Tarot Guidance – July 2020


This month starts with a new beginning. Believe in the magic! Those who are in a family business will find themselves growing personally as well as see a growth in the business. A lot of investors will want to invest in your business. You will achieve success. Those who want to start a business or a new job will get one this month, with good pay and position. If you are going through any creative blockages or hard times, do not give up as the right time is just ahead of you. You will get what you deserve. You will be honoured and appreciated for your hard work. An older man who has gone through a lot in his life will be there to help and guide you with his own experience. This is the time of material wish fulfilment. Your wishes might be fulfilled by the senior person of the family. It might come to you as a surprise. You will be enjoying every moment of life with your family. Some of your dreams may come true this month. You might also inherit family wealth. This month, earnings will be enough for you to spend on your needs, and still you will be able to save for future. Those who are single might find someone special with similar personality. Those who are already in a relationship will be able to take one step forward. Your partner will bring abundance in terms of happiness, joy, healing, and peace, in your life.

Message: This month, you will free yourself from all the restrictions that you have imposed on yourself. You will open new doors of happiness that will be created and built by you. Be ready to enjoy as you start living a life of your dreams created by you.

Advice: If you feel demotivated anytime, indulge in the beauty of nature, music, imagination, or creativity. Let it flow through you. Recharge the energy within and get going as success is very close to you. Keep healing yourself. Do not stop.


The bad phase or a tough situation is coming to an end. The situation was too tough and hard to handle, but the time has come for this situation to end and make way for a new beginning. It seems that someone close to you, possibly your life partner, is too obsessed with the material life. This could be a cause of your worry. You are too busy saving money for the rainy days and worrying all the time about it. This is the right time for you to keep working and putting all your efforts in building a bright future. Very soon you will see the sun shining upon you and embracing you. You will soon also achieve the success you have been dreaming of. You have an abundance of energy within you which keeps flowing. This energy is what makes you stand out from the crowd. You might be offered a higher position at workplace. Your worries regarding career, money or relationship will soon end and you will see a fresh start. You might meet a person older than you who may help and guide you, but you need to ask for help without hesitating. This person will guide you right with his/her experience. Remember you are the prisoner of your own thoughts. Break the gate. Open-up to a new world of new thoughts, be ready to take a new path and you will find yourself happier and at peace.

Message: Someone close to you is misleading you. That person most probably could be a woman in your life. Check the facts before trusting and acting on the information provided to you.

Advice: Meditate regularly or take a walk early in the morning in nature. Practice deep breathing. This will help you to freshen up and open your blocked mind allowing you to think clearly.


The blockages on the way are clearing making way for new beginnings. All thanks to your hard work and the efforts that you put in the past. This hard work will now start showing the result. Someone at workplace or someone close to you will help you to move ahead and clear the blockages that you were facing since a long time. That person will take responsibility to help and make a way for you as he/she knows your worth. You might get a higher position and increment this month purely based on your hard work. All the politics at work will be discouraged and sidelined. Many of your co-workers’ positions may topple especially of those who were conspiring against you. Due to such conspiracies or politics, you may keep worrying and start giving up. Instead of giving up, the cards suggest that you start protecting your energy and keep yourself away from such negativities or else you will miss the golden opportunity that is being offered to you. If you are planning to buy any expensive stuff this month then you will be able to do so, may it be a car or a house or something that holds an important place in your life. You will be spending quality time with your family and friends.

Message: The difficult time is about to pass, and good times are near, so do not pull yourself into any negative thoughts. You will start noticing the good changes coming your way. Patience is the key to success.

Advice: Practice Meditation / yoga / take a bare foot walk on the green grass early morning which will help you to connect to mother nature. This will allow you to recharge positivity.


