Weekly Tarot Guidance – 28.06.20 – 04.07.20


You are choosing a new path that leads you to spirituality. You have started reading about, watching, and listening to spirituality. You feel an inner call to walk on the path and this path is giving you the peace that you were looking for. This is a wonderful time to explore life. This path is making you feel at home after a while. You might travel to a new place to work. Those who work away from home will return home after a long time.


If you are going through tough times or you have sensed that a difficult situation coming your way, then be ready to face it with courage. Strategic planning should be made before taking any action. You need to remain calm and balanced before taking a decision. Keep looking for options and ask the ones you can trust for help. Follow your intuitions and keep yourself on the right track.


It is time to bear the fruits of your work done in the past. If you have given an interview or presentation or submitted an assignment and are waiting for the result, then you can soon expect a positive result. But do not rest, keep going and let your energy keep flowing in the right direction. You will enjoy and celebrate some good news or attend an event with your family. Traveling and exploring new places, shifting to or hunting a new house will begin this week.


If you keep your vision and mind clear, you will be able to see reality as it is. Be neutral while judging the situation, a person, or a relationship. Do not get too attached and then pass judgement. Be patient if you are not able to reach a conclusion with regards to what is right and what is wrong. Things will unfold when the time is right. Broaden your perspective and be ready to welcome a new beginning.


You are preparing yourself to clear the blockages coming your way. But remember to use the right amount of energy. Do not hurry, it may cause disappointment. Having said that, you are also advised to not take it too slow as this too may lead to disappointment. Eventually, you might lose interest in putting the efforts to bring in the change. Step out of your comfort zone and start making the changes you want to see in your life. There are a lot of adjacent possibilities available if you see carefully.


It’s time to put your energy into working hard to open new opportunities in the future. This is the time to work creatively on every aspect of your life. Make the best of every opportunity you get to show your skills and talent. Time for achievement with self-discipline. The good news is on the way. This may be a marriage proposal at a family function or pregnancy news or some news related to your kids. 


Your efforts of self-improvement and development are taking you to a higher level of consciousness. You have started walking towards a spiritual path and that does not mean leaving this life and taking sanyas. It means living in this world while taking care of your inner self. You might find a master or a guru to guide you on this path. You are going to start a new journey where you will help the needy. You might have to walk on the thorns in the bushes while entering, but you will be appreciated for all the work you will be doing for others.


You are confused about taking a decision as you wonder if you are on the right track or not. You are worried that there have already been delays and hence you contemplate whether this time is right or not to start afresh. If you have a good and clear intention, then stop worrying and go ahead. Good intention always makes a way for itself. You might find this difficult and think that more than appreciation you will receive criticism. But all you have to is trust as no matter how much you doubt, your efforts and intentions will be appreciated by everyone in the future.


Going through a loss has changed you as a person. You are going through a transformation as you have learned the required lesson from this situation. The situation hurt you so badly that you felt like you have lost everything permanently. But now you have realised that you cannot change the mistakes, but you know what exactly to do to bring things back on track. If you were facing any financial issues, they will now be resolved. The money stuck in the market, if any, will also start coming in.


Looking at your past relationship and hurting yourself with unwanted memories will lead to more pain. This might make you stone-cold. It is better let go of the bad memories and embrace a beautiful life. You have moved on but still time and again, you stop, look back, and wait for that one person you have lost to join you back on this journey. Keep walking forward and soon you will meet someone worthy to walk along with you on this journey of life.


Yes, taking the unknown path is confusing, scary, and risky. You are standing at the entrance of a new path and thinking which way to go from here. But trust your intuition and take the path that feels right and exciting to you. The light is shining upon you and ready to embrace you. This is your wish-fulfillment time. Listen to your inner voice and success will be yours. The blessings are pouring upon you in love, success, financial riches, inner peace, job fulfillment, etc.


Right now, you are stuck between what you want and what others want from you. This is confusing you which is why you are not able to decide which path to follow. Some of you might want to follow a spiritual path that does not seem to be right to others. Take some ME time and think about what makes you happy or take advice from a third person who can give you neutral advice. If you have been looking for financial help or financer for a business/project, then you will find one. Some of you might find love at the workplace.

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