.


Do not allow yourself to distract from your goals, personal or professional. You are surrounded by spirit guides and angels. They are protecting and guiding you. Ask for help and they are there to help you and guide you. Let the beautiful life force energy flow within you. You have the power to change the situation using your inner power and strength. You have the power within to change the situation and deal with it with cool and calm attitude. You learn from your past and roar into your future. This is the time for you to look within and tap into your inner psychic abilities.


You are ready to take the action towards the plans you have chalked down. You are not ready to wait any further to execute these plans as you feel that you have already wasted a lot of time. Do not take any hasty decision and ruin your efforts. Act when the time is right. Do keep a check on your plans before you act on them. Be cool and calm as now is your time to shine and act on your plans. The required documents are ready with you so there is no need to worry about anything. Move with certainty and courage towards your goal.


You are facing a tough time right now, feeling low as nothing seems to be going as per your plans. Are you carving your life correctly? Are you using all the right tools? Are you focusing on your purpose? Or did you get distracted and couldn’t follow the process that was required for the expected result? It’s high time for you to re-think about the issues, about what exactly and where did things go wrong. You need to communicate and express your feelings and emotions correctly to the concerned person. Angels are ready to help you and deliver your messages to the right person. But you need to gather the courage and try to make things right at the right time.


You are losing the inner child, the innocence, the free will to live life. Find your free will to achieve what you deserve and desire to. The universe is showering its blessings upon you. You just need to be open to the upcoming challenges, accept them fearlessly as they will open a door of new opportunities for you. Do not let fear ruin your life. You are running away from your dreams and that is ruining your life. You are feeling uneasy and disturbed all the time as you are not able to find out the way to fulfil your dreams. It’s time to wake up and renew yourself for your own higher good.


You need to keep your mind calm and relax before dealing with any issues. Take some time out for yourself and start analysing your past happenings. As someone who had parted ways with you is returning to you. There might be commitment issues or fear of taking a step ahead in this relationship, in the past, due to which you might have parted ways. But that person is coming back to you with a clear mind and intention, keeping his/her fears aside. That person is now willing to have a lifetime commitment with you. But there might be a mess in your head whether to accept that person or not. People around you too might not be ready to accept him, which will make you confused and worried about making a firm decision. You were separated for a transformation which universe had planned. Do take a wise decision.


The universe is asking you to step forward so that the world knows about your talent. Let others be benefitted from it. Spread your knowledge. Once you recognise and accept this gift, you will find the courage to come out and share your knowledge with others. You have the psychic ability which you still might not be aware of. Or maybe you are aware of it but are too scared to accept it. Try writing down your experiences and knowledge or thoughts that come to your mind. Or start noticing the messages that are trying to reach you, through a book or a letter or any random message that clicks you. This may help you to find out what you are missing or to accept and let go off the fear about it.

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