Weekly Tarot Guidance – 08.11.20 – 14.11.20


The good news is that the bad phase has passed. The best thing about this is that you haven’t allowed any negativity to surround you. You never lost hope and were always ready to face new challenges. After all that you faced, you still have the courage to move forward with new hopes. As a reward, the situation is being healed and the Universe is opening its door of abundant opportunities for you.


Roll up your sleeves as the right time is here – a new beginning is on its way. A project or a venture you were waiting for is about to start. Your dream might come true but here is a piece of advice: do not stop putting efforts. A new love life is about to begin, or you might get beautiful surprises in your current relationship.


There might be a loss you are going through right now. This may be emotional or monetary. Let go of the past and start moving ahead. If you look around carefully, you will find that not everything is lost. New door of opportunities is opening for you which will also open a door of finances. Expect a powerful change to knock your door.


For Cancerians who want to be a teacher or in a profession related to children but are experiencing delays and blockages pursuing it, here is a piece of advice: Find out the cause or reason behind it and try to fix it. You need to be humble and kind while communicating with others. Your rude behaviour might complicate things further.


You are moving forward with lot of dreams in your eyes, a dream of a perfect life. If you remain true to yourself and then walk towards your dream, only then all your dreams will come true. Time to let go of past and move on.


A caring and loving connection is coming towards you. But it seems that you are too scared to accept and enter a new relationship now. If your past is holding you back, then remember that your past isn’t going to repeat itself. Learn from the past and move ahead into the future with new wisdom gifted to you by life.


You might face conflicts in your personal relationship especially in romantic relationship. If this phase has been going on for too long, then you need to take a break and think about what is good for you and the other person. You need to put efforts to make sure that you fulfil your dreams without giving up. Use the opportunity given to you to the fullest.


Whatever situation is going on, it will pass. But remember to be in touch with your higher self. The world needs to see the real you, not the one wearing a mask. The real you will attract real and genuine people in your life. Direct your energy into purposeful manner.


Unsatisfied with your current situation? Confused between two situations and not happy with your present circumstances? You feel trapped and unable to move out of the unhappy place. Take some time out to think and then act upon what is good for you. Ask yourself what makes you happy.


Time to take charge of your life and start acting on it. Make necessary changes that you need to, to move ahead in life. You might feel that the time is running out and you might not reach the destination. But this is the right time to roll up your sleeves and act on your plans. A renewal time is near.


Are you undervaluing yourself? Do you doubt your own abilities to achieve success? If yes, stop doing so and start believing in yourself. You have all the resources needed to keep moving towards your goal. Your talent, ability, and patience are being tested. Remember, you have to come out with flying colors.


You might be facing some difficulty and finding it difficult to take a decision. You are confused about which way to go. Ask a few questions to yourself. What makes you happy? Where do you really want to be?

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