Weekly Tarot Guidance – 12.07.20 – 18.07.20


You have come out of the karmic pattern or the repeating cycle and are ready to move on to the next phase of life. Some situations had arisen in your life like financial crises, job loss, a break-up or any difficult situation that led you to think in a new way. These circumstances forced you to change your life’s path and take a new road. This new journey or phase will lead you to success in your life. Till now you were facing difficulties in moving ahead with your new ideas, but now all the resources will easily be available for you.


You have locked yourself up in your thoughts or past. Do not let your past haunt you or ruin your future. To change your future, you need to act from your side; no one else will be able to help you. This is a time for aggressive action in order to bring the change and free yourself from the past. New opportunities are coming your way. Be alert. Grab them at the right time.


It is time for you to retreat yourself, take a break, go within, and find inner peace. Meditate and spend some time alone, all by yourself. Let this peace lead you to the new path and new you. This will allow you to walk away from the old and head towards a new phase of life without any regrets. Be alert and ready to look at the options and opportunities coming your way. A new beginning is on the way.


Time to heal yourself and get back to your real self as you have forgotten self-care. Reconnect with yourself and your gifts of healing, yourself as well as others. Healing does not mean you have to be a doctor. You can heal with your words or energy too. Once healing takes place or you find yourself back, the blessings will start pouring upon you. Your wishes will be fulfilled when your low energy is replaced by positive energy.


Now you are in a no mood to let old thoughts, circumstances, or people around you hold you back. You are ready to build a new life for yourself with new hopes and new you. You will be collecting all the resources required to achieve success without anyone’s help. Your strong mind and will-power are going to be your power and companion. This is the time of transformation and also, wish fulfilment.


Travelling or shifting to a new place might get cancelled due to circumstances. Expand your vision. Think out-of-the-box.  You will find a new perspective on life. This is the time when you will be more attracted to a spiritual path. Though you have been wanting to follow it for quite some time, your logical thinking wasn’t allowing you to. But now you will realise that you can focus on the material life as well while following the spiritual path. You will break the old thinking patterns and start following this new path.


It’s time for harmony, justice, and peace in your life. You will start reading and learning new things like listening to a lot of knowledgeable stuff. Expanding knowledge will bring a change within as well as in the outer world. If you are waiting for justice, then you will get justice. You will start leading others on the new path of justice and also on the right path. You will have to maintain a balance between right and wrong or in the flow of emotions, you might make mistakes.


You are on the way of self-discovery making way for yourself to connect with your higher self. This is a time to come forward, be confident to share your experiences and guide others. Do not hold yourself back, accept the new you as you are on the right path. Do prioritise your personal commitments and at the same time, be closely connected with your spiritual side.  


Time to clear the mist and get a clear vision of the future. Time to work on yourself and your future. Time to complete the karmic cycle and move towards a new, brighter future. You have been running around the same circle again and again as you are scared to move out of your comfort zone. But now you have started to realise that finding your true self is more important than anything else right now. You are the alchemist of your own life, so start creating the magic and change your life.


Time to witness movement in life. You will be enjoying the rewards of your hard work and efforts put in the past. This is the right time to plan and execute about the future with the blessings coming your way. This is also the right time for you to work on your inner self. Time for completion of the old phase and start of a new phase in life. A balanced approach and perspective in life with the right balance of feminine and masculine energies within you will take you to the new path and also lead you to a bright future.


You will get a chance to lead the project of your dreams. This is especially for people related to architecture or interior designing. But you need to recognise your talent and skills and step ahead to lead. You might also get a promotion, an authoritative position at the workplace. You will get clarity about your future and goals. You might take an important decision regarding your emotions or relationship.


It is time to act rather wait or lose hope and give up on trying. Things might get delayed, but you need to be patient and wait for the right time. You might sign a contract regarding your new business or venture. If you were dealing with legal issues related to the already signed contracts, then you can expect justice. Singles might get a proposal. Those already in a relationship will take their relationship to the next level of commitment.

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