Tarot Guidance for June 2020


You are undergoing an inner transformation which might make you a little uncomfortable. This transformation may make you impatient or disturb you to the point that you may not like. Soon you will figure out what is happening and embrace the wisdom that comes with the change. While all of this is happening, you are also worried about not being able to help others the way you want to. Silence the mind and listen to your heart. It will guide you. There are n number of ways to help the ones in need. It can be anything from a kind gesture to really listen to someone who needs a friend, at the moment. Money is not the only way to help.

A person holding an authoritative position in the family or at the workplace will offer you a helping hand. But you might feel awkward to accept the help or even ask for it. Accepting help when you really need it isn’t a sign of weakness. Allow others to help you and ask for help if you need any without feeling shy about it. By mid-month, you will find good fortune coming your way. A job opportunity or promotion at a current job or good news on a personal level. By the end of June, you will be at peace and will be enjoying life to the fullest. You and the people around you will be proud of your achievements. Your hard work and dedication are going to repay you. Due to some past bad experiences in relationships, you seem to not trust love anymore. You have closed your heart to romantic emotions and feelings. Be open to receiving love as the angel of love wants you to know that you are worthy of it; that you deserve love.

Message: The inner transformation might confuse you about yourself. Be open to change. This is the right time to embrace the change that is happening on the inside. This change will bring a lot of peace, happiness, and success to you. Be patient with others around you, as this inner transformation might make you a little restless and you might end up hurting your loved ones.

Advice: Listen carefully to your spirit animal or the animals you feel connected to. They want you to hear them, as they are giving you the messages/ offering you guidance. They are here to help you.


You are about to embark on a new journey with a renewed you. You are ready to move ahead with confidence and clarity about life and circumstances. It seems that you have come out of an exceedingly difficult situation and now you are in no mood to let anything or anyone stop you from doing what you want to. Make sure that you will not repeat the mistake. There are chances of travelling for work or leisure. A new project or a business idea which you were working on for a long time will come to fruition. A time may come that you fear about the change and the new path you are taking as you will be walking the path all by yourself. Remember how far and with so much effort you have reached where you are today. If you feel something is wrong, listen to your intuitions and follow your heart. Do not go ahead. Do not lose connection with your higher self. But do detach yourself from the bad experiences of the past as well as a toxic relationship, if any. Stop replaying the past in your head. If you do so, you will never be able to get rid of it. Instead, you will attract more of such experiences in your life. Take a deep breath, make yourself trust that you have come all over it, and smile and start walking on your new journey.

Message: A divine light is shining upon you and blessing you for the new beginnings. A creative side of you will bring more success if you follow your passion and make it as your profession.

Advice: Plant a tree for your personal growth, nurturing a plant will help you to heal and grow spiritually. If planting is not possible then do visit a park or nature where there are a lot of trees and flowers around whenever you feel low.


It seems that you are not paying much attention to your spiritual growth and focusing more on living a practical life. You are uncertain about this unknown spiritual path as you do not know where it will lead you. You are too busy building a better life for yourself and your loved ones. Somewhere you know that this spiritual path might ask you to look deep within and this is exactly what you have been avoiding for a long time. Meditate every day for at least 10 minutes and you will see the beautiful difference reflecting in your daily life. This wake-up call has been coming to you for a long time. Start listening to your inner voice and be aware of your dreams. They are guiding you and giving you the messages that you need to follow. If you are waiting for some announcement, exam result, or news, then be ready to receive the good news. An authoritative figure will help and guide you at the workplace to get a promotion and increment. If you have been mistreated/ deceived by someone at the workplace or in personal life, stand for yourself. Don’t allow anyone to mistreat you. Before confronting anyone be sure about it or have enough evidence. This person might be using you for money or mislead you when it comes to investments. Be alert, do proper market research before investing rather than blindly trust anyone.

Message: Take some time out for yourself as you are stressing too much about the future.And you are in no mood to pause or stop, rather you are in a hurry to reach your destination. Relax, meditate, connect with yourself and you will find that the destination you want to reach was blocked due to your the stress that is clouding your mind which is why you are not able to see clearly.

Advice: Go out in nature early morning. Practice deep breathing. Go for morning walks. This routine will help you connect with yourself.


Bad memories or experiences of the past have been haunting you, giving you sleepless nights. The situation or a relationship that you didn’t want to end suddenly ended in an unexpected way. This has not just shocked you but has also left you feeling depressed. We must understand that every end has a new beginning. Accept it and move on. Yes, your life is leading you to a new start. Meet new people or your friends, go out and socialise. If you keep mourning the loss, this might negatively start affecting other relationships as well. You will have to maintain the balance and move ahead in life. If you are waiting for judgement, then it will turn in your favour. A new beginning is on its way – a business, job promotion, new job or buying of a new house. A new commitment seems to be on the cards – an engagement or a marriage, getting a proposal, or proposing your partner. You might join classes / club or take up a course where you will meet like-minded people. This will help you to change your perspective towards life. By the end of June, you will feel positive and energetic and will give life a new chance.