All the blockages and ties will be cleared. You will be free to move ahead in the direction that you and your partner have decided for the future. If your work is home-based, then this is a great time to set new goals and achieve success. You might also start a new project or business from home which would be related to the creative field. This work could also be inherited from your family’s senior member. You will come up with different, unique ideas to take this business ahead which will gain you lot of praises and appreciation. This time is of abundance and prosperity may it finance, birth, marriage, or engagement. You will be enjoying every bit of your life with your partner, as you both have put a lot of efforts to achieve this success and to turn this dream into reality. You might also plan to move out of your place and shift to a new for either a job or higher studies. But there are chances of this might getting delayed due to circumstances. This might make you a little restless as you have been planning this from quite some time now. But remember that it has only been delayed and you have not lost the opportunity. Be patient and things will fall in place at right time.

Message: You might find some difficulty in opening up about your emotions and communicating it with your partner. You might also feel a little uneasy while getting intimate with your partner. Communicate your feeling freely and with an open mind with your partner and try to sort out the issues. Socialising, dancing, practising yoga regularly will help you heal.

Advice: Start reading and collecting more information to expand your knowledge, in case, you experience any delays in taking up further studies or a new job. Take this time to learn new things and to expand your knowledge base as it will only help you later.


A constant struggle to figure out what is right and what is wrong, which way exactly to go or follow is making you temperamental. Sometimes you feel that you found the way while the next moment, you feel lost again. Listen to everyone but find your own way. Choose the way that makes you feel comfortable, happy, and peaceful. Spirituality is all about discovering your own towards your true self, inner peace, and happiness. Stop living life that you have created just to meet other people’s expectations. You feel that you do what you want to do in life, you are a rebel, but deep within, you are scared to go against other people’s expectations of you. May be the fear comes from the thought that what if you follow your own rules and something goes wrong? In that case, you will be blamed and that scares you.

Take out some time daily to self-analyse, meditate, or practice any religious ritual which makes you feel peaceful, allows you to cut the inner chaos and brings silence within you. This is the time to clear the energy of past mistakes, negative experiences, or any other toxic situation. This is the self-renewal time, which you are very much aware of, and working on. Accepting your mistakes and changing yourself to become a better person is one characteristic that makes you different from the rest. You are heading towards a positive direction with abundance of energy flowing in you.

Message: You thought that things have fallen apart, and permanent damage that is beyond repair has been done. But by healing yourself, you are clearing all the blockages along with all the storms that might have been a part of your journey or could have been a part of your journey in the near future. A wind of love, care, and compassion will start blowing around you. You will also open yourself to be on the receiving end of love.

Advice: Start walking on the beach/ lake/ riverside. Listen carefully to the sound of waves or flowing water. This will help you to remain calm, balanced, and grounded.


The fortune will soon be on your side and positive changes will start coming your way. Sometimes accepting changes can be difficult, but trust that the changes coming are positive. You might not be able to see the benefit of it all at the beginning but later you will realise that these changes are good for you. This change in your life is the result of your efforts, you have worked hard to heal yourself. You have put conscious efforts into healing and pulling yourself out of the pain and heartache. Someone close to you is helping you without your knowledge. Be aware, recognise, and appreciate it. Your spirit guides and angels are trying to help you and want you to connect to your higher self. Free yourself from any restrictions imposed by you on yourself. Be open and free to enjoy the beauty and magic of life. Look around, take the blindfold off your eyes and you will see finally get to see what you were missing in life due to your own restrictions. At workplace or in a relationship, you will find yourself in a good position. You will be enjoying life. If you are waiting to sign any contract, then this is a good time to do so.  Travelling or shifting to a new place might get rescheduled or cancelled due to circumstances. Do not get disappointed. As said before, if you see carefully around you, you will find a lot of new things to do and explore.

Message: This time is very good for you, so keep working on yourself and keep your mind stable to take correct decisions. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask if required.

Advice: Take some time out and go out with your kids and talk to them. You will be surprised to find the new perspective of life through their talks. You might find some solution / message through it that you are looking for from a long time.


