Tarot Guidance – October 2020


Stuck in the past? Grieving over the loss of a relationship or a breakup? The truth is that you are not seeing the other side of whatever happened. Remember that whatever happens, happens for a reason, so let it go and move on. It’s time to wake up to the truth of life and look for the blessings and opportunities that life has to offer you. Being emotionally stuck is simply creating blockages in your life. Someone new with the offer of love is about to enter your life. There are high chances that this relationship will be long term and can also offer you greater commitment in a short period of time. This month will be full of joy and happiness. You will be enjoying and spending quality time with family and friends. Look for adjacent possibilities as there are a lot of opportunities and options around you which are being missed out as you are looking in the same direction from a long time. Change your perspective, step out of your comfort zone, and try new things especially in your career/business. Blessings are coming your way. Be open and aware to be able to embrace them. Take care of your diet, consciously choose healthy food. Maintain a discipline for a healthy lifestyle.

Message: Go within yourself, silence your mind, and listen to your inner self as it is trying to tell you something. Time for a change – within and around you; good and happy changes are about to enter your life.


Many times, you need to adjust with the situations and go with the flow. Struggling too much might make situations more complicated. Take this time as an opportunity to learn how to tackle situations. Time to reflect within and identify the strength and your true being. This awareness will open the door to the new you. You will realise that all the power to change the situation and life is in your own hands. You will realise the change in energy changes everything in your life. Be aware of the opportunities coming towards you, but do not take any hasty decision while selecting any opportunity. Not all opportunities are as good as they seem to be. Think, analyse, research and then grab the one that is good for you. A wealthy person might enter your life. He/She might become a love interest or simply bring a business proposal. Financially, you will be doing good but the cards advice you to take matters into your own hand, to take care of it personally. You will be having a good time with your loved ones. A new house or buying a new property decision will be made, this month. Do not ignore your health issues. If you see any symptoms, then go see the doctor and get yourself tested.

Message: A phone call, text, or communication from someone special will make your month special. Look for signs the universe is sending your way as there may be some important message coming your way.


The wait is over! It’s time to fly and taste the fruit of your hard work. You are about to witness a good phase of life. The advice here is to stop finding faults or looking for negativity in every situation. Look deeper and you will realise that everything is happening for your betterment. Instead of becoming a pessimist, look for new opportunities in every situation. Taking an initiative and taking an action is the need of the hour. You will be surprised at what these opportunities bring for you. Do not lose connection with your higher self. Meditation will always help you to keep in touch with your higher self. Your intuitions will always keep guiding you to take right action at the right time. Keep your vision clear and you will be able to see the long-term goals. Meditation will lead you to a new journey in your life, giving birth to a wiser you. A loving and caring new person will come into your life with the offering of love. This person will introduce you to a new, beautiful perspective to see life. He/She will also help you to meet your true self which will make this journey peaceful for you.

Message: Time keeps moving forward and does not wait for anybody so be aware and grab the opportunities that life is offering you. Take some time out for yourself too.


You will be enjoying and having a gala time with family and friends. At workplace, be a little alert and cautious, as there might be someone around who is trying to deceive you. Be sure that whatever path you choose to reach your destination is the right and correct one, or else be ready to face the repercussions. Just to impress your seniors, you might over commit and face unnecessary problems. Take some time out to relax your mind and body as juggling at workplace is draining your energy completely which is why you are finding it difficult to think clearly. It’s time to take a short break and create positive energy around you. It’s time to change your own energy and thinking process. Connect to your higher self through meditation and you will be able to see things clearly. Always look for the signs and symbols the universe is communicating with you through as they are guiding you in the right direction. While reading a book or some article or even a quote, you might find a message or an answer you are looking for, be open to receive the messages.

Message: Keep taking a 5-minute break every hour to relax yourself. This will also allow you to refresh your mind and help you to stay active always. This will further help you to take correct decisions. And you will find a better you every day.


