Weekly Guidance – 05.04.20 – 11.04.20


Right now, you have a lot on your mind as you are scared and a little hesitant about the unknown future. You are worried that your efforts might not be appreciated or go unnoticed. This is the time when you must let the worries go and appreciate what life has offered you. There are a lot of things that you should be grateful for and this shift in focus will attract more blessings in your life.


You need to let go and free yourself from unnecessary emotional attachment. Let off go people and experiences that do not allow you to be you or where you have to fake happiness. All you are doing now is pretending to be happy, pretending to have moved on. By pretending, you are simply fooling yourself. Once you let go these toxic experiences and relationships, you will see how much life has to offer you. Start loving yourself more and you will see how loving energy starts surrounding you.


You are having a fun time with your family, enjoying every moment of it. Celebration, family get-togethers or just chilling out with your loved ones is what you were craving for a long time. This is the time when you are feeling safe and secure having your family and loved ones around you. Some of you might get a marriage proposal from a person who already has kids. But this relationship will bring happiness and security in your life.


Speak up for yourself, share your opinions, share what exactly you think and what actions you think are needed to be taken on the situations going on. If you do not speak up, you might regret later. If you are not sure about how to share your ideas, then start practicing. Talk to yourself first, before speaking in groups or in public. This might clear all the blockages that you have. It’s time to break free from all the ties that you have in your mind.


You are creating blockages for yourself by degrading yourself, by not understanding your worth. You keep ignoring your intuitions or a strong feeling that you get. You keep denying the messages your heart tries to give you as your practical mind does not allow you to accept them. You keep thinking in just one way and do not try to find the other ways to get to the happiness that you truly deserve. Let go the single-mindedness and be open to the potential solutions coming your way.


Your mind is chaotic right now. You are unsure about what to do and where to go. You are trying to find the real you, the real purpose of your life. You are not sure whether what you are doing in life right now is what you really want to do; or where you are in life right now is where you want to be, maybe a situation or relationship. These are the answers only you can find out. Take your time, meditate, spend some time doing things you really love to do, and you might find out the answers you are seeking.


Take the control of your life in your own hands, do not depend on others to do that for you. You have the power to control and make the right decisions at the right time. You know very well how to handle any difficult situation with ease and calmness. Greater success is on its way when you take control in your hands, especially related to financial issues. Take an expert’s advice in finance if you need to, but always listen to your intuitions before making any decision.   


There is some deal or project which you are waiting for which is getting delayed due to some or the other reason. You are waiting to sign the contract at the earliest, but you need to be patient. Whenever any event or happenings keeps getting delayed, then you should know there must be some reason behind for it and it must be for your own good. Keep patience as things will fall in place when the time is right.


It seems you have lost focus from life itself. You are too much distracted and not at peace with yourself as you are trying to find the real you. You are feeling the uneasiness due to the confusion regarding what exactly you want out of life. You are searching for your life purpose right now and this is a good sign, but you need to ask yourself what is it that really makes you happy. It might be professionally or personally, try finding out. You might also be going through a tight financial situation. Be careful while spending money, spend only where it is necessary.


Get rid of the old thinking pattern, the old style of working, and old beliefs. Think of new possibilities, a new style of working, and new ideas. You can stand out from others by flaunting your unique and different perspective of getting things done. Do not give up by saying that nothing happens, no one notices or appreciates it just due to the unpleasant experiences of the past. You should keep walking, only then you will reach your destiny. Your intuitions are guiding you. Listen to them carefully. Those who are following a spiritual path might find or experience a new psychic ability hidden in them.


You are not into the action mode anymore. You are not taking the new opportunities coming your way seriously. You are limiting yourself and underestimating your talent. If you decide, then you have the power to change your life the way you want it to be, may it be professionally or personally. Keep working on your inner self and outer situations. You need to increase the determination and hard work to achieve your goal. The Universe is waiting for you to realise your inner powers.


You have started working on yourself and are about to open the door to happiness. A newly healed you are ready to love and value yourself more. This changed you is making you feel safe, secure and content. The universe is ready to shower the blessings upon you. Be ready for the new opportunities coming your way. Be optimistic and keep your focus on your goals. Do not let any unwanted situations or issues distract you.

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