If you are dealing with any legal issues and waiting for the outcome, then the justice will be on your side. Since a long time, you have been waiting for justice as this legal matter has taken a lot of your energy, money, and valuable time of your life. You will be celebrating this with your family, community or with the people for whom you were fighting this. You will be appreciated and praised for your bravery and the strength that you have shown during this tough time. This is the time when your path will be cleared, may it be on a personal level or professional. You will start walking towards a brighter future and this will be the result of your own hard work and dedication. Karma is now returning you the gift of your good karmas. People you were involved with in the past, relatives, friends, or exes may suddenly reappear in your life which may force you to deal with the past. Analyse the happenings of the past with a calm mind. Make sure you do justice to these people and these relationships. Do not take any action or decision based on the past events/happenings. Look after both the sides, the lighter and darker side of the situation. You will find the light if you look for it and analyse the situation properly. This relationship from the past will bring along a brighter future for you. You will be very vocal regarding your thoughts and opinions, you won’t hold back any of your thoughts now. You will be very clear about what you want and what exactly you want to communicate. Librans working as RJs, or in the field of Marketing, Counselling or other related fields will achieve success and will get more new opportunities.

Message: Strength is all about the balance you maintain in every situation. It is about the right amount of emotions and practicality. Do not forget to take care of your mental health, in any and every situation as you tend to hurt yourself while trying your best to not hurt others.

Advice: Take a break and go out on a vacation with yourself. If you love planting trees or farming, you should take out more time for this hobby as it will give you more strength. Do not forget to keep your passion and hobbies alive as it refuels you and keeps you going.


You have already gone through a lot of struggle in life, may it be in a job, business, or relationship. Even now, you might be going through a separation or experiencing a disconnect in a relationship or someone close to you is moving far away from you. Someone close to you seems to be misleading you and creating problems in your personal or professional life. Be cautious. Cross-check the facts before confronting anyone or taking any decision. Your energy flow is now in synchronization with the universe. Keep working and walking towards your goal and everything will fall in place. You will achieve your goals. Dreams will manifest. You will be successful and will become a well-known personality in your field. This is a time to complete your tasks with positivity. You will be enjoying this new phase of your life. You will get a chance to travel abroad for work as well as for leisure. New opportunities will come towards you and you will get a chance to select the best for yourself. After a long time, you will feel this freedom of joy, happiness, power, and self-expression. You are now pulling the mask off that you were wearing for the world and coming close to who you really are, as you are feeling secure, safe, and grounded after a long time due to all the hard work you have put in.

Message: It seems that you are unable to release the past relationship. The separation not just caused the heartbreak but also shattered you to the core. But remember every ending has a new beginning. Sometimes loving the person from a distance is much better than staying together and still not being together.

Advice: In the free time, you should keep yourself busy by pursuing hobbies that are more on the creative side. Also, take a walk daily in the nature with bare foot which will help you to stay grounded and in sync with the energy of nature. This will help you to keep your energy flowing.


You have been a prisoner of old thinking patterns or expectations of others or social barriers. You feel so safe and comfortable in this prison that you are afraid to move out and explore. There are ways that lead you to the right path, to the path that you want to follow. If you give up and stop trying than you will never be able to come out of such destructive situations. You are scared because you constantly think about the consequences just in case your actions do not give you the desired freedom. This thought is making you give up and stop trying. You are diving deeper and deeper into the same karmic pattern that needs to end. To come out of this situation and most importantly, to free your soul, commit to bringing smaller changes in you and your thinking pattern. Wake up and try hard to work on yourself as well as to make your life better for your higher good. Be aware and listen to your inner guide, as you have been ignoring it since long time which is making you more restless. Once you free yourself and take this unknown yet a known journey, it will bring inner peace and sense of fulfilment. The journey of self-discovery will bring more clarity and fun in life. Make the right choice, if not, you might regret later.

Message: Break the chain that is binding you tightly to the repetitive difficult patterns of life and not letting you explore the bright future and unlimited opportunities.