Message: Appreciate what you have and keep counting the blessings in life. Complaining and crying over the loss for a long time might attract misfortune.

Advice: Start maintaining a journal where you will note only the good happenings of your life. Whenever you feel something bad has happened to you, open the journal, and start counting your blessings.


Right now, you are in search of inner peace. You have built a strong foundation in your life, as planned. But now you are ready to move ahead, make those strong decisions, and fill that empty space within. You are ready to communicate and pour your heart out, your true feelings or something that you have been hiding for a long time. This hidden feeling/ secret part of your life has become a burden now and hence is making you uncomfortable. But now you are ready to come out, stronger than before, you do not fear the consequences now, if any. If you are planning to leave a relationship you are into then you will be the one making the choice. If you do not give closure to the old one, then you will not be able to start afresh.

At the workplace, there might be uncertainty in the air about job security due to the current global condition. Be positive and keep giving your best but remember to work smartly and do not discuss your plans with others. A wealthy person who will act as strong support might walk into your single women’s life. But do not commit during the early stages of the relationship. Give it time to blossom and know each other well. Those who are into business will find a helping hand to support business financially as well as to take it ahead.

Message: Negative and dishonest energy is making a way out of your life. A negative phase of life is nearing an end. But this needs your continuous and honest efforts to bring greater value to your life.

Advice: Stop being stubborn with your own opinions and thoughts. Be open to two-way communication as this will help you to gain new information, a new perspective, and to expand your thinking capabilities.


A call to wake up and look around, a call to come out of your comfort zone and explore the unexplored. To explore the unlimited possibilities life has to offer you, you must step out rather than stay trapped in a stagnant situation. Lots of changes and new beginnings are on the way. Be ready to step forward and grab the new opportunities. There are a lot of opportunities and other options you can opt for and make the changes in your life that you want to. But you always either shut your eyes, or you keep looking in the same direction.

As soon as you start working on yourself, you will see magical changes unfold in your life. At the workplace, your work is being watched and monitored, so keep yourself active and give it your best. Your hard work will pay off. This month, you will walk out of a toxic relationship or a situation as this relationship/situation was holding you back and not letting you progress in life with a healthy state of mind. You are now ready to take care of and nurture yourself. You will start meeting new people and socialising to keep yourself happy. Socialising will also help you to meet new people and open a new door of opportunities. Also, this will help you to get a new perspective on life.

Message: Once you start exploring, you will find someone special. But you must look around to recognise him/her. That person might come in your life as a well-wisher or a friend.  Do not be so engrossed in other stuff that you miss out on the valuable moments in life.

Advice: Spend time with your loved ones. Communicate with them. Discuss and share your problems with the trust-worthy ones. Find the solution to your problems instead of overstressing on the issues as it might affect your mental health.


Starting an NGO or joining one to help the needy ones has been your dream for a long time. It seems that you are about to take the first step towards it. Strong will, confidence, and lots of guts will be needed to head towards it. You will have to break some ties and cross barriers to make your dream a reality. Wheel of fortune has turned to your side and you are about to experience all the good times in your life. Buying a house, owning a car, getting married, having a family, writing a book, or achieving a goal – all your dreams are nearing fulfillment. At this time of crisis, you will make sure that everyone who is dependent upon you do not feel any kind of insecurity or unsafe about their financial status or jobs. While taking care of others you must make sure that you will be taking of yourself as well. Remember when you put on the oxygen mask to save yourself, then only you will be able to save others. Do not tie up yourself to the commitments so harshly that you will not be able to take care of your personal commitments / priorities.

Message: “You are the creator of your own life, so create it by your own style”. So, remember this. Do not hold yourself back due to what other people think about you or your dreams. Librans are known for their balanced personalities. Keep that in mind and always keep working on having a relaxed and calm mind while manifesting your dreams.

Advice: Take a break whenever you feel like. Go on a short solo trip, rejuvenate yourself and be back with more energy.


Abundance in terms of joy, happiness, success, fame & money is on the way. Enjoyment, partying, short trips with family and friends will be on the weekend plans list. You are learning to enjoy and appreciate little things in life as it has taught you to do so. You now want to fill the empty spaces that were created while running behind building a better future. But remember to maintain balance in everything that you do; you are advised to neither keep chasing money / career nor ignore it completely. The guilt you are feeling about side-lining your family or personal growth is making you ignore your career now. Do not lose hope or confidence because of bad experiences in the past at the workplace. Other people’s mistakes should not affect you personally. Issues in the family, if any, will be resolved and everyone will be at peace. Marriage plans may get delayed due to certain circumstances. Do not get disheartened and use this time to get to know each other better. Singles might fall in love with a married person who might also have kids. This relationship might bring difficulties and baggage of its own. Listen to your heart and intuition before committing yourself to any kind of relationship.

