Weekly Guidance – 19.04.20 – 25.04.20


This is not the time to complain or lose hopes as you are unable to see the future clearly right now. This is the time given to you to prepare yourself for a bright future that is awaiting you. You need to put a little extra effort and work with creativity so at right time you will get the returns. Find out new possibilities and options to reach your goal.


Time to look within, work on and heal yourself before entering a new phase in life. This is the time for self-discovery. Your soul is asking you to redirect your energy on the correct path and for a purposeful manner. Give yourself time to be in a peaceful state by meditating so that you can clearly see which path is correct for you.


Upgrade, Active & Alert: These are the 3 keywords for this week. You must upgrade yourself according to the need of the situation. If you are working on something important then you need to be active and alert regarding the research required for the same. Be logical with your approach towards these situations. Spirit guides are around you to help and guide you.


For singles who are waiting for someone special can now expect to meet the one. And for those who are already in a relationship will take their relationship to a higher level of commitment. In both the cases your meeting with the partner was destined. It can also be a soul contract from the past life. Be alert and give each other space for individual growth, respect each other’s individuality.


Living in the darkness of confusion since a long time is draining you emotionally. As you might be going through a break-up or a divorce or breaking of a legal contract, which had an important place in your life. This part of your life is negatively affecting all parts of your life. You have completely forgotten that you should be your priority. Commitment to self-care and self-love are the need of the hour. Clarification will follow once you start prioritising yourself.


You are guided and protected by the spirit guides while you pursue the purpose of your life. They are standing right beside you to make sure you do not lose hope in case you come across any difficulty while reaching your goals. Before taking any action, analyse your plans and strategies properly so that you know if any necessary changes are required.


You are still unable to focus on your goal. You are trying but other people’s issues or the outside world’s problems are taking you away from your life purpose. By looking at other people’s achievement and comparing your life with them, you are attracting good for others. Shift your focus on yourself and your achievements to manifest the change you want in your life.


Something is still disturbing you; something is not letting you enjoy the good time that you have been waiting for. Why not speak to the one you love about what is bothering you? Before that, why not accept your true feeling yourself first and then let your loved one know about it? Holding back your emotions is blocking the path that leads to a peaceful life.


You are feeling a disconnect with the people around you, especially your family. Feeling lost and not being able to find the reason behind it is making you feel lonely. But you are somewhere getting clarity of your emotions and feelings. You are very close to finding all your answers, keep listening to your intuitions and heart.


New opportunity is heading towards you. You might get a promotion or a new project to lead. This will be your testing time as you will be trusted by the head of the management. But few situations or people around you might try to confuse you which may lead to you doubting the opportunity. But trust the path and confidently walk on the new path that is waiting for you.


This time is given to you to relax and find inner peace. Outer world might demand action, but your inner world needs some time to relax. Once you find the answers you are looking for, you will find a beautiful life waiting for you. It’s time for your inner growth.


The journey you have decided to take is right for you, but it seems something is still holding you back. Do not worry. Angels are there to guide and help you. You need to maintain balance between your personal and professional life. Shift your focus on yourself rather than just keep giving attention to others.

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