Weekly Guidance – 10.05.20 – 16.05.20


Be ready to speak for yourself, wherever and whenever needed. Not doing so will only create problems and misunderstandings. Your intuitions are guiding you, listen to them and act accordingly. They might help you to take easy ways which you might not have considered yet.


Stop restricting yourself. Be open to possibilities and broaden your vision. You are missing opportunities as you are too busy listing down things that are missing in your life, instead of focusing on what you have. Appreciate what you have, and you will clear all the blockages; opportunities will then start coming in.


A new project or work will be offered to you and this will demand creative approach of yours. Do not bind yourself to the limited work or creativity. This phase will bring lot of peace and happiness in your life. But keep exploring more and you will find success approaching towards you.


Stop fooling yourself and others by wearing a mask of happiness. Stop making others a priority. Start prioritising yourself. You need to heal and let go off the past that is still hurting you and making you feel unworthy. Healing yourself should be of prime importance to you now.


Different opportunities or an entirely different perspective of life is waiting for you. Stop running in circles. Stop pitying yourself. Trust yourself as you have the ability to change the life the way you want to. Be willing to consider unconsidered options now.


Be cautious about who you trust and share your ideas/future plans with. You might get too busy in other areas of life and hence end up putting your trust into another person who you would want to look after the areas you aren’t able to take care of. This person might seem to be your well-wisher but unfortunately, might not be one.


You might be facing difficulties in a relationship or someone close to you, especially a man. You need to honour yourself and start creating boundaries. Do not allow anyone to disrespect you. Gather courage and stand up for yourself. Or else you will keep sending wrong message to the person, a message that not treating you right is allowed.


A disconnect with your family members is what troubling is you right now. You need to spend quality time with them. Being present physically and being present both, mentally and emotionally are two separate things. Try different and new ways of making them happy. Try to connect with them emotionally, they need you.


The key to the door of happiness that you have locked for yourself is still with you. Waiting for situations or people around you to change will not help and you will have to keep waiting. Listen to your intuitions. They are guiding you to the correct path. Speak your heart out to the one who needs to hear the truth.


A new phase of life is approaching. Be ready for the new journey. The sun will be shining upon you with its warmth and loving energy. This is especially applicable to the ones who are into a creative field. This phase will bring safety, security, and peace of mind in your life.


Too much worry is giving birth to anxiety. Stop worrying too much as you need to face situations with courage and strength. Call upon the angel of love and surround yourself with the loving energy. Talk to someone you love and let them help you.


Do not chase money, instead focus on making your life all about achieving your goal. Pursue your dreams and value the time and opportunity given to you. Money will flow when you will start enjoying the present moment.

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