Weekly Tarot Guidance – 26.07.20 – 01.08.20


There is mist in the future right now, but soon this mist will clear. You are the alchemist of your own life and you will be transforming it with great blessings. Right balance and patience will bring abundance with regards to love, health, finance, and happiness in your life. Plan a healthy diet for health benefits.


Free yourself from the unnecessary restrictions that you have imposed on yourself. These restrictions that you have put in your mind are not letting you explore yourself and your dreams. You must let go of the past, situations or relationships that are tying you down. It’s time to take situations in your hand and make the necessary changes in your life to move forward.


Someone close to you or a person at a higher position or a senior will help you to reach your destination or goal. This person will guide you to move ahead in life. You will be getting a clear idea of how and which way to start your new journey. You will also help others with your wisdom to motivate and guide them on the right path.


Proper strategy and planning for your future goals will bring you success. You need to list down all the pros and cons of your goals and plan how you are going to work on it. But your plans should be long term, not short term. Widen your perspective and look out for adjacent possibilities.


Time for completion of a karmic cycle and beginning of a new phase of life with open arms and heart. In case there are still situations or circumstances that are unresolved or unfinished then this is the right time to give them closure. Remember you deserve love, and that love should first come from within yourself. You will then find that love from others is making way towards you.


The divine light is shining upon your life for inspiration and personal growth. A new beginning full of opportunities is on its way. Your creative side will be polished making you shine and stand out from the rest. But in this process do not forget to be grateful for the blessings showered on you. Do not keep comparing yourself with others’ blessings. This might make you lose yours.


Listen to your intuitions carefully as they are guiding you in the right direction. You are on the right path. You are also maintaining a perfect balance within. If there is any situation that you are afraid to face, then you need to act now. If you are already working on it then you need to put more effort into it. Connect with your higher self and allow it to guide you.


Be close to your loved ones. It’s ok to share your feelings and problems with them. Sharing your problems with them will only help you get clarity or solutions for your problems. Be cautious as someone who is pretending to be a good friend and a well-wisher is not. Do not blindly trust anyone and share your personal information with.


It’s time to have clear intentions and act towards healing situations, relationships, emotions, and relationships. A dedicated effort needs to be put into healing and make everything right. You might have started feeling the transformation and healing taking place within. You will have complete confidence and clarity about taking an important decision.


A new connection is about to enter your life. This will bring love and light to your life. This relationship is going to change your perspective towards life. You are about to enter a new phase in your life. You will be enjoying every moment of life with family and friends. Those who are planning a baby might get good news.


After a long lockdown, you need outings and get-togethers. You need to meet people of similar thinking where you can share your thoughts. There you might find someone who can help you with your goals as well as finances. This person can be a financially well-settled woman.


Golden success is on its way towards you. An accomplishment in life may it be material or on a personal level or an inner spiritual level, you will be enjoying it to the core. But this accomplishment should not be the full stop of your achievements or efforts. Do not rest now. Keep working to maintain success and keep moving ahead in life to achieve more success.

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