Tarot Guidance – November 2020


Time to step out of your comfort zone and explore new and adjacent possibilities. You will start building your life the way you want it to be. You are always ready to face the challenges of life without giving up on hopes. There was a tough time in your life which had made you little upset, but you have faced it bravely. Now is the time when the Universe is ready to open the door of opportunities for you. There might still be an aspect of life that needs your attention and efforts, but you will come out of it successfully. Once you start exploring creative ways to do things along with new opportunities, there is no looking back for you. New opportunities will open the door of new journey of life bringing money and success in abundance. At any point of time, if you feel lost or insecure then surrender yourself to the divine and you will find clarity in life. You may also find your life purpose. There are chances of you meeting someone with high spiritual experience or knowledge who will guide you to the new path. Meditate or spend some time near a calm water body to get peace and the answers you are seeking. Universe is appreciating your courage and your efforts to make your life better against all odds. Be ready to receive the blessings.


There are certain difficulties coming your way due to your lack of focus. You might be living more into a dream world than into the reality. You should focus more on your inner work and strength. Meditate to get your focus and concentration back. Maintain a proper balance between spiritual and practical life. The storm will pass when you become active and protect yourself. A right time is when you start working towards your goal and then the door of opportunities starts opening for you. Trust yourself and your dreams and keep working on it without doubting yourself. Let others think whatever they want to. If you need to walk away from a toxic relationship or situation or workplace, then have courage to walk away from it. The very next thing you should do is start walking towards your dreams. Meditating regularly will help you to stay positive, focus and clear in your thoughts to take correct decision at right time. There are chances of you finding new love in life. Those who are already in relationship might get few romantic surprises. If you are facing any issues in relationship, then make sure you have put all your efforts to heal the relationship.


A fear about safety and security in life is holding you back. This fear is making you negative. It is also making you doubt yourself. Give yourself some time. Start counting your blessings and you will see how blessed you are instead of looking at the losses. If you see carefully, you will find angels around you helping and protecting you all the time. But you need to make efforts only then they can help you. Once you start believing in yourself and your dreams, you will find your life changing magically. A powerful change in your personal life is expected now. This is the time when you will see people changing according to your good time. The people who were jealous of you and never had good intention about you are now behaving as your well-wishers. You will soon be financially stable. Once that happens, you will start feeling safe and secure. Your dreams will start manifesting, this month. Especially writers who are waiting to publish their book from a long time will now get a chance to work upon it. You will start something of your own as your personal growth is going to take you to a new height in life. You might also buy a house, car, or any materialistic thing that you dream of. You might also shift from one place to another with your family. You might also find someone special complimenting your intelligence who will be from the same field.


You are losing touch with your higher spiritual self, due to which you have started to lose yourself. You are either lost in the material world or are too involved in a highly emotional drama. Let go off the past, meditate, and reconnect with your higher self to bring positive changes in your life. Once you do that, you will see how new doors of opportunities and happiness start opening for you. Those who want to pursue teaching might experience delays and blockages. Be kind and calm while dealing with people. If not, you might experience an increase in conflicts and complications in life. The chances are that someone senior to you is complicating things for you. This is the time to focus on your goals and dreams. Start planning, invest, and double your money. You might find someone who can be of great help when it comes to guiding you with the finances. If not, look for a trustworthy person who can help and plan your finances accordingly. You might also buy something that you have been dreaming from a long time. If you feel stuck in any situation do not keep stressing yourself over it. Let the situation unfold itself with time. Go easy on yourself. Learn to walk away from toxic situations or relationships. Do not let any kind of fear or insecurity take any decision for you. Such decisions will never help you to resolve any issue or achieve success. Angels are there around you to help, if needed call upon them and ask for their guidance.


Are you being honest to yourself about your feelings in a relationship? Are your decisions in relationships based on the thought/feeling that you are not good enough? Speak the truth to yourself, be honest to yourself and only then take decisions. Before you take any decision, do not forget that it’s about your life and not a travel plan that can be put on hold, changed, or cancelled at any time. You too deserve to be loved. If you look for the answers genuinely, you too will live a life of your dream. You carry a dream of perfect life, be it personally or professionally. You too want to lead a healthy and happy life, but you are too scared to take responsibility or act on it. You feel more comfortable in a toxic relationship or situation as it is “familiar”, you very well know that toxicity and have gotten comfortable with it when compared to moving on which means jumping into an unknown future. This month, there are chances of you facing a lot of conflict or politics in your personal and professional life. You may come across a lot of challenges while resolving these issues. Stop deceiving yourself, be honest and let your thoughts and intentions be clear when it comes to your life. Ask yourself where you want to take your life from here. Ask yourself where you want to see yourself in the future. Take some time out to analyse yourself as this will help you to resolve most of the issues soon.


Take charge of your life as you need to focus on your plans right now. Time might run out if you get distracted and stray away from your main goal. Your commitment, dedication and passion towards your goal is being tested now. If you fail, there are good chances that you will have to start from the scratch. This only means that your efforts and hard work will be wasted. In personal relationships, you might find some conflicts due to your negligence. You need to be careful and warm towards your loved ones as they are the ones who are taking care of you during difficult times. There could be an important project you were working on that may not continue now. Look at the happenings carefully and find out the reason. Sometimes we fail to look at the brighter side of the difficult situation. Sometimes things happen for our own good. If you find the situation too hard to handle, take a short break, renew yourself and come back. You also have a caring and loving person in life who want to express their feelings to you. But it seems that due to the chaos in your life and also the bad experiences of the past, you are neglecting this person. Learn the lessons from the past but make sure to move ahead with a new you. Do not let any fears hold you back and keep yourself away from the most beautiful emotions of life.


