Tarot Guidance for May 2020


It is good to be kind and have a helping nature, but you need to first make sure that the person you are helping is really in need. Or else you will never understand when and how that person started exploiting your kindness and dominating you. Be kind but remember to draw a line so that no one crosses the line. Learn to maintain a balance between give and take, open yourself up to receive the love and kindness from others. Be alert and maintain a balance between whatever you do, be it in a relationship or at the professional level. Be confident and do not hold yourself back, let all your negative thoughts vanish and be ready for a fresh and new start.

Message: Walk away from all the toxicity in life, may it be a relationship, career or your negative / restricted thinking pattern. Move on without feeling guilty, as it is high time you start thinking about your own healthy life. A new and beautiful beginning is waiting for you, but you need to leave the old behind.

Tip: Drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated and cool. Heat might affect your health. Keep meditating, this will help you to keep calm and maintain a balance between mind and heart.


Final nail in the coffin – a toxic relationship or career or any other difficult situation is coming to an end. This might seem painful when it happens, but rest assured that this will happen for your good. This will open a new path for you, giving you the freedom to the potential in you. This end will mark the beginning of your relationship with your divine self. It is time for a change. If you decide to have a better life hereon by taking this end as a lesson, then a beautiful transformation awaits you. The cards advise you to be cautious as someone might backstab you. At home or work, you might find a lot of different and difficult situations demanding your attention at the same time. You might find it difficult to handle everything together especially if it is at home. If you are leaving in a joint family then you might find people fighting over minute issues. Stay calm and handle the situations peacefully.

Message: Spend some time with yourself and start a journey of self-discovery. Start exploring the areas that you have ignored or left behind due to other priorities. Open your wings and free yourself to explore the beautiful world. You are learning about loving yourself now and this is going to bring more love in your life. 

Tip: Meditate. Give time to the creative hobbies that you have left behind. Take enough rest or you might exhaust yourself which might affect your health.


At the beginning of the month, you might find that things are being re-arranged which means the way you had arranged them – in a proper, disciplined way will be disturbed. But things are moving just to give you better results, to give you new opportunities or a new path, a new life purpose. You might find the change difficult and uncertain, but everything is happening for your own good. You might get a promotion and a hike. Or you might get a new job opportunity with a good salary offer. Or a new project to handle at your present job or a freelancing offer. This new opportunity is going to take you to the next level. All the blockages and difficulties are finally going to end, and you will be able to show off your skills and abilities to the concerned person at work. You will be enjoying and celebrating financial security and a new phase of your life with family and friends.

Message: Do not keep complete focus on your work. Take a good look around as there might be someone special that you are missing out on. You might find that special someone in the workplace or places related to work. This person might be an owner/or working on a higher position and rich. This person might be watching you and admiring you for a long time.

Tip: Waking up early morning and going for a walk will help you to keep yourself fresh and energetic. Take a walk on green grass barefoot. This will help you to connect with nature’s beautiful energy and improve your health.


A new phase of life is about to begin, be ready for a joyous ride of life. After every sunset, there is a sunrise. A renewal of a relationship, the birth of a child, a marriage, a new career, the changes you were waiting for will soon start manifesting in life. There might be someone playing with your emotions just to distract you from your goals or spoil your happiness. Do not trust anyone completely unless and until you investigate and find the truth yourself. For the young Cancerians especially college-goers, pay attention to where you are investing emotionally. Is that person worth your time or is that person truly ready to emotionally invest in you? Re-union with old acquaintances or an old friend, even a childhood friend is on the cards. You will spend a wonderful time reliving memories.

Message: Be ready to receive the blessings the Universe is about to shower upon you. Know that all your efforts, may they be physical, mental, or energetic, are going to pay you. All your wishes are going to be fulfilled now.

Tip: Do remember to show your gratitude towards the universe for all the gifts you have in your life every day.


Responsibilities, pressure, relationships, career, or business – each part of your life is exhausting you. It looks like you are still finding it difficult to decide which way to go or what exactly has gone wrong. It seems a romantic relationship is giving you a hard time more than anything else. Take time to reflect and try to make situations right. If not, then let go and trust the universe. Let the situations unfold on their own. If you are experiencing separation from your loved one, then there are chances that you might be making the first move towards improving your relationship. You will try and make a fresh start. Those who are single might find a soulmate with a high spiritual connection. You might find that person most probably while traveling. If you are an entrepreneur, do not shoulder all the responsibilities alone. Learn to share the burden with others. Not doing so will drain you completely.

Message: Making peace with your own thoughts is the priority right now. Once you make peace with them and get clarity in life about what exactly you want and what is more important to you will help you to make the right decision. Remember a road full of opportunities, joy, and happiness awaits you. Choose wisely.

Tip: Follow a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy food. If you drink, decrease the intake of alcohol or your digestive system, pancreas & liver might start suffering soon. Start jogging, exercising, or practicing yoga. This will help you to feel good and confident. Spend as much time as you can with nature. You will find all your answers there.


It is time to free yourself from the restrictions you have put on yourself. Also, free yourself from the old thinking pattern so that you can move ahead in life. You have the power to make the change you want in your life. No one else will be able to help you if you are not ready to take the initiative. There are many ways and options to come out of the difficult situation or walk out of the relationship that you are trapped in. The angels are there to help you whenever you need them in some or the other form. You need to call them for help, and they will be there for you. A mature lady, someone in her 40s might extend a helping hand to ease all your confusion and fears. Financially, you will be having a stable month. But due to these fears and tying yourself up in an emotional trap might make things difficult for you. Free yourself, start loving, valuing yourself so that loving energy starts flowing in your life.

Message: Start listening to your inner voice which you have blocked due to fear of unknown future. If something is not serving you well, then letting go is the best option. Restore the faith in yourself and start afresh.

