Weekly Tarot Guidance : 17.05.20 – 23.05.20


Right now, you are going through mental chaos. The chaos can be due to several thoughts like what you want or where you want to head in life or what exactly is your life purpose. Take some rest and give your mind a break from all the questions and confusion. Involve yourself in the activity that makes you happy. Meditate regularly and you will get clarity about life.


Some of you might be thinking of starting something that becomes a new source of income. Think and analyse the market along with your financial standing before investing. Spend money carefully and wisely. Right investment will bring prosperity and success. You might find a wise person who will help you to make the correct decision.


Let go of the past; stop making decisions based on it. Be flexible and give yourself a chance to start afresh. For the singles, an angel of love is smiling upon you, someone special is about to enter your life. Be logical in your actions, you will find a new change coming in life.


Achievement and success are about to knock your door as you have put a lot of efforts to manifest them. You will be feeling content and enjoying success. But remember you need to keep working to maintain this success. Be careful with who your trust as someone might be jealous of you. He/She might also betray your trust and try to pull you down.


Stop restricting yourself to the same old thinking or the way of living. You have been practicing the age-old belief or way of living that has been fixed into your mind. Break the ties that you have unnecessarily imposed on yourself. Life has so many beautiful things to offer you, trust and take the first step towards it. You will not regret it.


Current energy is of enthusiasm – to enter and explore a new world. Go ahead without letting fear or any restriction hold you back, as you have the capabilities of doing so. You are about to begin a new journey. While doing so, you will explore a new path and consider options that you never considered before.


You have infinite magical powers within you that can change the world.  But unfortunately, these powers are ignored by you.  Listening to other people’s problems and giving them the right advice is what makes you special. Realise and value yourself and the abilities you have. Healers, counsellors, and professionals dealing with emotional behaviour will see greater success.


There might be a feeling of disconnect in your current relationship. You might also find yourself being attracted to someone else. Be cautious about this as the other relationship might not be a good choice for you. This other person might have ulterior motives. Do not fall prey to any such person.


Let go off the fear and self-doubt. Feel free to express your true feelings. This week, you might experience a creative block. A work plan may also come to a standstill. Action from your side is recommended. Do not wait for things to happen on their own. Be flexible and start working upon the pending issues to resolve them.


Appreciate and be grateful for whatever you have. Even though you cannot see the path clearly now, the doors to success are about to open for you. Be open to receiving the information or guidance that the spirit guides are giving you through written messages.


A close connection is going to take care of you and your issues since you are facing challenges from quite some time now. These are not just upsetting you but also not letting you make a correct decision. This person will help you to sort out the issues and will also heal you with love and care.


Be ready to protect yourself from the negativity around. Your achievements are not going very well with some of the people around you. Someone who seems to be your well-wisher is not. This person might spread rumours about you. Be aware and take care of your belongings

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