Weekly Tarot Guidance – 14.06.20 – 20.06.20


Time for renewal, new hopes, and celebration. Remember you are the architect of your own life. You have got enough time to make plans for your dreams and goals. Now is the time to execute the plans practically, logically, and physically. Your wishes will be fulfilled, all your dreams are now ready to turn into reality. Your world is expanding, making space for new blessings.


Time to leave the old behind and enter a new phase of life. Remember to maintain a balance at every stage of life while starting this new journey. If you are about to start a spiritual journey or already on it then be assured that your spirit guides are with you to help you whenever you need them.  


Ego is the worst enemy anyone can have as it creates only hurdles in your free-flowing life. Right now, you are too focused on your achievements and materialistic life. You cannot see anyone else other than yourself. This attitude will eventually destroy your relationships and your future. Use your energy to mould your life in a better way by being humble.


Time may slip out of your hand if you keep mourning the loss. What if there is a precious treasure hidden that you have not seen yet? What if you have misunderstood the lost treasure as the most precious one? Yes, the future you had dreamt of has faded away, but you can always start afresh and build a completely new future for yourself. Someone special is coming towards you with the offer of love. This person will help you to heal.


Love and Light are shining upon you. The dark time is nearing its end. Now you will start enjoying the fruits of your labour. If you have money stuck in the market, then you will get that money as well. You will be focusing more on expanding your existing business or starting a new business or polishing your creative skills. Abundance in terms of love, money, joy, and success will soon start flowing in your life.


Be a little cautious and alert as there are chances of demotion or loss of a job. If you already have an idea about it then do look out for a new venture/ job. Do not let this situation stop you or block your mind. Be open to new opportunities as they are around but you need to look for them actively. Also, there are chances of you starting a business of your own. This might be more on the creative side. Be confident, meet new people or maybe old contacts but keep connecting with people, keep sharing your ideas, you never know what might just work for you.


Spirit guides are there to protect and support you. Stop demeaning yourself and recognize the potential and ability you have within you. You have the power to change the direction of life if you decide to. Spiritually, you need to keep working on yourself. You have the sparkling energy that makes even others feel good about themselves when you are around. Someone special will be getting attracted to your lively energy. Do not miss this opportunity that life is going to present to you. 


You were stressed and confused between the two sides of life i.e. spiritual vs materialistic. Now you have calmed yourself and you know what exactly you want from life. You feel secure and stable regarding your finances and now you want to fix the things that have been broken. You are ready to start afresh. If you are single, then love is about to enter your life. You will be enjoying this phase of your life filled with love and light.


Inner healing is taking place right now. You are ready to free yourself from the ties that are holding you too tightly. These ties could be your own self, stopping you from moving ahead. It’s time to stand tall and firm with your decision. A person you love might be the one for whom you have started working on yourself. There are chances of you meeting someone with higher wisdom who will help and guide you through.


A new path is opening for you to help you to reach your dreams. Keep your curiosity and creativity alive. While strategizing or making plans, keep all the tiny details in mind. Taking small steps is more important now than ever as these are the long-term goals. Those who are facing a difficult time in a relationship, this could lead to a separation/ divorce. This separation could also from your kids due to differences of opinion or difference in the way of thinking.


If your life partner is staying away from you due to job/ duty, then he/she will be coming back home. You need to explore more and expand your social life and career choices. You will get an opportunity to work outside your own country or state. Appreciate and be thankful for the opportunity life is offering and you will find more such opportunities coming your way. Long-distance relationship will blossom and get stronger. You might also make plans to meet up soon.


Right now, you are too busy expanding your knowledge. Be fearless about your feelings too just the way you are about your career. There is someone special waiting for you to understand your true feelings. Do not be afraid of making a move. You should, in fact, be afraid of not making a move. If you keep holding yourself back, then you might lose the person you love. This is a good time for writers as your wishes are going to be fulfilled soon.

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