Finally, you have decided to break your old thought patterns. You are ready to move out of your comfort zone and start a new journey with a new you. You are tired of the repeating patterns in your life and want to break yourself free from the same. Keep this confidence in you and keep moving ahead. You might not be able to see the changes that you dream of immediately, but consistent efforts manifest those changes. There will be new opportunities coming your way, be alert, make conscious efforts, and take initiative to grab the opportunity. This new opportunity will bring a lot of good changes in your life. But you need to make continuous efforts towards achieving your goals to turn your dream into reality. There might be a lot of difficulties and obstacles coming your way, but you have to keep moving ahead without giving up on hopes. On personal level, you might face some conflicts with your loved ones specially in a romantic relationship. If this conflict is going on from a long time then you need to rethink about this relationship for your and your partner’s good. Take some time out and take care of yourself first. You might feel isolated and disconnected with the people around you. If you start feeling that way, start meeting new people by joining book clubs or attending events and functions. Start afresh. But do let this phase of isolation make you lose your confidence. Have faith. Good times lie ahead. You will soon experience abundance and prosperity coming your way soon.


Be steady while making decisions. You need to maintain a balance between practical and emotional side. Every plan does not work with just enthusiasm, it also needs careful planning. Planning combined with hopes and trust creates real magic in life. If you are dealing with any legal issues, justice will be served. Finances need to be planned properly. Invest wisely. Pull off your mask and show your real self to the world. Let go the fear and let the real you breathe freely. This will help you to attract real and genuine people in life. There might be conflicts going on in your personal as well as in professional life. Not being you could just be the reason behind these ongoing conflicts as people around you want to see the real you. Direct your energy in a purposeful manner. Take the necessary action that is required to resolve the issues. Take some time out to spend with yourself in the nature. Nature will help you to heal. You might also find the answers you are seeking. Your disconnect with your higher self is creating more blockages in life. Meditate in the nature and connect with yourself and see your life transform magically.


Healing is taking place in your personal life especially in a relationship that has been wounded in the past. You need to put extra efforts to heal the wounded relationship. Be open about your feelings and let the other person know how you feel about them. Connect with your higher self is going to remove all the blockages from your path. Confused or juggling between two situations and not able to decide which way to go. You need to think deeply about all the aspects of the situation you are in. There are some lessons given to you and some karmic account which needs to be settled. Learn from it, think about it and then act accordingly what is going to make things better for you and what makes you happy. A big wish list is in your bucket and you want to fulfil all those wishes. But remember fulfilling your dreams is completely in your hands. You need to look and plan carefully and execute it accordingly. If you do this successfully you will fulfil all your dreams very soon. Come out of your comfort zone, let go off the old thinking pattern and adept the new thoughts. If old doesn’t work, you need to find out what exactly is going to work out for you. Have the courage to step up and the universe will start showering its blessing upon you.


Time to reflect, look within, and make the necessary changes that are required. Keep in touch with your higher self and keep meditating. Remember your actions decide the course of your life. Go out and meet new people. It seems that you need to spend more time with the people of your calibre, whose intelligence level matches yours, and whose thoughts are similar to your thoughts. This time is about renewal. You might witness your life change completely. Roll up your sleeves as you need to be fully charged to start new ventures or projects or to chase your dream. You might feel that the time is running out, but you still have time and now is the time to start working harder and taking required actions at right time. Someone special is about to enter your life and your life will change beautifully. Marriage or Love proposal is on the cards, but it seems that due to past bad experiences you might be afraid to commit. You too deserve love and a happy life, so open your heart and life to the person who really deserves it, who genuinely wants to be emotionally available for you. Remember communication is the key to a successful relationship. Talk your heart out and clear all your doubts. You might sign new contract / agreement of new property, new business, new project. Commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle, may it be sleeping early or waking up early morning or eating healthy food.


It’s high time, start taking care of yourself, spend some time to heal your mind and body. Due to issues that has come your way, you have started to undervalue yourself. Many a times, you also lose confidence. Remember you have the power and ability to face any tough situation that has or will come your way in the future. You have all the resources and the strength required to resolve these issues. Once you start working on yourself and realise your true worth, you will find that the changes are starting to happen in your life. A peaceful and powerful change is on the way. Be alert and make conscious efforts to look out for the new opportunities which will bring new and beautiful changes in your life. Remember that tough times simply put to test. Your ability to handle situations and the lessons learnt till now should be used in a right way at the right time. Your efforts and hard work are going to pay off. And you will come out of all this situation with flying colours. You might also find someone with a pure, strong, and peaceful energy who will guide you on the right path. If anytime you lose your focus, this person will help you to get back to your real self. Your personal life will be peaceful and happy. But look out for someone who is close to you as this person might deceive you when it comes to your confidential matters.


You might be experiencing a repeating pattern in life. This might be in the form of delays, unfulfilled wishes, and setbacks at the last moments. The chances are that this is happening due to karmic cycle which you need to change consciously. You need to change your thinking pattern, behaviour, or actions that lead to repetitive patterns. If something is not working out, think of a different way and do it in a different way. Free yourself from the bad past experiences or toxic situation. Do not let such experiences hold you back. At some point of time you might feel confused and won’t be able to take correct decisions. You need to stop and take some time out for yourself, for self-analysing. This time will make you realise what are the things that are not working for you and what changes you can bring to make your life better. Look deep within and you will find the answers you are seeking. Take control of your life in your own hands. Step out of your comfort zone and do things creatively and differently to achieve your goals. Explore your inner self, your skills, and abilities, and you will find a new you is taking over. Success will soon come towards you and you will start living a better and peaceful life.

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