Weekly Tarot Guidance – 15.11.20 – 21.11.20


There might be delays in the project you are working on. But as always, keep working hard without losing hopes and you will see how blessings come your way. Your dreams are about to turn into reality. A new beginning in finance or career is about to happen unexpectedly.


It’s time to trust yourself and your inner guide. Have faith in your dreams and walk on the path that you feel is right for you. If you need to walk away from a toxic situation or relationship, then you should. Move towards your goal to achieve your dreams.


Time is changing for you now. People who were jealous of you or never had good intentions for you are now changing. Always remember that as your time changes, people around you too start to change. Soon you will be able to turn your dreams into reality. You will experience a magical change in your life now.


Time to plan and take action towards your goal and dreams. This a good time for financial planning and investments. If required, you can take some help from financial expert or consultant to multiply your finances. You might meet new people which can also give birth to a new relationship.


You might have to facing some conflicts on personal level or politics at workplace. All this might be very disturbing, but you need to make peace with the situation and take some time out to breathe. Gradually, move away from or walk away from the situation leaving it behind you. Start walking towards a new beginning.


Your plans or a project or a new venture might not take off. It might be difficult to hold on to it. Is it due to your negligence or distraction? If things are not working out, then let it go and start afresh. Look at the bigger picture and try to understand what exactly this situation is trying to tell you.


If it’s not ok, then it’s not the end. You need to keep working, keep putting efforts till you reach your goal. Do not give up if any difficulties or obstacle arises in your path. Just because you cannot see the path clearly doesn’t mean that your dreams are not manifesting.


You need to work practically be it in your work or personal matters. You need to be there with a practical mind to resolve the issues. No issue will be resolved just by thinking about it. Take some necessary action and try to bring peace within you and your relationships.


Fulfilling your dream is in your hands. You need a practical plan to implement. First have that in place and then act upon it. Worrying and stressing too much about it won’t help. Being practical and finding new and creative ways will help you to reach your goals.


For singles, love proposal is coming your way. Those who are already in a relationship will be taking their relationship to the higher level of commitment. You might get promotion or a new job but remember you need to keep working for it. You might sign a new agreement related to business or a new property.


You will be feeling content in your personal life as a new beginning is coming your way. Be careful of a person who is close to you as he/she doesn’t have good intentions. The person might deceive you when it comes to your confidential issues or documents. Take some time out for yourself to renew and take care of your personal needs.


It’s high time: Take your power back and lead your life. Be creative and start doing things in a new way and you will see success coming in. Stay focused as now is the good time to review your plans. You will find yourself very close to achieving your goal.

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