Weekly Tarot Guidance – 24.05.20 – 30.05.20


Presently you are experiencing conflict or going through a separation in a romantic relationship. This is breaking you down which is why you are not able to focus on work. One of the partners in this relationship seems to be afraid of these intense and deep emotions. Give each other time and space to heal and sort out the tangled emotions within. Once you both sort out the inner conflict, you will reunite.


Your children are going to excel in exams or career and will attain success. You will be content of the achievements and will finally be relieved and relaxed as you have struggled a lot to be where you are. You have come a long way, enjoy this new phase of your life. Promotion or a higher position in a new job will be offered to you. Be clear in your mind before you make any decision.


It seems that you try to connect with your higher self only when you are in need. You must keep working on it always. Whenever you get lazy about it, you will start facing blockages, delays, and insecurities. Focus on your goals and keep working on your spiritual side. Angels are waiting to help you, but you need to be aware and ready to help yourself first.


 You carry great courage and enthusiasm with you. You have the power to lift even the mountain. Go ahead, do not stop, or postpone any work or event. Meet new people, go out and socialize, you never know with who you cross the path with and how things will turn out. Take care of your diet or it might lead to stomach problems.


From a long time, you have been trying to work on yourself to bring peace and harmony within. You are learning how to create a proper balance in life. You are very well on the success path of the same. Now you are ready not only to receive but also offer love in perfect balance or vice versa. You will be enjoying a good time with your family and loved ones. Try to maintain a journal of your goals or any legal matters that you are dealing with as that might help you later.


A call/letter/email will bring good news and you will start your journey towards a new beginning. It can be regarding a change in career/job/relocation. This sudden new shift might make you nervous but trust yourself. Take up the challenge if it is leading you to your dreams. On this new journey you might meet someone who later can become close to you.


The distance between your dreams and goals might be looking too far. The path to reach there might be seen misty right now, but do not give up. Keep working hard and if necessary, re-analyse your approach towards it. Dare to do things differently, use your creative side, and be confident.


Those who are in the research field or working on some project might need to study the details. The universe is aligned with your thoughts and ready to turn your dreams into reality. A greater equilibrium is coming to your life. You might find a guide who will keep you on track and lead you to the right path.


Now that you have realised that receiving is as important as giving in any relationship, the fear of receiving the same amount of love that you are giving another is subsiding. You are ready to open the door of love and step into the beautiful world of romance. A karmic cycle is about to end, and you are ready to move forward with confidence and peace within.


At times, you feel happy with your current situation and sometimes feel stressed out. You need to maintain balance and head towards your goal. This is the time when you will be given certain authority at your workplace. Apart from all of this, the good news is that if a family member was stuck somewhere away from home, he/she will return home this week.


It looks like you are too busy to notice the help coming your way. A well-wisher (a family member, a friend, or a colleague at the workplace) might be silently trying to help and guide you. You will be enjoying and celebrating life with family. Waiting for some justice or a fair decision? Then the good news is that justice will be on your side. Follow your heart and intuition. Time for self-renewal.


Enjoy your life like a kid and believe in the magic of life. Stop holding yourself back. Stop looking for logic or a reason to enjoy or celebrate life. This is the time for you to listen to your inner voice and enjoy your own company. Your inner self needs your attention right now. It demands a transformation. Talk to yourself and maintain a balance between physical and emotional energy.

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