Weekly Tarot Guidance : 01.11.20 – 07.11.20


Time to step out of your comfort zone and explore your own abilities and capabilities. Find the power within and start working on yourself. Doing so can open the door to your higher self. You are the sculptor of your own life. You can get a chance to lead a project or a promotion at workplace.


It seems you have lost focus and touch with the reality. And this may cause serious issues as you will not be able to see the storm or difficulty coming your way. Start meditating to bring your focus back. Start working consciously towards your goals.


Stop worrying and stressing too much about future and finances. Learn to value the present moment. Start enjoying your life. Count the blessings instead of counting what you don’t have. All the loving energies & angels are with you. They are guiding you. Take note of their presence and listen to them.


Let go of the past. Start believing in yourself. You too deserve happiness in life. You are moving away from yourself drifting away from your spiritual side. Keep reminding yourself: ‘No looking back’ and you will start to experience positive changes in your life.


Are you being honest to yourself? Are you honest about your feelings in any of your relationships? Speak the truth to yourself before confessing it to anybody. Do not take decisions by convincing yourself that you are not good enough. As soon as you answer all your questions, you will find peace. And you will open yourself up for a true and genuine love.


You might face some delays or obstacles in the path, but do not give up. Or have you given up silently? Your commitment, dedication & passion towards your goal is been tested. To learn and grow is the secret key of this testing time. Be wise, think and plan properly and start walking on the path of the success.


Finally, you are stepping out of your comfort zone and ready to break all the barriers that were stopping you from moving ahead. Remember to appreciate what you have while moving forward in life. Be confident and trust yourself as you are on the right path now.


You need to maintain the balance between practical and emotional side of yours. Many a times, you think less and act more than the practical side allows you to. When you take decisions, make sure there is right balance of emotions and practicality. This way, your plans will start to work out magically.


Connecting to your higher self will give you all the answers you are seeking. Healing is taking place into your personal life. You need to be open and vocal about your true feelings. A new relationship or a reunion with the separated loved one is on the cards.


You are going through a renewal, internally as well as in the physical world. As you go through a transformation, it’s time to adopt healthy habits. You can start by waking up early, sleeping early, and eating healthy. You need to move out of your comfort zone and meet new people to start afresh.


A turning point in your life is bringing all the good changes for you. Be ready to receive the reward of your efforts and hard work now. Be open for new opportunities as this will bring more good luck and abundance your way. Do not give up. Keep trying new things and take initiative to reach your goal.


Are you experiencing same pattern in your life from a long time? Are you experiencing delays or is wish fulfilment being denied? There might be a karmic cycle repeating itself and you need to change your thoughts, behaviour, and actions. Do not let any toxic relationship or situation hold you back, release the past, and free yourself.

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