Weekly Guidance – 26.04.20 – 02.05.20


You are going through a break-up and are confused about how and why all of this happened. You are constantly trying to fit the pieces together to find the exact reason. The advice for you is to let go for now as time will reveal all the answers to your questions. The person who suddenly left is also trying to make things right for both of you and once he/she figure things out, the chances are that the person will return.


You are bored and not able to wait anymore to make changes in your life. You want a change in your job/career and are in a hurry for the desired outcome. But patience is the key to success, and you are on the way. Have patience and trust the process. If you do not follow the process, you might skip the steps which may result in falling while nearing the last step.


Stop obsessing over yourself and living in your own dream world. Start meeting new people and grow your social circle – personally as well as professionally. Interaction with like-minded people besides your friends and family is important now. You might be missing opportunities due to restricting yourself to known people. And use your alone time to meditate as you are still looking for some answers.


 You are being impatient about how things would turn out. Most likely this feeling of yours is related to the person you love or have a liking for. Give some time to the relationship to blossom. Get to know each other well before making any kind of commitment. If you keep hurrying or make any hasty decision, then the situation might not turn out the way you want it to be.


If you do not make any efforts and wait for life/situations/other people to put efforts to bring the change you desire, then you will have to wait forever. Open yourself up to the true feelings, start accepting them, or you will keep fighting this battle the entire life. A loving, caring woman, kind of a motherly figure might help you to deal with your emotional baggage. Take initiative, accept your mistakes and you will see how life embraces you with open arms.


Ready with the new plans, you are about to move forward in life. You might have to move away from your family and friends for the same. This can be for higher studies, a change in career, or research work. Although the thought of moving away from loved ones is making you reconsider your decision, you are clear about your plans.


Some of you might have gone through a separation and were in pain for a long time. But now you have overcome it. Finally, you have decided to move on in life with new hopes and new you. You will enrol yourself in a new course or a new hobby and give a new direction to life.


You might have experienced a great loss to which you are holding on to for a long time. Move on as you have the courage to stand firmly and shape your life as you wish to. Do not get stuck. Stop mourning the loss. Let the energy flow smoothly. Free yourself from the obstructions and tap the inner strength of yours.


You have either made the decision or about are about to make one to free yourself from the self-imposed restrictions. Leaving behind the darkness, you have finally decided to move towards the light. A word of caution: as you move ahead, you will be tempted to go back to these difficult times. Do not return. Stay strong and hold on to the decision you have made to walks towards a better, beautiful life. This is the time to move out of your comfort zone and explore a new world.


Enjoy every moment like a child. Stop finding faults in every situation. Stop doubting everything that comes your way. Enjoy the new beginnings that are on their way. Angels are surrounding you; protecting, helping you to lead on this new journey. Your past efforts are now going to start paying you back. Ensure that you communicate clearly in any given situation.


It is time for you to take charge of your life. Study and analyse situations carefully and then decide what action needs to be taken. Upgrade yourself, learn new things, meet new people, look out for various options that you have not thought of, and become the architect of your life. In this process, you might find the new you.


Some of you might be going through a break-up or a divorce or separation. This phase has taken over your life completely due to which you are disconnecting from the people around you. You are unable to express your feelings as you are confused and unsure of your feelings. Try to find someone you can trust and speak to. If not, try this: write down the thoughts that cloud your mind. This will help you to clear the emotional blockages.

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