Tips: Meditate every day and visualise sitting under a waterfall. Visualise water flowing from your head to toe washing away all your worries and fears. Do not stress or it might start affecting your mental health.


You might suffer some sort of loss this month. This might be of someone close to you or in a relation. This loss might shatter you, but you must keep yourself strong and keep going. Someone close to you might backstab you, be careful as a conspiracy is going on behind you. Take care of your finances as you might get some bad news and your financial security might come into danger. Keep working with complete dedication. Do not give a chance to anyone to find any faults in your work. Losing hopes or ignoring the situation will worsen it. Be brave and face the situation with strength. You come out of this phase soon and enter a new one. This situation demands your presence of mind and looking for adjacent possibilities. Do that without losing hope. Some situations arise to transform you and force you to find the real you; sometimes to make you walk on a new path you kept refusing owing to a comfortable present.

Message: Keep a check on your finances. Avoid spending unnecessarily. Things will change but right now it is time to use money wisely.

Tip: Daily meditation is a must as you need to keep your mental and physical health in a good state. If you need any help, then ask for it without feeling ashamed about it.


You never rely on one option, as you always think of safety and financial security. If one option or source of income does not work, you always have some other plans ready and your income keeps flowing in. If there are not enough options, you start creating them for yourself. This month is nothing different for you. You will be having a lot of other work to do as a side business or freelancing. You might also get a new job opportunity if you are looking for a change. Do not get greedy and try to pull more work or else you might end up losing some of the work and trust. Your focus should not only be financial security but also socialising, spending quality time with friends and family. Maintain a correct balance between both and you will enjoy this phase of life with open arms. Work-related travel is also on the cards.

Message: Wish fulfilment month. You simply wish and your wish is granted. Money, opportunities, love, and all kind of positive energies will be flowing in abundance.

Tip: An early morning walk in a park or nature will help you stay healthy. Try to quieten your mind quiet at this time as nature or your intuitions might speak to you and you might get good guidance from your higher self. Look out for the signs.


There are chances that you are feeling isolated, dumped, and unwanted. You have everything you need in life but still, you are not content. You are still missing something, still trying to find something but you have no idea what. Do not worry. Nothing is wrong with you. This is a good sign as it means that you are seeking for your life purpose. Without torturing yourself, keep working on yourself, stop chasing material things which unknowingly had become the purpose of your life, due to some situations or responsibilities in the past. This is the reason you find yourself juggling material life and peaceful life. You will soon find a new you and a new path that you would enjoy walking on. An important life decision would be taken. There might be travelling plans for business or for meeting someone you love.

Message: Your attachment to your old lifestyle or thinking pattern is making it difficult for you to come out of tough situations. Do not follow what others say or do, follow what your heart and intuitions are guiding you to do. Find where exactly your happiness lies.

Tip: Keep meditating and surround yourself with positive people. Sleep early, wake up early morning, and detoxify your body. Give yourself a challenge every day and start changing unhealthy habits, slowly but steadily. Check your will power, how far you can go.


Someone special is coming towards you with an offer or a proposal. If you are already in a relationship, then you might get a marriage proposal. This special person will be your past life connection and you will feel an instant connect and bond with him/her. You will find yourself starting a new and beautiful journey. Whether it be in a career or a love relationship, this is your time, be open to receive what life has to offer you. Right now, you might be feeling stuck in a boat with choppy waters all around but now it will start moving slowly and will take you to the path of success. You might get an irresistible offer at the workplace or business. By the end of this month, you will find yourself celebrating life for various reasons.

Message: There are a lot of options/ sources that will help you achieve your dreams. You need to study deeply about giving yourself a vast platform to show your skills. Internet too is a source that will take you to your dream destination.

Tip: Your instinct keeps you guiding all the time, make sure you listen to it. Start maintaining a journal and note down your dreams too spirit guides might communicate to you via dreams. Do not lose your spiritual connect, keep working on it.


You are at peace and enjoying your present moment right now. But still, somewhere you are not that satisfied as you haven’t reached your destination/goal yet. But you are on the way and the right path. It will certainly take you to your destiny. Due to the current situation, things are getting delayed, but you will achieve your goal. Also, be careful with your finances as confusion/ wrong judgement will bring a huge loss. Set your priorities right and do not make any hasty decisions in order to realise your dreams, this might pull you backward instead of taking you forward. Count your blessings and have gratitude towards it and this will create positive energy and bring more good luck. This is time for team building and moving towards your goal with a team rather than working all alone. There is someone in your team who is trustworthy and will help you to take forward your dreams and make this journey better.

Message: Take financial advice from a professional before making any decision regarding investments. You might face some issues in relationships due to financial constraints.

Tip: Do not indulge in over partying or drinking. This might affect your health badly. You need a change and travelling will be the best option to stay away from all your daily stress.


There are so many things that you will be able to get to do this month. You have a lot of options / talent to show off and display on the related platforms to start earning. Keep working and updating your skills and talent. Planning and executing the same on the right platform and marketing accordingly will bring success at your door. There are high chances of you meeting your soulmate or a reunion with the person who has separated from you. The new love of yours will extend a hand of friendship towards you. But the connection will be instant and mutual. You might also get an unexpected offer from a person who will be well known and well settled in his field. This person most likely will be related to human behaviour / emotions / spiritual teacher/ consultant. This is the time given to you to grow personally and work on your spiritual fulfillment.

Message: Stop looking back at the past and keep walking towards a brighter future. Make peace with the past and heal your heart. Keep moving ahead with positivity and carry a beautiful smile in your heart.

Tip: Breathing exercise while meditating will help you to release all the negative thoughts and painful experiences of the past. Inhale all the positive energy and exhale all the negative thoughts and stress.

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