Advice: Direct your energy to more focused and purposeful manner. Start challenging yourself every day to change small habits that you feel can bring lot of changes in you. Jogging or cycling would give you a feeling of freedom which will help you to bring changes within you.


You are blessed and always guided by the spirit guides and angels. But you need to be careful of the people around you who are jealous and want to pull you down especially at workplace. You will be getting good news for which you have been waiting for a long time. This might be time for a promotion and increment. You will reach to a higher level of success and achieve your goals. When you are nearing success, you might feel tired and exhausted mentally, but do not give up as you might miss a golden opportunity that is coming your way. If required, take a small break, rest, and go out with friends. Keep working on your spiritual side as it helps you to keep moving forward. You might be too practical to follow a spiritual path, but as I always keep saying, spirituality is about self-discovery. It’s about finding the real you. So, start meditating or listening to the good and positive thoughts that you relate with. Let there be a touch of spirituality in your practical life. It’s time to clear all the obstructions coming in the way. There will be a well-wisher or a colleague helping you out to make way for you. You should learn to stand up for yourself and speak the truth.

Message: If there are any blockages within then start working on yourself. This healing will open the doors to personal happiness, unlimited opportunities, and self-exploration.

Advice: Close your eyes and take a deep breath. As you inhale, fill yourself with love and light. Let the love and light surround you, embrace you. As you exhale, breath out all the negative thoughts and energy.


New beginning is on its way. A promotion or an authoritative position to lead an important project.  You will stand out in your work and will be appreciated due to clarity in your thought and decision making. Those who are in business might see a low phase for a little while where you might think of giving up. But you will find a new business partner who will become a strong pillar and drive enthusiasm in you too. In relationship, conflicts with your partner might lead to separation. The purpose of this separation is for both of you to realise the value of this relationship and to respect the love you get. You and your partner will have to work upon yourselves and heal the wounds that have been created. Once you learn the lesson, there are chances of you getting back again. You also need to work on your spiritual side as spiritual guides are there beside you to help. They want you to hear them and the message they want to give you. It seems you are too engrossed in material life and achievements in career. Break yourself free as all the aspects of life are equally important. Live and love life to the fullest.

Message: You need to divert your energy to a purposeful manner and work on yourself. You should also work more on being free in your thoughts and emotions. Emotions and love also need to be expressed at the right time. If not expressed verbally, then it should be expressed enough through actions. Do not take your loved ones for granted.

Advice: Spend some time with your loved ones. Take care of your diet and eat proper food on time. Keep a proper track of your diet as this might affect your health. Drink lot of water and fruits if you do not get time for proper lunch and dinner.


You have been wanting to start something new from quite some time now, but it is getting delayed making you restless, wanting to give up. But you should not as this is an excellent time for you to work hard and prove yourself. Your efforts are going to reap positive rewards. Stay focused on your blessings as you always have something to be grateful for. If you feel tired and exhausted, take a break but do not give up. You might get a promotion in a job or if in business then you might get an important project or venture. In past, you may have felt left out and ignored but now is the time when your hard work and talent will be recognised and appreciated. You will start feeling more confident and enthusiastic. You will also start working on new and creative ideas. You will build a good reputation for yourself in your field and will be known for your talent. You will also start teaching others the unique skills and talent that you have. You might also be called for a lecture or a talk session at universities or colleges, especially if you are working in a creative field. But all this will take a little time and you need to have patience till you reach your goal. In relationship, take care of your partner as the frustration and anger might create a crack and later it will be difficult to mend it.

Message: If you are thinking of walking away, do it only after analysing the situations and considering the consequences. Also take a note of the circumstances before making any decision. Proper planning needs to be done, so you do not feel lost and regret about the decision you made later. Future might have something good in store for you.

Advice: Stop looking back at your past and keep moving forward. Keep reading books and expand your knowledge as much as you can as this will help you to achieve success.

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