Lot of confusion is making life a mess. Balancing two sides of life, may it be financially or between personal and professional life or any kind of decision making is what you are going through. Worry, not being able to step out of your comfort zone or break the unhealthy lifestyle pattern is restricting you from moving forward. It’s high time; sit back and take a good look at your issues. Set your priorities and importance right. It’s time to connect with your higher self and look for answers within. You know the answers and the solution for the situations you are facing but you are too scared to face them. Meditation or following a spiritual path will definitely help you to focus on your life allowing you to make a right decision. Meditation will help you to focus and get the answers you are seeking. A door to emotional healing and happiness will open for you. A reunion with someone you knew or a new person with the offering of love is on the cards. You will be enjoying a peaceful life with a stable financial condition by the end of the month. You might also make some huge purchases like a house, car, etc.

Message: Marriage or engagement or a ceremony/celebration related to love life is on the cards. There are chances of you meeting your soulmate very soon. Or a reunion with a separated partner with new beginnings is on the cards.


The worst situation is about to end.  This is also the time when you have started realising your own worth. You are now able to move on and achieve goals that you have set for yourself. A promotion and increment may happen this month. Responsibilities and workload might start increasing but you will be able to balance everything very well. Your efforts will bring more success and money to you. In your personal life, many times you feel low and cannot motivate yourself to move ahead. You feel stuck in some past situations or relationships, but it’s time that you realise that you deserve happiness and freedom. Free yourself from all the bonding that you have imposed on yourself and start living for your own good and happiness. If you haven’t started the journey of self-discovery then start it now and you will find surprises in store for you. You will realise your potential and capacity. You need to explore yourself first.  Value and respect yourself and only then expect others to do the same with you. Due to over stress, you might face health issues like over-eating, weight gain, or diabetes. Start working on your health. Make lifestyle changes by changing small habits to achieve a bigger goal.

Message: It’s time to analyse your current situation and bring the right changes to bring peace and happiness in your life. You have been ignoring the happiness that is just around the corner waiting to embrace you. Take a closer look and you will find that blessings are waiting for you.


A new beginning, a new phase of life is about to start. Your positive approach towards life, worrying less about the future and accepting what life gives you gracefully is being appreciated by the universe. Hence, it has decided to bless you with a peaceful and content life. This new beginning can be at workplace, a new job, a new venture or a new love life or a complete change in your life but for good. You have left behind all the old beliefs and old patterns of living your life and have started to follow your intuitions and heart. A promotion and increment news or a new job offer letter will be coming soon. You are ready to take the life’s challenges all over in a new perspective and ready to face and come out winning over it. You are now realising your self-worth and taking the initiative to lead your life. All the negativity is on its way out of your life now. If you were facing any deceit at your workplace or at personal level is now about to end and everything will start falling in its correct place.

Message: You might receive a documentation of acknowledgment – it might be related to some legal matters. A purchase of property, or a car, or something that you are waiting for.


There might be delay in some project or new venture you are about to start but it won’t be delayed too much. Do not lose hopes or give up on the venture as the cards suggest that it will be successful in a short period of time. Keep working towards your goal and success will be yours, but do not forget to appreciate and thank the people who have supported you. A pay hike and promotion can be expected soon. Someone close to you will help you and guide you whenever needed. You have detached yourself from the wrong emotions, behavioural patterns, or a toxic relationship and are now ready to move ahead with renewed you. Your new and positive approach towards life will be appreciated by the universe and you will be blessed for the same. You have spent a lot of time thinking about and analysing situations. Now you are completely ready to take an important decision about your life. Right now, you are in search of peace and want to make everything right that you could not make in the past. There might come a time when you feel confused or pulled in two different directions but listen to your heart and intuition. They will guide you to take a correct path.

Message: There is no right or wrong choice, but you need to take decision considering how you want to lead your life. Listen to your heart and intuitions. They will guide you to the right path. You will find peace and serenity after taking this important decision.


