Weekly Tarot Guidance – 16.08.20 – 22.08.20


Before any new change takes place, you always feel that the time is being difficult on you. Analyse! If you are holding onto any toxic emotions or bad experiences of the past, then let it go. Once you free yourself from the memories of the past, you will be able to move ahead. You might also need to make some necessary adjustments or new plans to achieve your goals. Something new and exciting is around the corner.


The time for a change and this might come with the ending of the old. You might have to get rid of an old partnership or a relationship and move on to the new journey. This new journey will bring a new career, a new job, or a new relationship. This new beginning will be balanced and bring a lot of good luck and love with it. A new romantic cycle is about to begin soon.


Even after putting so much of hard work and effort, may it be in business or personal life, you were not getting positive results.  You might have even started losing hopes. But now the time to rise from the ashes has come. Work through your fears and step ahead to build a better future. If you are in a relationship, you will enjoy a good and intimate time with your partner.


Have you been underestimating & criticizing yourself too much? Just take a good look at where you are today and appreciate your efforts and courage. You are good enough is what you need to make yourself understand rather than expect this from others. Your acknowledgment about the blessings of the Universe is going to shower more blessings upon you. Time to enjoy the fruit of your labour.


You are on the way to clear the blockages of your life may it be in personal or professional life. You are very keen on coming home to your true self. Don’t forget to maintain the right balance as any harsh step towards the desired outcome can cause damage and being too gentle may not clear your way. Maintaining a balance between spirituality and practicality is advisable. Be realistic while handling situations.


Without realising, you are digging yourself deeper into karmic trench. Step up and let go of the past, a beautiful life is waiting for you. Ask yourself what is that you are holding on to? Or what is it that is holding you back? Release it, let it go and move forward with the lessons that have been learned. Make a conscious effort, commit to pulling yourself out of this trench.


It is not always about keeping yourself busy and working all the time on some or the other thing. Resting and working both can be done if maintained a proper balance. Your unique characteristics make you different and lovable so don’t be afraid to show the real you to the world. Past experiences might be the reason for you to hold back but not always the experiences are repeated. Explore life by being a truer version of yourself.


The change coming in might feel scary but do not worry as though powerful, this is a good change. This is an important turning point in your life. You have been taken away from a heated situation and have been directed to a new life. Whatever is happening, is happening for your highest good. You are now being shifted on the right path of life.


You keep ignoring the messages you are receiving from your higher self. Be aware and let them guide you, there is nothing to be afraid of. If you keep delaying dealing with the situation than later, you will regret ignoring the guidance. You have all the answers within, keep listening. Your heart knows the way. If the door shuts, it might close permanently.


Time to get justice. Justice will now be served to you. Justice does not only always relate to a court or legal matters, but also karma. Justice of karma is different. A light of success is about to enter your life. Be aware of your thoughts and actions as they will start reciprocating now. Meditate and contemplate before acting. A new phase of life is about to start as the situation is being healed.


Someone wiser, older, or a spiritually awakened is trying to guide you. Relax and take some time out for yourself. If you are experiencing failure or blockage then it’s time to stop and reflect and chalk out a new strategy. Breathe. It’s okay to be where you are right now. You can take a break, refresh, and recharge your energy to chase your dreams later.


Do not get stuck in old situations or working patterns. Find new ways, new strategies, new options to come out of the situation. New strategies and hard work will lead you to a new beginning in life. A proper plan and discipline to reach your goal are a must. Commit to breaking the repeating pattern of life and move ahead.

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