Weekly Guidance – 12.04.20 – 18.04.20


You are now ready to offer your talent and gifts to the world. This is the right time for you to help and spread the knowledge that you have among others. You are very passionate about reaching out to others and also excited about it. Your passion and compassion will earn you a lot of love and respect. The angel of love is smiling at you and blessing you with a lot of love and positive energy.


You have a feeling of disconnect with the people around you. That’s the reason why you started feeling lonely and isolating yourself. Stop torturing yourself. Go out, meet like-minded people at some event/ function or enroll yourself in any hobby classes. This is the time when you start focusing on yourself and think about what you exactly want. This is the time to find out your hidden talents, your psychic abilities may be. 


Someone out there is admiring you and falling in love with you. This person might enter your life or are already present as a friend and guide. This person will offer you love. He/ she might be more of a spiritual person and have a better understanding of life. You will find this person always guiding you to the right path and understanding things on a deeper level. Be open to receive the guidance universe is sending towards you.


You have positive energy flowing all the time. But right now, you feel stuck in a relationship or at the professional level which is why you are feeling low and negative all the time. Pause for some time and think about the situation carefully as there are a lot of possibilities and chances to resolve the issues. 


You have the energy, will power and powerful thinking capacity. But sometimes you get confused between what is right and what is wrong. Or maybe you tend to choose the easiest/ comfortable path so that you do not have to face any difficult situation. By doing so, you make things more difficult for yourself. This happens because instead of following your heart, you keep listening to your mind. Keep meditating. Give a break to your mind so that it can rejuvenate itself and lead you to the correct path.


Right now, you are in the process or about to begin the process of working on something that will benefit others, present as well as the future generation. Due to your kind and clear intentions, you will attract more resources to achieve your target. Many people will join you and help you to reach the target. You can also start teaching or writing to make people aware.


It seems that you have strayed away from your life purpose. Your focus has shifted to the matters that aren’t your concern. You are more worried about others than your own life. Be calm. Things keep happening for a reason. Stop worrying and focus on your life purpose as you too can bring the change that you want to see. But if you keep walking away from what you need to do, you won’t ever be able to contribute to the change you want to see in the world.


This is the time when you are enjoying yourself by being completely in the moment and not worrying about the past or future. The darkness has started fading away making way for light. You are enjoying this time with your family which you were craving for a long time. The blocked paths are opening for you now and the abundance of joy and happiness have started blossoming on the way.


Stop ignoring yourself and your feelings. This is making your life worse. You are too scared to look deep within and listen to what your heart wants you to know. Maybe you are purposely ignoring what you already know is the best solution. Angels and spirit guides want to guide you, but you are not ready to listen to them as well. By doing this you are pushing yourself into more darkness and not letting the light shine upon you to show you the right path.


You have shifted your complete focus on yourself to build and design your life. You have taken complete control of life in your hands, becoming an architect of your own life. You are happy and content with the way your life is moving towards success. These may be small steps but still, you are happy. Your shift of focus towards your life’s blessings has brought you to this place of a happy and beautiful life.


You are too confused about where to go, what exactly you want from life. You have blocked the receiving and giving of loving energy to others as well as yourself. Something has hurt you or someone cheated you badly and that has left you broken. You are unable to understand which way to go and how to restart your life now. You should keep yourself open to the experiences and learn the lessons that life wants you to teach you. This experience is given to you so that in the future you make fewer mistakes; also, be cautious and alert about everything that comes your way.


It’s time for you to act rather than keep thinking and chalking out the plans. The door of opportunities and abundance is waiting to open for you. Once you start your journey towards your goal without any hesitation or doubts about yourself, you will see success come your way. Yes, you are right, your responsibilities have become your priority. But still, you need to think for yourself too. 

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