Weekly Guidance – 21.06.20 – 27.06.20


Free yourself from any restrictions that you have imposed on yourself and explore new things. Learn new things, meet new people, travel to new places and you might find what you are looking for. It’s a period of expansion, so go ahead, explore and find the new you. Open yourself to the eternal wisdom, your own talent, and capabilities. Believe in yourself. All the resources are available to you, you just have to recognise them and make the right use.


You feel free to communicate and speak confidently. Those who are working in the communication field like Radio Jockeying, Anchoring, Marketing, PR, etc. are going to rise to a new level. Also, do not forget to give your mind time to relax. A peaceful mind can lead to more creativity and happiness. Not losing the connection with your higher self is also advised. As said earlier, your intuition guides you to the right path.  


I guess, these days, it’s all about love for you guys 😉 A door to romance is opening for you. A proposal, engagement, or even marriage decisions will be taken this week. You may even meet your partner’s family and take a joint decision about your future. Everything now will be kind of dreamy, almost magical, and full of love. A new partnership in business or a new venture contract will be signed. A bright future is shining upon you. 


It feels like out of nowhere, suddenly, you were hit by lightning. This incident has left you heartbroken. But maybe there were some signs given to you before which you failed to notice or ignored as you didn’t want to face reality. Every ending creates space for something new, so accept it gracefully and move ahead for the sake of this new beginning. A balance needs to be maintained between mind and heart, so you can see the new light entering your life.


Time to tap into your inner self and power. Let it freely flow again. Your instinct is asking you to wake up to your true self. It’s time for renewal, a new you, and a new beginning. The old is slowly starting to fade, making a way out of your life, and a brand-new phase is about to start. Appreciate and be grateful for the blessings in your life. And if you cannot find one then be grateful for the life lessons that have made you a better person. Right now, you may not be able to see what is ahead of you but, rest assured, a better life is in store for you.


If you are going through tough times like experiencing work politics or someone trying to frame you then be alert. Your spirit guides are watching over you and are there to help and guide you. Always be aware and take note of the signs and symbols through which they talk to you. Be it a sentence in a book or something you read on a hoarding or see in your dreams. Have the courage to stand up for yourself and handle situations carefully without being stubborn.


The hard time has started fading away and a new, fresh start is on its way. The situation you thought will damage or harm you was not meant for you. But it is going to bring changes that were necessary making way for a new path and opportunities for you. Be flexible, aware, and keep your beautiful energy flowing. This is a time to experience deep emotions and thoughts, as you are going through inner transformation.


You are on the right track in life. Your hard work is taking you to the next level of success and achievement. There might be some risks involved while taking the action towards your goal, but your hard work and determination will take you to the new height. You might head a new and challenging dream project. Do not lose touch with your inner self and keep working on it with determination. Your intuitions will help you to take correct decisions.


The blockages, delays, or difficulties that you are facing, may it be in a relationship, career, or on a personal level, are due to your fear of uncertainty about the future. As you are still trying to find a way out, unknowingly you are heading on a journey inwards. Broaden your thoughts and change your old thinking pattern which is making you fearful about taking steps towards your future.


Its time for action, as you are ready with all the love and compassion that is needed to guide others. Capricorns who work as counsellors or psychiatrists should be ready to deal with difficult clients. Those who are facing any kind of emotional issues or have been through any tragic situation must deal with the issues or pain from the past gracefully. Be kind and loving towards yourself and if needed take the help of someone you trust. Meditate and try to be calm and balanced.


Someone close to you will take the initiative to help you clear the blockages from your way. That someone might be your love interest, or he might become your love interest after this. This person will help you as he/she wants to see you grow. You will start a new journey or a new phase of your life with this person. You will be travelling to the new place with your partner and enjoying the new phase of your life.  


Keep working on yourself as well as your dreams. Don’t give up. At present, you might not be able to see your future clearly or might not know how to achieve your goals. But if you keep working hard, you will definitely achieve the goals set by you. You need to maintain a proper balance between calmness and aggression at work, use both whenever and wherever needed, but in the right proportion. Put conscious efforts when it comes to setting your priorities right. Do not allow anyone to overpower or dominate you.

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