Message: A new love will come into your life. This connection will be strong and will prove to be a different, beautiful experience in life.

Advice: Keep working on yourself, your happiness, and healing.Some bad experiences have kind of made a permanent place in your head. Let go and work towards healing the rough patches that have affected you badly.


Be careful as someone close to you is trying to emotionally manipulate you. This person is only interested in your finances and financial status. This manipulation could be in personal or professional life. This person keeps hiding important information and could also be spreading rumours about you. This can be someone from the family itself. Keep important information/ documents safe. Do not share your secrets or your plans before executing them with anyone. You might have to make some difficult decisions regarding this issue.

By the end of the month, this dark time will start fading. This change is going to be a result of your efforts. You will be taking an important decision and will also start working on yourself with compassion and dedication. There are some future plans you have been chalking out for a long time and now is the time you can expect to execute them. An important/ special relationship will be bringing a happy time in your life. True love will always be standing by your side, no matter what situation you are in. You will be spending a lot of time with your family and loved ones enjoying every moment of it. Singles will find someone special and see themselves getting into a deeper commitment.

Message: In a relationship, your partner might criticize and devalue you all the time, which is making you doubt yourself. Do not allow any negativity to influence you. Start throwing toxic people out of your life and start valuing yourself, no matter what.

Advice: Spend some alone time on the beach. Listen to the waves carefully, take a stroll and feel the sand beneath your feet. This will help you to relax and heal your mind.


Love is in the air for Capricorns. A start of a new journey, a new phase of your life is about to begin. A twin flame or a soulmate with a higher spiritual connection is going to take place. This person will change your life and give you a new perspective to look at life. With this new phase, a complete change in life will be experienced by you. Those who are already in a relationship are going to take their relationship to the next level. Those who are waiting for pregnancy news will be getting one soon. You will have to make certain life decisions that will be a little difficult for you initially as things will not remain the same after that. Some changes are easier to accept but some need your time and patience for you to be able to adapt to the changes. But the changes are all for your good so do not worry about anything. Remember you have the power to bring change in every area of your life. You have the infinite ability and skills to bring the change you want to see in your life as well as in others life. Use the power of your knowledge to make a difference in other peoples’ lives too. You have compassion; you are also connected to the emotions that are required to guide others on the right path. Your strong mind and opinions make you a great leader.

Message: There is going to be success and achievements at all levels in life. Others will have high expectations of you. You will be enjoying each and every moment of your success.

Advice: Leading others should be handled in a smart way, in such a way that you do not end up hurting anyone’s sentiments or else, it might lead to any trouble.


Clear and crisp thinking and communication about your ideas have brought you the success that you will be enjoying this month. Your every effort is going to be appreciated and will pay you back. You can also expect promotion to a higher and authoritative position along with increment. You might inherit wealth suddenly without having any knowledge about it. You will need to consult a financial advisor for investments and further steps to take care of your finances. You will be travelling to other places for a new project. After so much of achievement, happiness, success, you might still feel that something is missing. You are still in search of something that brings inner peace. A feeling of content within. Open the door and step outside, try finding the missing piece instead of just thinking about it. Transformation is taking place in the outer as well as in the inner world. If this inner transformation is confusing or scaring you, you can ask for help from someone who can guide you to the right path. But this journey is about you and only you can help yourself. Start meditating and you will find the answers you are seeking.

Message: Slowly you will find yourself opening up to your spiritual side. You will be drawn to meditation & praying. You will be excited and curious about this new journey of self-exploration. You will start healing yourself from the emotional baggage that you are carrying from long time.

Advice: Start noticing signs and symbols that are hinting at something. You might find hidden messages about what you are looking for.


Stop hurting yourself by constantly looking back at the past. Remember everything happens for a reason and you need to learn the lesson from it and move ahead. Keeping yourself trapped in the past will lead to attracting similar situations again. So, stop running in the circles and try to make sense of why things happened the way they did. It’s time to look within and search for the answers. It’s a great time to wrap things up and give closure to the toxic situation. Trust and follow your instinct. If you feel something isn’t right, then it’s most probably not. At work, you need to be careful of the co-workers as there is someone who might deceit you. Do not share your ideas or plans before executing them or before presenting them to your seniors. Listen to your inner voice, pay attention to your dreams, and try to decode them. They are sending some messages that you need to pay attention to. You might see the worst side of the people around you. Be ready to fight back but smartly without falling prey to someone’s bad intention. Someone might bring good news to you about a job offer abroad or a new business opportunity. But you might fear the unknown as this is a big finances-related change. Do not worry, meditate, and listen to your intuitions. They will guide you on the right path.

Message: Look for the adjacent possibilities and explore the same instead of looking at others’ achievements and cribbing about your destiny.

Advice: Take a break and focus on healing your mind and body. Meditate, do physical activity that will help you to keep your mind active. Set a target to bring small changes to your everyday habits that you find irritating.

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