Some childhood memories or loss is still haunting you giving you sleepless nights. There is a need to heal those wounds, talk to someone who can help you to heal. These memories are not letting you to move ahead in life. Someone close to you emotionally might help you to heal the wounds and will let you free from the bondage of your fears. You will start taking initiative at your work and will be confident and creative. Someone close to you might be dominating, disrespecting, and mistreating you. You need to stop giving your life’s remote in other people’s hand. Do not let others control your life. Take charge and lead your own life. Be confident and start meeting new people. This will help you to take right decisions. Socialising might help you to meet new people and look at life with new perspective. You might meet someone special and within a short period of time there will be long and deeper commitment in this relationship.

Message: Someone is waiting for you to reveal your true feelings for them. That person knows your pain and your unspoken feelings. He/She is just waiting for you to heal and wake up to your true self.


A new beginning, a new journey, a new path is what you are going to experience now. Life’s every aspect is taking a new path, taking you to a better and brighter future. Be it be your love life, job, business, finance, or health; everything is going to be in a good position. If you were waiting for some announcement or news, then you can expect good news. Promotion and increment are on the cards. A new relationship is about to enter your life, or someone already might be around, but you are yet to recognise him/her. Someone close to you or a well-wisher will guide you to the right path. Or a special someone will change your life and your state of mind completely. He/She will teach you to look at life in a new way. Love proposal, engagement or marriage is on the cards. Those who are already in a relationship needs to take care of their partner’s feelings. Ignoring them or getting engrossed completely in your own life or career might ruin your relationship. Start appreciating what you have. You might not be able to see it now, but gratitude and appreciation will open a door to new beginnings.

Message: Lookout for the messages or signs that the Universe is giving you as it is trying to communicate with you. These signs might be related to your love life.


A month of satisfaction, happiness and wish fulfilment. But you need to work hard and smartly towards your goal. There might come a time when struggling between two situations or people mostly at work will get difficult and you might feel like quitting. But do not lose hopes as working smartly and appreciating and encouraging your team will make situations better and successful. If you are in search of a job then you can expect a positive reply and if you are working on any project which has been stuck from long time then it will start moving forward now. On personal ground, some of you might have gone through a recent heart break or loss of a relationship and that is still hurting you. Yes! its not easy to forget the heart wrenching experiences but remember whatever happens, happens for a reason. Learn the lesson and move forward with a new you. Someone special is about to enter your life and might give you new perspective of life. Heal your heart and let the healed heart learn to love again with new and positive vibes. That special person will be highly intellectual and might enter your life as a mentor, a teacher, or a guide. Those who are interested in spiritual healing will now start learning and growing spiritually.

Message: Someone special is about to enter your life. This person will have an attractive personality and also lots of knowledge to share. A union of two souls who are destined to meet. A higher commitment will be made soon.


Happiness, celebration, security, safety, and living the life of your dream (maybe part of it) but yes, all these things are coming to embrace you. Open your arms, be ready for the blessings that are coming your way – this may be in the form of property or other materialistic things, marriage, success in business / job or fame on a popular public platform. Someone with a strong personality, a wise and intellectual person will enter your life who will bring happiness and safety in your life. In the past, there might have been issues you have faced which led you to anxiety and stress, but now these issues will start getting resolved. This new phase of life will bring a lot of changes in you. This will boost your confidence and will take you to the new height of success in career as well as in your personal life. From the past experiences, you have learned to balance and walk carefully in the life’s journey. You have learnt to value and appreciate whatever life has given you and tried hard to change the situation for better. The universe is now ready to appreciate your kind and humble attitude towards life and ready to bless you. If you are suffering from any health issue from a long time, then your health will start improving now.

Message: A new life will come into existence through you – you might either deliver a baby, adopt a child, or fund a child’s education. You might even give someone in need the joy of new life.

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