Weekly Tarot Guidance – 09.08.20 – 15.08.20


Start sowing seeds so that you can enjoy the springtime; the time when your plants will start growing and blooming. Work hard and enjoy the work while laying a strong foundation for a successful future and career. Be honest and determined towards whatever you do in your life. You will soon see success coming your way. Communication is an important key in any relationship. Talk and clear the misunderstandings with loved ones. This initiative will help you to start anew.


Time to take that difficult decision. This might be related to a relationship. There are chances that the person you are in love with might seem charming, but his/her intentions are not right. Somewhere you too the know that this relationship is not healthy for you as well as for your mental health. You need to take a bold decision and free yourself from such a destructive relationship. Remember every end brings a new beginning. You will find someone, might also be a close friend, helping and supporting you unconditionally in this difficult time.


Re-analyse your priorities, start checking the do-to list and goals. Ask yourself where are you, what you want and how you want to reach your destination? It’s time to give as much as you can, may it be in your relationship or career. Start looking beyond the horizons as your opportunities are more than what you can see. But be careful of the information you share with others. There might be someone who does not have good intentions.


A door of opportunities is opening for you so look out for any new opportunities coming your way. If too many options make you wonder which one’s right and which one’s wrong, here’s good news for you: nothing will be right or wrong, all the opportunities will be good for you. Make sure you choose the ones that make you happy. Your hard work is paying off now. The abundance of happiness, joy, and opportunities are on their way. You will enjoy this phase like a child and will be dreaming about your future.


On the personal front, cards suggest new beginnings. It’s time for you to enter into a healthy relationship and commitment. Those who are in separation or going through a tough time in a relationship should work upon it. It’s time to shed light upon such connections as you have been ignoring this from a long time. This ignorance is creating damages in bit and pieces and you are not even aware of it. Stop risking your personal life and connection just to satisfy your ego.


It’s time for action as you are very close to achieving your goal. But still, a lot of hard work needs to be put in as there are many situations to deal with before reaching your goal. Do not let worry hold you back as you will reach your destination soon. You might have to make choices between two options that will lead you to your destination so choose wisely. Neither option will be wrong, it’s just that you have to choose what’s best for you.


You are on the right track building a better future for yourself. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time, hard work, and a proper strategy to build a strong and long-lasting building or a home. Right action, proper planning and efforts will bring long-lasting success and a bright future. You will hear some good news or receive a call or a message from someone who has not been in touch for a long time.


You are ready to move ahead in a better space in life. You are now ready to leave the darkness of the past behind. Do not depend on others to bring change in your personal life or career. Be the one to bring this change in your life. Bring love and compassion in a situation or relationship. The new beginning is coming quickly. The positive change in you is creating pure energy around you. You will experience peace and contentment in life.


You are stepping out of the prison of your own thoughts and stepping into a new you. This prison might have been a situation or a relationship, but you were stuck in it because you were not able to come to a decision or act upon it. But now you have the clarity of what exactly you want in life and where your happiness lies. You have a long way to go as this is your beginning into becoming a new you and creating a new life. If you take correct actions you will achieve success.


Time to enter a new phase of life. A troublesome situation, toxic relationship, or something you were not happy with is coming to an end. Soon you will start experiencing a peaceful, balanced, and harmonious life. Now is the time to stand tall and feel the support of the earth. Stability and security are on their way to you. But if someone tries to deceive you, they will see the bad side of you. Be careful of whom you trust and who are your real well-wishers.


You are feeling powerless and depressed as you have given all the power to someone else and doing exactly what they instruct you to do. This is the time to take back the power and change the situation. But be calm and careful with your words while handling situations or discussing the matters. Start meditating and you will find all the answers to your questions. Remember that a new beginning is on its way but for that you must take the initiative. Someone special might be coming with a love proposal.


You have been ignoring a difficult situation for a long time and living with it as a normal life. But this tough time is coming to an end and a new start is coming your way. You might feel the pain while leaving the old, but this change will bring a new beginning. You might find someone who will take you on to a roller coaster ride of life. This phase of life will be positive and joyful. You might receive some good news soon.

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