Weekly Tarot Guidance – 23.08.20 – 29.08.20


Be alert about the politics and conflicts happening around you. If you are into politics, then be extra careful as people are creating tough situations for you. They also have their own selfish agendas. This is the testing time for you so trust yourself. Keep meditating and you will receive all the answers to your questions. Maintain balance between you spiritual and practical side. This will help you to move forward with strength.


It seems like a new journey or a new relationship is distracting you from the real-life purpose. This might be due to your past where you had experienced loss. Such experiences are not letting you think practically. Life has given you a chance to restart your life, so take this opportunity and do not repeat the mistake. Be careful while dealing with any legal issues. They will be good for you only when you will be alert and careful about it.


Conflicts or fights might come to the forefront now. Deep down, you knew it was going to happen. It might be in the personal life or professional life. You need to work on your fears to come out of this situation. As the new beginning is on its way, be the one to bring the change you want in your life. Let go off any negative thoughts and step ahead with a positive energy.


You are receiving a positive and magical energy from the divine to rise. Life might present you with options and you will have to make a choice. A little confusion and hesitation will be obvious to take an unknown path. But if you do not try something new then you will not get any new result. The result depends upon what choice you make. Meditate and spend some time with yourself and you might find the answer.


Let the force of energy keep flowing within you. You have the ability to make the changes you want to see in your life. Stop complaining and demeaning yourself. Know your self-worth and love yourself. Its time to spend some time with yourself and think deeply about the situations as there are still some questions that need truthful answers. It’s time to clear all the negative energies around you.


Don’t let your past hold you back. Let go off the past and release yourself from heavy, negative emotions. It seems that sadness and the feeling of being at loss are growing continuously. You have started losing yourself. Tap the power within to change yourself and do the things that make your soul happy. Whatever happens, happens for a reason so learn the lessons and move ahead with positivity.


A win-win outcome is about to enter your life. Expansion of business, hiring new employees, a higher commitment in a relationship is on the cards. You may renovate your house or there might be an addition to the family. You might also be going out with family and friends for leisure. Maintain balance between personal and professional life.


Some conflict or arguments might be going on in the family. This might be regarding finances, property, or other kind of inheritance. This is disturbing the harmony of the family. There is a call from spirit for you to maintain balance between spirituality and practicality. There might be more tough situations coming your way and if you maintain the said balance within you, you will be able to handle every situation with a smile.


A successful and happy time is on its way on the professional front. Your confidence is taking you to higher level on your professional front. If required, you can take a small break, rest, enjoy the success, and then start again. You sometimes fail to grab the attention of the person you desire. It won’t happen automatically. You will have to make some efforts to get their attention.


You might have experienced a loss lately, but the storm is now clearing up. You too need to clear some things and clear all the remaining energy that past has left behind. You must remain calm and handle situations sensitively & politely or you might mess up the situations. Divine light is shining upon you so meditate upon the light and take that energy and let it flow through you.


Your commitment and hard work are being tested now. Be careful and take decisions wisely. A guiding light is shining upon you, be alert and aware of the opportunities coming your way. You are half-way to reach your goal. Taking unknown paths and new paths might feel risky but you need to when you have to reach your dream destination.


Expect a powerful change. Engagement, marriage, or a proposal is coming your way. You might also sign a contract for rental house or buy a new property. With this change, you might also face some tough times with your loved ones. Whatever happens, happens for a reason so move ahead as angels are protecting you.

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