Tarot Guidance – August 2020


This is a great time to head towards new beginnings and achievements. But remember to keep a check on yourself to make sure that you are heading towards the right direction. It should not be that you are participating in everything that comes to you just because you want to do something or have movement in life. Think carefully and conduct a thorough research about anything new you want to get into before committing to it. Your hard work is going to pay off this month. You will find peace, wealth, and joy in abundance. Your strength and stubbornness to change the bad phase of life into a better one is what brings you to this stage, to a beautiful life. You are busy making life better than it is or it was, taking firm steps ahead even though slowly.  If you are about to start a business, service, or consultation then you will get a good chance to do so. There are good chances of you getting promoted to an authoritative position. If you have already started a new business, then this is the month when you will see it flourish. You will be spending a lot on your home and family’s comfort but spend carefully.


Surprisingly, you will be choosing head over heart, practicality over emotions. You will make some difficult choices and decisions that will free you from the destructive emotions. You will be taking a break from everything and will spend some time with yourself. You will groom and renew yourself with lot of self-love. You will also embrace spirituality in a more profound way. This will lead you to a new relationship which will let you experience new emotions and magical love after a long time. There are also chances of you getting a proposal of love or marriage. You will find someone who is not just head strong but also mirrors your personality. This relationship will heal your injuries and heart emotionally. You will also receive gifts as a token of appreciation.


A new beginning at the same working place along with promotion and increment is on the cards. Your financial condition is going to get better and stable. Listen to your intuitions as they are guiding you to the right path. Look out for more possibilities and options before executing or presenting any ideas. Now a days, you are more focused on your physical and mental health and this is creating positive energy around you. These vibes are clearing all the blockages from your life and opening doors to good luck. Your determination towards work along with the confidence and strength to pull through the difficult situation easily will bring you into limelight and will get you appreciation on wider level. Good luck and happiness are on their way. Difficult situations can also be turned into opportunities only if you promise yourself to not look at these situations negatively. Keep your vision clear and always plan for long term goals.


You are getting more aware about your spiritual life. Self-awareness is also heightened. You feel gratitude towards life. You are also thankful for life’s blessings. This attitude of gratitude is making way for abundance. Be calm and patient while achieving your goal. Try to find new ways to getting things done. New opportunities will be presented to you, but you might hesitate to accept them as you are doubtful about them. Be calm and clear about your visions and goals so that you can take correct decisions. Door to appreciation, finance, new beginnings, and happiness is opening for you. New and multiple sources of income will also start making way towards you. Every opportunity will make you wiser and bring a deeper understanding of life lessons and blessings. But while walking on this beautiful path of life you need to be careful of the fake people around you. Be careful of a person who might pretend to be your well-wisher but might be not. You might travel with family for leisure.


A month of love, stability, security, and new beginnings. Someone close to you specially a family member who loves you unconditionally and is loyal to you will support you in your decisions. You will be taking important decisions. This will bring a major change in your life. These decisions might be related to relationships or emotions. After carefully thinking and analysing a certain situation in-depth, you have come to a final decision. If you are single, someone special may walk into your life with lots of love. If you are experiencing conflicts in your love life, then you will have to take the initiative to mend the broken pieces. If you act upon clearing your intentions and start being open about your true feelings, you will start witnessing magical changes in your relationships. If you find it difficult to verbally express yourself, you can use any other form of communication to express. Write a letter, drop a message, or use any other mode of communication that you are comfortable with. Singles, there are good chances of you either getting a proposal or you proposing your special someone. Marriage plans are on the cards.


You put your heart and soul in whatever you love may it be a hobby, career, or relationships. You are unable to understand why someone you love has broken your heart despite giving them your all. Why suddenly without any reason they left you? You are ready to move on but still you want to find out the reason was this done to you. You had put all the love and efforts; you were always on the giving side of the relationship. You never demanded anything in return then why were you on the receiving end of a heart break? When the time is right you will get the answer, but now you must move on as the other person has already moved on in life without any hesitation. The other person did not care about you and you are doing the same with you. What different treatment are you giving yourself? Appreciate yourself for having such a beautiful heart. You deserve love. If you don’t get it from others, start giving it to yourself and you will find real love embracing you. Once you realise your strength, you will swim out of the cold freezing water. Get out of your own way and let your true self shine again.


