Weekly Tarot Guidance – 19.07.20 – 25.07.20


Door to spirituality has been opened which will bring abundance in terms of joy, happiness, and love in your life. You are becoming more aware of your healing, spiritual powers, and intuitions. Call upon angels whenever you feel lost or confused as they are present to guide you. Be active and alert so that you can listen to their guidance carefully or recognise the signs / symbols through which they are communicating with you. Someone loves you secretly but is unable to express his/her feelings. This special bond is about to create magic in your life.


There is a conflict going on within you, as you are unable to decide which way to go. This is because your will is directing you to some other direction compared to what your loved ones are expecting from you. This is the time to follow your heart and decide what your intuitions are guiding you to. Spend some quite time at a place where you feel comfortable, peaceful and at home. Once you quieten your mind, your soul will guide you to the right path.


Recognition of your skills and ability from your seniors will give more opportunities and creative projects. But you need to be very patient and start thinking out-of-the-box regarding the opportunities coming your way. Change the definition of your happiness, as you have some set rules about it. If things happen in certain ways only then you feel happy. But what if universe has different plans of giving you happiness? Silence your mind, relax and broaden your perspective.


A lot of opportunities are on the way as you haven’t let yourself get knocked down by difficulties. You are still positive and want to be successful at whatever opportunities you get. Owing to your will power and strong mind, the Universe is making a way for you. Be open to the new possibilities and opportunities coming your way, as the guiding light is shining upon you. This past difficult situation has taught you a new perspective of life, which will help you to think in a new way.


Struggling to choose or decide between two situations, as you are uncertain about the future outcome. You are planning and making lot of efforts to break out of this pattern as you have been stuck in this situation from a long time. Soon you will make a firm decision and break the cycle freeing yourself from all the constraints. Some of you might even walk out of a relationship that has been holding you back. You will soon experience the abundance of joy, happiness, and money as Universe is showering you with blessings and love.


Let your inner child come out and enjoy the beauty of life like an innocent child. The pure energy around you will start clearing making way for abundance, creativity, transformation, and new beginnings. Your world is expanding and making way for a new phase of life. Make conscious efforts to notice and expand your knowledge and skills to keep up with the competitive world. There might be few things that are missing from your side due to which you might be missing some good chances.


Time for abundance, joy, happiness, and a secure financial position. You are going to reap the rewards for the work done in the past. This is the time to enjoy the outcome of the same. You devoted yourself to the work so much that you might have ignored your personal health and family. Your work is been done and now is the time to spend a quality time with your family. Some of you might also been traveling to some other place far away from family due to work.


You are ready to learn new things, to upgrade yourself and also to change yourself to become a better version of yourself. You are very much ready to confront the people who have been deceiving you. You might also find a spiritual person or a person with wisdom who will guide you to take right steps. You will also get good news that you were waiting for. Time for a new beginning, a new you, may be a spiritual you. Try to understand the messages the Universe is trying to give you.


You have started clearing your way for a bright future. You are also returning to where you belong. Yes, still there few confusions about what next step to take and how but slowly you are making progress by having clear thoughts about what exactly you want. Angels are around you to help. You need to trust your intuitions and follow your heart as it is directing you to the right path. Not listening to your intuitions is making you more uncomfortable while making a decision.


You will get what you wish for so think wisely and take steps towards your dreams. This is wish fulfilment time for you. Lot of different kind of opportunities will be coming your way and different sources of income will open up for you. You need to be very thoughtful while choosing or taking any opportunity. You will be getting an opportunity where you will be able to shine your wisdom and skills. You might also learn some new skills which will lead you to the new steps of success.


Abundant offerings from universe are coming your way. Any bad phase or loss have not been able to stop you from achieving your goal. But there are still some actions required to be taken. You need to look carefully and see what has been missing from your side. There might also be some inner work to be done as while chasing success, you have ignored yourself. Let the accomplishment be on every level of life rather than only in material life.


A storm might be coming your way of which you have had an idea from a long time. It might be something related to your professional or personal relationship. A contract or a relationship might come to an end or a similar situation might arise. You need to tackle such situations carefully and with a lot of patience. You also need to work on yourself, if you want to make certain changes for your own good. If yes, then you should bring those changes without being stubborn about them. May be your stubborn nature is creating problems.

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