The wheel of fortune is turning in your favour which is why you will now start witnessing a beginning of a new life. A beautiful phase of your life is about to begin, and your inner self knows this, so you are very calm about the situations. You are going to free yourself from all the restrictions and work on your goals with a free and open mind. Those who are dreaming of buying or building a house is going to take a step towards it. Singles will find someone special. Some of you may even plan to settle down. Some of you might get a proposal in a unique and special way. You will be enjoying success, good health, and joyful time with your family. When you listen to your intuitions and have gratitude towards your life and blessings, universe opens new doors to love and happiness. Due to some ups and downs in your life especially at workplace or socially, you might feel like giving up. Keep your vision clear and be open to new ways and options to achieve your planned goals.


After a lot of struggle and difficulties, you have found a new you, but mental and emotional exhaustion still stops you from moving ahead in life. You are not able to decide which way to go. To move ahead in life, you must detach yourself from your past and free yourself from all the burden your heart is carrying since a long time. Instead of mourning or regretting, you should learn from your mistakes and start correcting them. Do not wait for others to take the first step. Sometimes making the first move to change things brings more happiness and satisfaction. Gradually, you will find a change come in. This will once again make you feel peaceful. You will also find that your relationships are getting better day by day when you start working on them. You can expect healing process to begin in case your relationships have been going through hard times from a long time. You will start a new journey with a new and wiser you. On this new journey, you will take alone all the experience and life lessons. Good news is on its way. Soon, your life will once again be peaceful, content, and happy.


The wheel of fortune is turning, bringing good luck for you. This wheel has turned around in your favour as you are now clear about what exactly you want out of life. You are ready to go after what you want without any hesitation, but you need to be careful of other people’s boundaries and limitations. Sometimes, you might feel confused about what action to take next. If you ever feel so, go to people your trust for advice. You must maintain balance in whatever action you are planning to take. Though this is the right time to act, don’t forget that only right and correct action will give you the desired outcome. This may be regarding relationship, career, or finances, but this will be an important decision of your life. As you are ready to walk away from the toxic situation that you were in from a long time. You are juggling with fire and water at the same time so being alert and careful is the only option you have. This new path may look impossible or too tough to walk on and reach your destination, but you need to keep hopes high and faith in your own intentions. Don’t forget that the pages of this new chapter of your life are blank. What you write in it is in your hands. Make sure you write a beautiful chapter for yourself.


It seems like you are hushing your heart and listening more to your mind these days. In the coming days, you might face situations where you will need to make tough decisions and choose the right option for yourself. Don’t worry as there is no right or wrong choice, but yes, you will have to choose what you feel is for your highest good. Both the options will take you to your dreams and success. Here is a piece of advice for you: Keep taking a break from all the chaos and spend some quality time with yourself. Relaxing and rejuvenating is mandatory, only then can you think clearly and take right decisions. Completion of one phase of life and entering another is in process. You might get good news via a letter or a message or an email and this message will add colours to your life. Maybe you are waiting for some news or a promotion letter or expecting a message from someone you are not in touch with anymore. In that case, you might receive a message from them.


If you are struggling with issues, then you may come across a person who is spiritual and has higher wisdom. This person will guide you and lead you towards the right path in life. You will be doing much better at work than before and will also see progress in your career. You might also get a chance to travel for work. If you are waiting for a call or an appointment letter, then you can expect it this month. If you keep yourself open to new opportunities and be aware of the adjacent possibilities, then you will find many opportunities coming your way. A door of abundance will be opening for you. A younger person might also come to you with a proposal for relationship. With so much happening on all the fronts, you need to maintain balance between your dreams, career, and family life. While chasing dreams, it should not happen that you start losing the love of the family. Do not lose touch with your higher self. Take some time out to open the door to your spiritual side so once in a while you meet your true self. So, you can also analyse situations and set your priorities right. Expect a call or a message from the person who you are separated from since long a time. You can expect a message or a friend request on social networking sites or an offer from your crush to go on a date.


Learn to be more practical while taking decisions or acting upon any situation rather than being emotional. Learn to maintain right balance between practical and emotional side while taking any decision. If you find yourself stuck into any situation or circumstances, do not freeze. Instead, start finding new ways and options to find a way out of it. A new person is about to enter your life, a person who is spiritual, wise and loving. This person will help and guide you and change your perspective towards life and also, the way you look at the situations. There will be a new beginning as soon as you become clear in your thoughts. This change might come after an end of an old phase of life or situation. You have the idea of what to do and how to do it, so do not let the change scare you. If you have the courage to create a new and better life for yourself, then you have to keep moving ahead in any situation. This new phase initially might look fearful or seem risky but this new journey or phase of life will bring abundance in terms of joy and happiness in your life.

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